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7 Best Built-in Wine Coolers of 2021 – Under Counter Wine Fridge Reviews

Due to the limited floor area in most of our kitchens and bars, built-in wine coolers come in handy. As a wine lover, stocking a huge collection of different wines without losing their taste is crucial. Also, a built-in wine cooler allows you to serve it at the right temperature at any time of day. So how do you select the best brand?

With the many brands in the market, and all promising quality, it is easy ending up with a dysfunctional wine cooler. To avoid such rip-offs, we have come up with a list of some of the best built-in wine coolers that are not only functional, but are a worth every penny, thus giving value for your money.


The Best Built-in Wine Cooler on the Market 2021

1. Kalamera 15” Built-in Wine Cooler (Our Top Recommended)

Kalamera 15'' Wine Cooler 30 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door and Temperature Memory Function

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The 15-inch Kalamera cooling unit can hold up to 30 bottles of standard size wine bottles.

With the double-layered tempered glass door, the temperature levels inside the cooler are stabilized. In addition, due to the tempered glass, the door does not accumulate fog, which might hinder a clear view of the contents of the fridge.

This model also has a temperature memory function, which allows it to restore the set temperature whenever power restarts. This feature is crucial in preventing heat damage which could be caused by a sharp fluctuation in temperature.

The LED control display enables you to regulate the temperature of the cooling unit. As a result, you don’t have to keep on guessing the most suitable temperature for your wine. You could also easily spot any anomalies faster, especially in the case of temperature fluctuation.

The reversible door of the chiller enables you to adjust the door based on your preference and your kitchen or bar area layout. Additionally, the door has a security lock that would ensure that your reserve is safe.

On the downside, the under-counter cooler lacks a dual temperature zone. Therefore, it may be quite difficult to store both red and white wine since they have varying optimum storage temperatures.

Also, for the unit to carry larger bottles or bottles that are shaped differently compared to the standard wine bottle, the capacity of the chiller would reduce. Since there is no provision for larger bottles, you might have to remove a number of shelves to create space for the larger bottles.


  • Double-layered tempered glass door- ensures stable temperature levels inside the cooler.
  • The LED control display- improves the user interface.
  • Reversible door- allows for flexibility based on the room layout.


  • Lacks dual temperature zone.
  • Not suitable for storing larger bottles.

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2. AMZCHEF 24” Built-in Wine Cooler

AMZCHEF 24' Wine Refrigerator, Wine Cooler Built-in or Freestanding 52 Bottle, Quiet, Constant Temperature, Energy Efficient

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AMZCHEF offers built-in wine coolers in 15- and 24-inches sizes. However, there is a lot to admire about their AMZCHEF 24”. AMZCHEF 24” can hold up to 52-750ml wine bottles. Furthermore, the wine cabinet can also store large bottles of wine and champagne.

The advanced compressor cooling and air supply system ensures that the wine cellar unit whispers quietly. The ability of the machine to achieve effective cool temperature without noise distractions makes the model suitable for office kitchens and homes that require a quiet environment.

The simple user interface allows you to set the wine cooler accurately to the desired temperatures. The LCD temperature indicator enables you to monitor any temperature changes and hence ensure that you have achieved the correct temperatures for the drink

Also, the cooling system is able to achieve a constant temperature, a feature that enables you to use consistent temperature during storage. More so, the consistent temperature helps to maintain the original flavor of the wine while ensuring that it is served at the right temperatures.

The cabinet’s sturdy sliding bracket is a powerful feature that ensures you have easy access to the bottles. Also, the double glass door displays the contents of the cooler, a feature that makes it even easier to spot the bottle you are looking for. The magnet door seals guarantee that your wine is stored at the desired temperature and humidity.

If we were to point out at one of the downsides, the door is not adjustable with the hinge only on the right side. Besides, you would require a significant amount of assembling during installation. But this is still manageable.

If your wine collection has varying size bottles, for instance, the broad-shouldered Cabernet Sauvignon bottles, you may not be able to store 52 bottles in the cabinet.


  • Whisper quiet- The compressor cooling and air supply keeps the cooler running silently.
  • Consistent temperature- maintains the taste of the wine and ensure that it is served at just the right temperature.
  • Sturdy sliding bracket- allows easy access to the bottle.


  • The door is not adjustable and requires significant assembling during installation.
  • May not accommodate 52 bottles in case the bottles are not standard size wine bottles.

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3. Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Built-in Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator - 29 Bottle Built-in or Free-standing Frost Free Compressor Wine Refrigerator for White and Red Wines with Digital Memory Temperature Control

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The dual-zone cellar unit can carry up to 29 standard size wine bottles.

Its compressor cooling and air circulation system enables the storage cabinet to achieve higher energy efficiency and thus, saving on power usage. Also, this feature ensures that you enjoy quality wine with relatively lower noise from the refrigerator.

The dual zone design feature makes the model very suitable for people with a collection of both white and red wine. You are able to adjust the temperature to the upper zone range of between 40-50ºF for white wine. Alternatively, a lower zone of between 50-66ºF can be set for red wine.

One particularly useful feature is the reversible door hinge. Unlike some other models, this one allows you to reverse the door opening using the left side door hinge in the event that it is necessary. Therefore, the feature gives you better options during the installation and usage stage.

Controlling the temperature of the cooler has also been made easier thanks to the simple button system, in addition to the LED digital readout. You can easily adjust the temperature and since you already have an idea of the best temperature for your wine, you do not have to guess when setting your cooling system.

Despite the good features underlined above, the wine chiller may not be a recommendable choice if you have a larger wine collection. Besides, the dual zone only allocates a small portion for each type of wine to be stored.


  • The compressor cooling and air circulation system saves on energy and has a whisper-quiet performance.
  • The dual zone design- enables you to store white and red wine separately and thus, effectively maintaining their taste and quality.
  • Reversible door hinge- makes the wine chiller easily compatible with any kitchen.
  • LED digital readout- allows for easy monitoring of the cabinet’s temperature and humidity.


  • It is relatively small

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4. Avallon AWC151DZLH 23 Bottle 15” Dual Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

Avallon AWC151DZLH 23 Bottle 15' Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler - Left Hinge

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The wine chiller has dual temperature zones of 40-54F and 54-65F. This feature makes it easier for you to set the system to a more specific condition for the different types of wine. The under-counter chiller comes with a blue and white alternating LED lighting, which makes it appropriate for lighting during both day and night.

For a dimension of 34.2 H × 15 W × 23.7 D, the wine storage unit is able to store a significantly huge number of standard wine bottles. The staggered bottle arrangement allows you to store the maximum number of bottles within the smallest available space.

The AWC151DZLH model has a locking double pane front door, a feature that allows you to restrict unauthorized persons to access your wine collection. The double-pane door, which is filled with argon, insulates temperature and UV light exposure and therefore maintains the high quality and taste of your wine.

The compression and the air circulation system ensure ultra-quiet and vibration-free, which is essential in ensuring noise-free operations. Also, the vibration-free operation ensures that your wine’s taste is not affected.

On the downside, the wine cellar’s capacity may not be suitable if you have a larger wine collection. Besides, since the bottle capacity of the refrigerator is based on the standard bottle, a larger or a differently shaped bottle will prevent you from achieving the stated bottle capacity. You might have to remove a shelf in order to fit a larger bottle.

The manufacturers should, as well, consider upgrading the wine cabinet to keep its memory in case of a power outage. Currently, you would have to reset the temperature every time the power supply is cut.

Another aspect worth noting is that, for its size and bottle capacity, you may find it relatively expensive compared to other models available in the market.


  • Dual temperature zone- allows you to house various wine varieties.
  • Staggered bottle arrangement- allows you to maximize on the small available space.
  • Safety lock- ensures that you have control of people who have access to your collection.
  • Ultra-quiet and vibration free operation.


  • Relatively small if you have a larger wine collection.
  • Quite expensive for its size.
  • It lacks memory, which makes it necessary to reset after every power outage.

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5. Titan 15-inch 23 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

Titan 15 inch 23 Bottle, Seamless Stainless Steel Door, Built in Dual Zone Wine Cooler, Roller Glide Wooden Shelves, Temp Memory, Door-Left-Open&High Temp Alarm

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Unlike the aforementioned models, this specific model has a design for larger wine bottles, which makes it suitable for storing bottles that are not necessarily of standard dimensions. Although some of the shelves are measured to hold standard size wine bottles, the bottom storage area, which is meant for oversized bottles, makes the model suitable for professional wine collectors.

Even better, it features a smart temperature memory feature which enables the cooler to restore its previous temperature setting after a power restart. This will help you avoid the tedious process of resetting the temperature every time the power restarts. Also, the feature protects your wine collection from heat damage. The door-left-open and high-temperature alarm will notify you in case you leave the door open or the temperature rises abnormally.

The model has an embedded carbon filter which ensures that the cooler does not pick up odors that may affect wine quality during preservation. Opening and closing of the chiller door, which can lead to the introduction of unwanted odor, is inevitable. Therefore, this feature purifies the air and ensures that the ideal conditions for your reserves are maintained.

On the downside, the cooler’s door is not reversible. The under-counter wine cellar has a right swing which cannot be altered and hence, may not be fancied if you prefer a left swing or your kitchen restricts you from using a left swing.

Although the wine chiller provides for additional space for larger wine bottles, the capacity of the cooler might still be inadequate, especially if you have a large wine collection. Besides, the 4” provision at the bottom may not be adequate if you have a lot of large wine bottles.


  • Provision for larger wine bottles.
  • The smart temperature memory- protects wine from heat damage and prevents constant resetting of the temperature.
  • Embedded carbon filter- prevents the refrigerator from picking up odor that may affect the quality of your wine.


  • The cooler’s door is irreversible- it might require assembling to be able to change the swing.
  • The wine cabinet is relatively smaller.

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6. LANBO Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, Compact Built-in Wine and Drink Center

Lanbo Lockable Compact Stainless Steel Versatile 18 Bottle/55 Can Wine, Pop/Soda, and Adult Beverage Refrigerator

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The refrigerator has the capacity to accommodate up-to 18 bottles of wine and 55 cans of beverage. The fridge is partitioned into two sections: the left and the right side, with the former carrying your wine. The two partitions enable you to enjoy your beverages without interfering with your wine reserve.

The dual zone operation feature separates the controls of the beverage and the wine sides. You can easily set specific temperatures for each section with the left zone temperature ranging between 41 and 64ºF while the right-side temperature ranges between 39 and 50ºF. Therefore, with this incredible cooler, you will get to enjoy your beverage drinks while storing your wine collection in the right conditions.

The digital display touch control feature enables you to easily set and track any temperature fluctuation in the cooler. Since the control allows you to set the temperature conditions for each zone, you can easily tailor your settings to suit the required storage conditions for each section.

Although the cooler has two zones, it may be difficult to regulate the temperatures to meet the need for both red and white wines since the wine section is not divided further. Therefore, for you to maintain the quality and taste of the two types of wine for the long term, you may be required to use two different cooling systems.

Additionally, the noise from this model is relatively higher when compared to other models with whisper quiet features.


  • It has two partitions- allows you to store beverage and wine within the same cooler.
  • The dual zone operation feature- enables you to regulate the temperatures of the two zones separately.
  • The digital display touch control- improves the experience of setting and controlling the system.


  • Lacks dual temperature zone in the wine section- difficult to store both white and red wine in the same wine cellar.
  • Produces louder noise compared to other models.

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7. Kalamera 12” Built-in Wine Cooler

Kalamera 12'' Wine Cooler 18 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door and Temperature Memory Function

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Kalamera also offers a 12” wide wine chiller. This is the smallest of all models. The small size allows it to easily fit in small areas hence, suitable if you are limited on space. Nonetheless, the cooling unit can still hold up to 18 standard size wine bottles.

Like many other Kalamera products, this model has a temperature memory function feature which prevents heat damage. Besides, the feature relieves you from the hustle of resetting the temperatures every time the machine restarts.

The stainless-steel door with double-layered tempered glass window improves the aesthetic arrangement of your wine. Aside from the door being frost-free, the sliding beech wooden racks showcase the wine beautifully.

Also, the wine cabinet has an embedded carbon filter, which acts as a protection feature against odors. Thus, your wine reserved will be stored in perfect condition at all times.

Nevertheless, this wine cooler might not be the best option if you have a huge wine collection since its cooling is quite small. More so, the lack of provision for larger bottles makes it unsuitable for professional wine collectors.

The single zone temperature control feature also makes the cooler unsuitable for storing both white and red wines at the same time.


  • Relatively small- fits perfectly in small areas.
  • Features a temperature memory function feature- protects wine from heat damages.
  • It has an attractive design- the door and the window displays your collection beautifully.
  • Embedded with a carbon filter- protects against odor.


  • Can be small for wine enthusiasts
  • Lacks a dual temperature zone

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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you are intending to shop for an under-counter wine cooler, there are various factors you should consider before settling with your choice. Here, is a list of some of the crucial parameters to pay attention when selecting the best built-in wine chiller.

1. Placement

Best Built-in Wine Cooler
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The first question that you should ask yourself when contemplating on whether to buy a built-in wine cooler is whether you have enough space for the appliance. If you correctly determine how limited you are with size, you will have already eliminated a huge number of unnecessary considerations that do not meet the size criteria.

Unlike freestanding models, under-counter coolers have little flexibility in terms of where to place them. Therefore, as a potential buyer, you should have a clear idea of a place in your home or the bar area where you would want to fix the appliance. In most instances, built-in coolers are fixed under the counter. Therefore, since there are many models of varied sizes, it would be great idea if you are be able to approximate how much you are limited by size before you consider other features about these cooling units.

If you intend to install a cooler during the construction of a new building or when you are remodeling your kitchen or interior, you may have more room to select different sizes. This is because contractors may be in a position to work with any size. Thus, you can push down the placement area in your list of priority.

However, in the case of replacing an old under-counter cooling unit, you can only work with specific dimensions. Hence, it is advisable to confirm measurements before going into the market.

2. Capacity

Built-in Wine Cooler
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So how many bottles would you like your wine cellar to accommodate? This is also among the essential aspects you must consider before you decides to settle on a given under-counter cooling unit.

Most kitchen and bar areas are restrained on space and may, therefore, choose to go with smaller sizes. However, in the instances where space is not a problem, then you would need to concentrate on how many bottles you want to reserve at a given moment.

The number of bottles a wine cooler can carry is one of the most important specifications that manufacturers provide. Therefore, you should be keen on this detail whenever you go shopping. Nonetheless, it is also important to note that the capacity of the refrigerator is based on a standard size wine bottle (750ml Bordeaux -style bottles).

Alternatively, you may decide to go for a wine cooler with a higher bottle capacity compared to the number of bottles you intend to store. Since shelves in the refrigerator are removable, you will be able to create space for the bigger bottles and still achieve your intended capacity.

3. Number of Zones

Under Counter Wine Fridge
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On normal cases, you will have your red wine collection at a varying temperature range to that of white wine. Therefore, depending on whether you have only one type of wine or both, you should consider the number of zones your chiller has. In cases where you are storing both types, it is advisable to go for a built-in cooling system with dual temperature zone. If you only stock one type of wine, a refrigerator with a single temperature zone will work just fine.

In other instances, the zones may be divided to include a partition for wine and another compartment for other beverages. Hence, if you wish to store your wine and still manage to enjoy your beverages at the right temperature, you should consider buying this type of model.

4. Noise

best Under Counter Wine Fridge
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Generally, coolers use either compressor cooling or thermoelectric cooling technology. The technology used has an impact on the level of noise emitted by the cooling unit. If you are already bothered by noises from other devices and you would love a quiet appliance, you should consider buying a thermoelectric wine cooler.

Alternatively, you can go for a compressor wine cooler. But, when compared to a thermoelectric wine cooling unit, it is relatively noisier. However, if you do not mind a little noise, it could still be an option.

Ready to Choose?

We hope that this review of seven of the best built-in wine coolers, which are currently in the market, will be substantial in helping you make the best purchase.

Our favorite is the Kalamera 15 Inch Wine Cooler. It is only 15”, which makes it easily fit in a small space. Also, despite the small size, the cooler can carry up to 30 standard wine bottles. Besides, the smart temperature memory and the double-layered tempered glass door ensure that your wine stays in stabilized conditions.

But this does not take away the fact that the other six are also great choices. It all depends on what you can compromise in terms of placement, noise, and capacity. Whichever you settle on, we’re sure that the quality and taste of your wine will be maintained.

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