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7 Best Meat Slicers of 2021 – Home Food & Meat Slicer Reviews

Meat Slicer
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You’ve probably hurt yourself while cutting veggies. Or maybe your meat is a tad too rare for your preferences. And that could be because it was cut too thick. So if you’re looking to avoid accidents and heat your food evenly each time, buy the best meat slicer you can.

But how can you tell which is the right fit for your kitchen? Start by listing 7 top slicer models designed by various brands, figuring out what does and doesn’t work on each model. Then we’ll pick recommend the one we think is your best bet for slicing meat.


The Best Meat Slicer for Home Use 2021

1. Chef’s Choice 615A 7-Inch Meat Slicer

Chef'sChoice Electric Meat Slicer Features Precision thickness Control & Tilted Food Carriage For Fast & Efficient Slicing with Removable Blade for Easy Clean, 7-inch, Silver

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With a name like Chef’s Choice, you need the hutzpah to back up your brand. And it does. It has a 7-inch stainless steel blade that’s partially hidden inside its housing. It’s a design choice that extends the lifespan of your blade by protecting it from warping and manual damage. The housing is curved around the blade, presenting a pretty surface silhouette for your countertop.

The food carriage leans back at an angle and the tilt helps it feed the blade faster. This meat slicer measures 15.5 inches by 11 inches by 10.4 inches. The food guide (sometimes referred to as a food guard, handguard, or food pusher) is stainless steel. Chef’s Choice 615 has a 129W motor, the lowest consumption we’ve seen so far. But because the blade is hidden, things vary.

You’d think having a partially concealed blade would be a plus, and sometimes it is. But food stains and debris sometimes hide on the unseen sections of the metal. So remember to push the food guide flat to avoid ruining the blade in storage. But the blade is fully detachable so you can pull it off to clean it. There’s a button on the side of your meat slicer that locks the blade in place.

It pegs your food carriage in so it doesn’t slip out or get lost in storage. The housing of this meat slicer is made of die-cast aluminum. It dismantles easily for convenient cleaning. The suction cups on the feet keep your cutter steady.  It seems like a small thing. But it’s a crucial feature because sharp blades, spinning motors, and slippery countertops can quickly get ugly.

On the upside, the curvy groove that houses the blade makes an ergonomic handhold to support your palm as you slice your meat. And the cantilever tilt guides food back towards the blade.


  • It cuts from paper-thin to ¾ inches.
  • Its rotary dial pulls out the carriage to adjust slice sizes.
  • The design is slightly tilted to keep it ergonomic.


  • The structural components are stainless steel or aluminum but it uses plastic gears.

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2. KWS Premium 10-Inch Meat Slicer

KWS MS-10NS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10-Inch Stainless Steel Blade, Deli Meat Frozen Meat Cheese Food Slicer Low Noise Commercial and Home Use [ ETL, NSF Certified ]

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How thin do you like your deli meats? Do you calibrate by inches, centimeters, or do you just eyeball it? With KWS, you can adjust the thickness by as little as 0.04 inches, so your sizing selection is superior. Each marker on the adjustable knob is clearly labeled so you can shift your thickness with a quick flick of your wrist. The handguard has an ergonomic handle styled like a sword hilt.

This makes it easy to maneuver the machine without cutting yourself, straining excessively, or inviting unnecessary fatigue. This handguard is integrated with the machine body, so it’s sturdy and permanent. KWS has a 10-inch 304 stainless steel blade with whetstones on the sides so it stays consistently sharp. Operating your meat slicer is simple. Press green for on and red for off.

This on/off button is coated in waterproof material to extend its life and protect it from food fluids, crumbs, and juices. The buttons have independent circuitry. These separate relays prevent the two buttons from short-circuiting or interfering with each other. This meat slicer has a 0.4 hp copper motor but the rubber feet keep your slicer stationary despite the vibration.

These feet are also useful to stop your slicer from sliding as it cuts slippery meat and sap-filled greens. The food carriage measures 7 inches by 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches. It’s fully detachable and so it’s more hygienic and simpler to clean. This semi-automatic meat slicer spins at 525 rotations per minute. It takes up a lot of counter space though – 20” by 18.5” by 15.5”.

On average, meat slices with ¼ horsepower (about 400W) and 10-inch blades can be used for an hour at a time. KWS Premium fits those parameters so it can comfortably cut frozen meat, though you’ll get the best results if you cut it at 26.2°F to 24.8°F. The while the food guide has an easy-grip handle, it has limited space on the left so it can’t hold larger food chunks.

If you want a fast meat slicer with a return slider, opt for KWS. It slices down to 10mm and its motor is a little under half a horsepower. And there’s a version with a Teflon blade.


  • Its motor is a whopping 320W.
  • KWS has an aluminum body and a stainless steel 10-inch blade.
  • It also has built-in whetstones to keep the blade sharp.


  • The motor is extremely powerful so slices sometimes zoom past the counter onto the floor or get stuck in the crevices next to the rotor.

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3. Beswood Premium 10-Inch Meat Slicer

BESWOOD 10' Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Commercial and for Home use 240W BESWOOD250

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Beswood pays attention to the little things, and that’s what makes it the best meat slicer. For example, many appliances have red and green lights. But Beswood uses a blue indicator light to separate it’s on/off buttons and let you know the power is on. This low-voltage indicator light is only 24 volts so it avoids electric shocks when your hands are slick with food juices.

A numbered dial makes it easy to adjust slice size in 12 positions about 1mm apart. The blade is made of carbon steel and coated with chromium so it stays consistently shiny and never corrodes. It’s a 10-inch blade and that’s not usually recommended for cheese, but the blade spins on a 1/3 hp rotor (240W), so it’s stronger than your average 10-incher and is energy-efficient.

The blade is protected by a ring guard and flanked by built-in whetstones so it’s sharp throughout. The blade rotates on a v-belt so even though it’s more powerful, it’s quieter and vibrates less than many of its competitors. The slicer’s non-slip rubber feet also help to absorb some of the machine’s movement as it slices. Its spinning speed is 282 rotations per minute.

The food carriage is about 210mm by 170mm so your food block has to fit within those dimensions to use the slicer. If it’s larger, cut the food into smaller portions before slicing. The meat slicer comes with a cleaning brush and machine oil to help with food hygiene. This slicer has an aluminum body that’s assembled in China but the blade is imported from Italy.

It’s a hefty device at 33 pounds, so handle it with care to avoid hurting yourself or damaging your countertop. It has a pair of whetstones mounted on the top part of the blade, and while it’s an imported model, it has official approval from NSF and ETL. The slicer measures 20” by 17” x 14.75” so check that there’s enough counter space – it’s too bulky to keep in the cabinet.

Beswood is a glossy, rust-resistant meat slicer that will add functionality and sparkle to your countertop. Its built-in whetstones keep the slicer sharp and its rubber feet hold it steady.


  • It has a chromium exterior for extra shine and enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • The food guide has an ergonomic sword-style handle.
  • Beswood’s 10-inch blade can run continuously for an hour.


  • This slicer has a carbon steel blade coated with chromium, which is pretty and shiny but doesn’t match up to stainless steel blades.

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4. Nesco Adjustable 8.7-Inch Meat Slicer (Our Top Pick)

NESCO , Stainless Steel Food Slicer, Adjustable Thickness, 8.7', Silver

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If you’re unwilling to spend a lot, you may opt for a manual slicer. They’re far more affordable than automated ones, so you’ll save cash. But you’ll pay in pain and elbow grease, not to mention thawing time. Alternatively, you could buy a compact, budget electric slicer like the Nesco.

You might be searching for affordable meat slicers because you don’t have enough counter space for a larger premium brand. Nesco fits the bill, standing at 14.5 by 8.63 by 11 inches and weighing a bit over 13 pounds. The serrated blade is made of hardened stainless steel and runs on a motor that’s 180W. You must be careful never to submerge the rotor – it isn’t waterproof.

Don’t worry though, it can survive damp food spills and food juices, but wipe any excess moisture as soon as you spot it. The food guard is made of die-cast aluminum and has ‘teeth’ jutting out of its base. These teeth grip your food to hold it in place. The food carriage handle is ergonomically designed for a cozy handhold. And the black trim complements the brushed gray.

The slicer has a slight backward bend to make the most of gravity. Food slides down the tilt onto the blade, releasing your slices just a fraction faster. The carriage easily comes off when you want to clean your slicer. Be patient and thorough as you take it apart – any forgotten food residue could contaminate your next dish and cause nasty food poisoning incidents.

To tweak your food thickness, turn the dial that’s attached to the food carriage rod. The feet of your meat slicer are fitted with black, rubberized suction cups. They partially absorb your machine’s vibration and keep it stationary on the counter. The manufacturers of this slicer sunk its on/off button. Recessing its position stops you from accidentally turning on the machine,

If you have small kids or pets, kitchen safety is paramount. The sunken switch on your Nesco stops you from inadvertently sending your blade spinning at the wrong moment. Try it.


  • Its blade is hardened stainless steel.
  • The body is small so it works in small kitchens.
  • You can adjust slice sizes as thin as 9/16 inches.


  • The plastic gears are good, but not as strong as metal.

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5. Cuisinart Kitchen Pro 7.5-Inch Meat Slicer

Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer, 7.5, Gray

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Many meat slicers have a detachable carriage to make cleaning easier and load large chunks of food. But with this meat slicer, even the blade moves. It has a little latch in the middle that lets you shift the position of the undulating blade. You can lift the blade off completely when you want to clean it. Cuisinart’s slicing sizes range from paper-thin to nearly half an inch.

The slicer is housed in heavy-duty die-cast aluminum while the blade itself is stainless steel. But unlike many other brands, the food guide and food carriage are made of gray plastic to match the rest of the device. They both slide smoothly over their stainless steel and never stick. The food guide is see-through for added accuracy since you can watch the food as you slice it.

Some meat slicers have rotary adjusters but the Cuisinart has a lever that moves left or right to position the slicer and determine slice size. It does this by moving the food guard, not the blade. When you’re done slicing, remember to push the guard to the end so it lies flat against the blade. This protects the blade from manual damage but also reduces the chances of cutting yourself.

This meat slicer has a 130W motor, which is the minimum power output for a meat slicer. It’s still strong enough for food prep, but it’s extremely energy-efficient. The rubberized feet have a wider surface area than the usual suction cups you see on meat slicers. This helps them create a sturdy grip, and that’s important because the meat slicer is relatively lightweight at 11 pounds.

The Cuisinart comes with a gray outlook – but the good kind. It carries a 5-year limited warranty and offers flexible slicing from veggies to meat. But the plastic food guard feels a little flimsy.


  • It has a generous power cord of 38 inches.
  • You get slicing options from 1/32-inch to 1 and a ½-inch.
  • The Cuisinart easily dismantles for easier cleaning.


  • The slicer has lots of seams and corners where food sticks, especially deli meats like pepperoni. And at 130W, the motor runs relatively slow.

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6. Chefman Die-Cast 7.5-Inch Meat Slicer

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer Cuts Meat, Cheese, Bread, Fruit & Vegetables Adjustable Slice Thickness, Stainless Steel Blade, Safe Non-Slip Feet, For Home Use, Easy To Clean, Black

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Yes, you want to buy the best meat slicer. But you may also want a blade that cuts other types of foods. In such cases, serrated blades can be useful, and the Chefman is fitted with a stainless steel 7.5-inch one. The blade spins on a 180W motor and sits in a sleek aluminum body that takes up minimal space on your countertop.  The numbered knob lets you adjust the slice size.

It has simple black die-cast housing that will match the decorative theme of any kitchen. And while the blade isn’t detachable, the plastic food guide and carriage swivel conveniently out of the way. This leaves the blade exposed in its entirety so you can easily clean it and remove food residue. The Chefman comes with a 1-year warranty and stands on rubberized non-slip feet.

Serrated blades aren’t ideal for regular types of meat, but they can be good for deli slicing and cold cuts. They’re favorites at sandwich bars because you can use the same slicer for meat, cheese, and other sandwich fillings. The Chefman measures 16.45” by 10.7” by 11.95”. And while this line of Chefmans are both die-cast, you can buy the aluminum or stainless steel version.

The version with a stainless steel housing costs a bit more, but its handle is ergonomic so you experience less fatigue and it’s far easier to use. And it has a larger 8.6-inch blade so as you pick between the two, be sure you need those extra inches. And when you buy a Chefman, you gain entry into the Club Chefman. You can access recipes, video tutorials, and other benefits.

The Chefman has a distinctly different look and feel from typical meat slicers. The die-cast construction eliminates crevices where food and germs might stick, making it more hygienic.


  • It’s a compact 9 inches by 12 inches so its footprint is minimal.
  • The serrated blade offers more versatile slicing.
  • This blade is both removable and retractable.


  • The screws are visible on the surface of the blade, which you might not like. Also, those screw heads can sometimes get bits of food stuck in their grooves.

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7. Gourmia GFS 700 7.5-Inch Meat Slicer

Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer with Removable 7.5” Stainless steel Blade - Adjustable Knob for Thickness - Anti Slip Rubber Feet - 110/120V

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Having a leaning food carriage seems like a small tweak. But that little nudge from gravity can save you thousands in utility bills and elbow grease, and Gourmia got the hack right. It measures 9 inches by 11 inches by 14.75 inches and its rubber feet are larger than the average meat slicer suction cups. This slicer has some interesting shapes and angles, so it’s sure to pull your eye.

On some slicers, it’s just the food carriage that tilts. On the Gourmia, the whole body has a rear-facing gradient that affects both functionality and aesthetics. Behind the spinning blade, a curvy handgrip provides traction and ease as you slice. This is the best meat slicer for micro-cutting. You can adjust the slice size from 1mm to 20mm. The food guard is plastic but not dish-washable.

The brand name for this meat slicer is the Counterman 100. It’s a popular choice for delis. It has a minimalist industrial design and a spacious food guide. You can remove the blade when you need to clean it – it has convenient finger grips in the middle. It has a powerful 180W motor but its rotor is on the slower side at 50 to 75 rpm. And it lacks built-in whetstones, so that’s a minus.

Given the slow spin and the lack of built-in sharpeners, you probably shouldn’t risk frozen food. The blade may come apart from all the strain, and you may cause an electrical fault. The slicer might also have a problem slicing fresh raw meat since its drippings may get inside the machine and corrode its insides. So chill your meat for a few hours before slicing but don’t freeze it.

This meat slicer has a serrated blade, but the food guard has a serrated bottom as well. It helps you hold the food better. You can shift the blade in 1mm increments for slim and simple slices.


  • The meat slicer is made of prime coated steel and aluminum.
  • The 7.5-inch blade sits on a 180W rotor.
  • Its thickest slices are ¾ inches and its thinnest are 0.04 inches.


  • The blade is rather slow – less than a hundred rotations a minute.

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Buying Guide

The best meat slicer has a strong motor and a sharp blade, preferably stainless steel. And these parts stay sharp and powerful for prolonged periods. But what other features are essential when you’re in the market for a meat slicer? Let’s run the top four meat slicer must-haves.

Type of Food

Yes, it’s a meat slicer. But it can also work on cheese, vegetables, bread, and other kitchen items. So what food do you slice most often? Basic meat slicers can cut through bread and cooked meat, but they’re not suitable for cheese. You can use them for up to an hour a day, and you should never try them on frozen foods. The blade and motor aren’t designed for that intensity.

Medium-duty slicers can cut through cheese for 30 minutes before they lose efficiency. Heavy-duty meat slicers can saw through anything – frozen cuts, raw meat, even cheese blocks. So if you’re mostly cutting sandwich slices for packed lunches for one or two kids, get a light slicer. But if said lunches are fifty or more daily BLTs, consider something with a stronger rotor.

Speed and Slice Size

The power output affects how fast your meat slicer works and how much pressure it applies on your food. Frozen meat slicers need tougher rotors and higher blade speeds. Some meat slices can cut 60 or more slices per minute, but their price range is far higher. As for the size of the slice, some meat slicers can produce paper-thin pieces of meat or slices a few inches thick.

But only the strongest slicers can cut cheese that thin strips of cheese. Lower quality slicers will break the structure of your food, resulting in crumbs and crumbles rather than solid slices. For large batches of commercial food prep, get a high-grade, extreme-speed slicer. But for home use, you may have to compromise lower prices for fatter slices. Your slicer should be at least 130W.

Convenience and Hygiene

Some meat slicers have accessories that make them easier to use. It might have a food guide to facilitate straight, injury-free slicing. Or it might have a sizing knob that lets you adjust the thickness of your slices with a simple flick. Most blades have a safety lock that holds the blade in place. These blades range in size from 7” to as large as 14” and can be as loud as 60dB or 70dB.

The best meat slicer has removable blades so you can easily clean them. They may also have whetstones or sharpeners built into the device. They keep your blades consistently sharp with minimal effort from you. Stainless steel blades are recommended because they’re easier to clean and less susceptible to permanent germs and stains. And their shine brightens your kitchen.

Blade Material and Diameter

In our opinion, stainless steel blades guarantee the best meat slicer. They last long, resist corrosion and rarely overheat or stain. But you can also buy meat slicers whose blades are coated with hard chrome, which is tougher than stainless steel. Hollow-ground blades are popular. They can achieve sharper edges than stainless steel, but they don’t hold the edge.

Meaning your chrome blade may cut better. Especially through frozen foods. But you’ll have to sharpen it more often. As for blade size, 9 to 10-inch blades are for domestic use and can only run for an hour at a time, maybe less. 12-inch blades are a versatile middle ground for large families and commercial venues. Cheese slicers should be 12 inches at the minimum.

Slice and Dice!

Given this information, we believe the best meat slicer is the Nesco. Here’s why:

  • It’s a compact fit at 14.5 inches by 8.63 inches by 11 inches.
  • The blade is bigger though, at 8.7 inches.
  • The carriage is stainless steel and the food guard is die-cast aluminum.
  • Its motor is 180W.
  • You can cut as thin as 9/16 of an inch.
  • It’s close to 6 kilos and sturdy on your countertop.
  • Its suction cup feet help it stay still.

What are you using to slice meat? Show us a photo in the comments and tell us why you like it!

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