Thai Street Food

31 Best Thai Street Food You May Like to Try

With such a bewildering variety of foods, Thailand is without doubt one of the world’s top destinations if you want to give your tastebuds a treat. Thai cooking incorporates a range of fragrant ingredients like lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, fish sauce – along with lots of chili – which combine to create intriguing and deliciously … Read more

29 Best Hong Kong Street Food You May Like to Try

29 Best Hong Kong Street Food You May Like to Try

Hong Kongers love their food, and the street food scene there is legendary. While there are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy a more upmarket sit-down meal, the true pleasure of dining in Hong Kong comes from finding the best street vendors and sampling their delicious but inexpensive dishes in the open air. During … Read more

31 Best Indian Street Food You May Like to Try

31 Best Indian Street Food You May Like to Try

India is home to one of the world’s great cuisines, and in such a vast land, it will hardly come as a surprise that the street food scene is both lively and hugely diverse. From the north to the south of the country, you will find an almost unrivaled selection of delectable snacks and morsels … Read more

Japanese Street Food

31 Best Japanese Street Food You May Like to Try

Street food in Japan is a little different from in some other parts of East Asia. Rather than having fixed night markets that are open year-round of the kind common in Bangkok or Taipei, street food vendors tend to move around the country, following the many and varied local festivals that are held each year. … Read more

Korean Street Food Jokbal – Pig Trotters

25 Best Korean Street Food You May Like to Try

The basic formula for street food is to mix counter-intuitive flavors, fry a lot, involve skewers at some point, cook it quickly, and make it as messy as possible to eat. So whether you discovered the best Korean street food on Netflix (the Seoul episode) or you tried at the local Adventist potluck, your tongue … Read more

Top 11 Traditional Brazilian Foods You May Want to Try

Brazil is a huge country of varying climates and mixed terrains with an extensive coastline and an interior that is dominated by vast swathes of rainforest. Down the centuries, it has seen wave after wave of immigration from all corners of the world, giving it a rich and diverse culinary heritage that makes it a … Read more