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Top 10 Coffee Makers Made In USA 2022 (Not China!)

Coffee Maker Made In USA
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It might hail from Ethiopia, but these days nowhere drinks more coffee than the USA.

So it stands to reason that a host of coffee machines are manufactured there too. If you want to buy American, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on for our top 10 guide to the best coffee maker made in USA.


The best coffee maker made in USA 2022

1. BUNN BT Velocity Brew (Our Top Recommended)

BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer, Black

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Which brings us to the Bunn BT! Another machine made in Creston, Iowa, the Bunn BT includes a number of components made overseas.

A word of warning: don’t assume that all Bunn models are assembled in the USA. A number are made in China.

Examples include the Heat and Brew, and the excellent MyCafé. They’re great machines, but if you’re looking to buy American they won’t fit your needs.

Unlike other models that use a glass carafe, the BT has a superior stainless steel version. There’s also no warming plate. It’s an excellent combination.

The thermal properties of the stainless steel keep the coffee good and hot without relying on a warming plate.

That avoids over-extraction and unpleasant bitter or burnt flavors if your carafe has been standing for too long.

Like other Bunns, it’s designed to be kept switched on so that it can brew quickly when required. The hot water tank can deliver a full carafe of coffee in about three minutes.

The ten cup capacity makes this a good option for any households with multiple coffee makers.

And it will work just as well if you’re looking to brew a smaller amount.  Just add the right amount of water for your needs.

If you’re short on countertop space, you’ll also be pleased to hear that the Bunn BX can double as a kettle. Leave out the coffee and you can dispense hot water for tea, hot chocolate or cooking.

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2. Bunn Speed Brew 10 Cup Home Coffee Maker

BUNN Speed Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

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Like a number of the Bunn coffee machines on this list, the Speed Brew is assembled in Creston, Iowa.

Bunn uses some components from other parts of the world, but if you’re looking for “American-built” the Speed Brew qualifies.

Finished in matt black with the Bunn logo emblazoned in white, this is a business-like drip brew machine.

There’s no LED screen and the only bit of chrome you’ll find is on the trim of the carafe. But it has its own style and will suit those who prefer a more austere finish.

Its 10 cup capacity should see you through breakfast without having to refill the stainless steel tank. And if you want to use the carafe to fill the reservoir too, you can.

Just make sure you keep the lid of the water filling area open until the carafe is back on the stand.

The major advantage of the Speed Brew is its clever spray head design.

According to Bunn, this optimizes the length of time the coffee is in contact with the hot water. The result should be a great cup of Joe.

And as you’d expect of a machine with this name, it’s fast too. Turn it on and the internal stainless steel water tank will keep the water good and hot.

That means you can brew a full carafe in just four minutes. If your household is as manic as mine in the mornings, that’s a great feature.

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3. Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Home Coffee Brewer

BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Black

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Another coffee maker from the Bunn family, this is similar to the Speed Brew in many ways.

It’s got the same matt black finish and a lot of the same features too. So which is faster – speed or velocity? As far as Bunn are concerned, the answer is velocity.

This 10 cup brewer is the fastest off the blocks of any of Bunn’s machines.

It will brew a full carafe in just three minutes, lopping a full minute of the Speed Brew’s time. It’s less expensive than the Speed Brew too.

In other respects, the two machines are very similar. Both use spray head technology to distribute the water evenly over the surface of the coffee.

And both have an “always hot” feature. Just keep the machine switched on, and it can brew hot, fresh coffee on demand.

The Velocity Brew has a cleverly designed carafe to minimize drips and spills.

The shape of the spout means the coffee pours in a clean arc into your cup. At the same time, any drips are directed back inside the carafe.

The bottom of the filter is flat, avoiding the water dripping through the grounds too quickly.

This combines with the spray headwater distribution in a way that’s designed to extract great flavor. You shouldn’t have any risk of a weak cup of coffee with this brewer.

All in all, if you’re looking for a coffee machine with generous capacity, that’s fast and easy to use, the Velocity Brewer could be for you.

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4. Filtron Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer with Extra 2 Pack of Filter Pads

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If you enjoy a refreshing cup of cold brew coffee, you’ll be pleased to know there are American-made brewers out there.

Even better, the Filtron comes at a price that won’t break the bank.

As anyone who’s made cold brew coffee knows, it’s a process that can’t be rushed. The Filtron adds another dimension to this – there are quite a lot of components to put together.

Having said that, it’s a whole lot easier than other, pricier cold brew options out there.

The water goes into a simple plastic bowl with a hole in the bottom. That sits on top of a jug with another hole sealed up by a rubber plug.

A filter pad stops coffee grounds ending up in the cold brew, and the brewer uses paper filters.

Then there’s a “grounds guard” – a thin disc made of plastic that sits on top of the coffee.

The whole assemblage also comes with a 1.5 liter decanter to hold your finished coffee concentrate. It’s designed to fit tightly under the jug to prevent spills.

When it’s ready, just dilute your cold brew with ice or milk and serve. If you still crave your caffeine kick on a hot day, it’s a great option.

Although the focus here is cold brew, you can also use the coffee concentrate in hot drinks. Just add hot water or steamed milk instead of ice.

There are far quicker ways of making hot coffee, though – so you’ll probably want another option for the winter months.

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5. Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy Cold Brew System, 1 EA

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The second cold brew system to make this list, the Toddy is made in the town of Loveland, Colorado.

It’s even less expensive than the Filtron: you could pick it up for about the same price as six coffees in an artisan coffee shop. But the results are impressive.

The kit is comprised of a single brewing container with a handle that sits on top of a glass carafe.

That means one less component than the Filtron and even easier brewing.

Also in the box is a rubber bung to sit in the bottom of the brewing container and two reusable filters.

At the end of the brewing process you’re left with coffee concentrate that can be used in a number of ways.

Chill it and add ice or cold milk for a refreshing drink on a hot day. Or add hot water or steamed milk for a standard coffee.

You’ll need a minimum of 12 hours to make the concentrate, and leaving it for 24 hours is better.

For most people, it won’t be worth the hassle just for an Americano.

Having said that, you can keep the concentrate in the fridge for up to two weeks without it losing flavor.

It’s also a great option if you have a sensitive stomach. Toddy says their cold brew has only a third of the acid of regular coffee.

So if you have a sensitive digestive system, this could be the brewer for you.

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6. Bunn BX Velocity Brew 10 Cup Coffee Maker

BUNN BX Speed Brew Classic 10-Cup Coffee Brewer, Black

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Also known as the model 44900, the BX is the second Velocity Brew machine from Bunn to make our list.

Like the other Bunns we’ve covered so far, it hails from the town of Creston, Iowa. Some of its component parts are, however, made overseas.

The BX will be instantly familiar to those who know their Bunn coffee makers.

It’s got the same distinctive shape and black matt casing. Like the GRB Velocity Brewer, it also has a glass carafe and a warming plate to keep the coffee hot.

A word here about the limitations of that hot plate. It doesn’t mean you can linger over breakfast and get the same flavor coffee throughout.

Your coffee will continue to brew whilst it’s sitting on the hot plate.

So while it will still be hot, leave it too long and you risk bitter or even burnt flavors.

But if you’ve got a large household wanting their morning coffee at slightly different times, the BX is a convenient option.

And if there are days when you want a smaller pot – say some of the family are away – it’s easy to adjust.

All you do is add less water, down to a minimum of four cups.

It’s another brewer able to produce coffee in just three minutes.

So if you’ve got a house full of coffee lovers and need an easy solution, the Bunn BX might just be for you.

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7. Chemex Classic Series Pour-over Coffee Maker

CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker - Classic Series - 3-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

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The mighty Chemex is the number one selling pour-over coffee maker. And it’s proudly made in the USA in the town of Chicopee, Massachusetts.

There are a range of different sizes available, from the Bijou 3 cup to the generous 10 cup. (All measurements are based on a 5 ounce serving size.)

So however many coffee drinkers are in your household, there’s a Chemex to suit.

It’s a simple, elegant brewer that doesn’t need to be plugged in and won’t take much space on your counter.

And as it’s made of borosilicate glass, you won’t have to worry about the surfaces absorbing any smells or flavors.

You’ll need to buy Chemex’s own half-moon shaped paper filters.

And if you want your appliances to match, Chemex also manufacture an attractive two-quart water kettle to complete the look.

Pour-over coffee isn’t the fastest brewing method. You’ll need to boil the water first, rinse the filter and warm the brewer with hot water.

Then there are two separate pours, leaving time in each case for the coffee to bloom.

And for the best results, coffee gurus recommend timing the pours too.

All in all, the perfect cup of pour-over coffee takes time and practice to get right.

But if you’re prepared to do what it takes to master the technique, the Chemex can give you great results.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy morning coffee, though, you might find you’re better off with a Bunn.

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8. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press

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If you love espresso but don’t want the fuss of a manual maker or the expense of a super automatic, the AeroPress is a great choice.

Building on the French press brewing method, this is nevertheless one all-American machine.

It’s made in Palo Alto, California.

Inside the box, you’ll find an odd looking gadget that looks more like a hypodermic syringe than a coffee maker.

Don’t be put off! The AeroPress makes such great coffee there’s even an annual World AeroPress Championships to celebrate its artistry.

As well as the AeroPress itself, you’ll find a scoop, paddle and funnel to avoid getting coffee grounds over your worktop.

Some packages also come with a supply of filters.

This is a brewing system that combines ease of use with plenty of scope for experimentation.

You can get a good cup of coffee in about four minutes. And if you want to, you can spend months tweaking your grind and brewing ratio for your perfect beverage.

The one major disadvantage of the AeroPress is its size. You won’t get multiple cups of coffee from this machine.

But if you’re making coffee for one, it’s pretty much the closest thing you’ll get to real espresso without an espresso maker. And it’s cheap as chips too.

But if your priority in the morning is a jolt of caffeine with minimum effort, the AeroPress isn’t for you. Try a one-cup automatic coffee maker instead.

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9. Bunn Trifecta MB

Bunn 41200.0000 Trifecta Single Cup Air Fusion Brewer (120V/60/1PH)

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Taking the top spot is the Bunn Trifecta MB, manufactured in Springfield, Illinois.

Using Bunn’s “air infusion” technology, this one-cup machine takes a whole new approach to brewing.

It looks pretty different from other Bunns too. The casing is stainless steel instead of matt black, and it’s a different shape.

MB here stands for “micro brewer”, and it’s a home version of a machine originally designed for commercial use.

There are five different settings which allow you to control a combination of brewing time and turbulence.

“What turbulence?” I hear you ask. Well, that’s where the air infusion technology comes in.

When you press the “brew” button, air is injected into the brew chamber, agitating the coffee grounds.

The chamber is made of clear plastic and lights up during brewing, so you can see the process in action.

The idea is that it creates a deeper extraction and fuller, more complex flavor.

The major drawback here is that Bunn no longer seems to be manufacturing the Trifecta.

You can still find models available, but as a result they’re way pricier than anything else on this list.

And if your machine develops a fault, you may find it’s hard to get it repaired.

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10. Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker - White, 110 Volts

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If you’ve got the cash to splash, Ratio’s Oregon-designed and made coffee maker is a real American Beauty.

The “Eight” – presumably named after its striking figure 8 shaped carafe – is assembled by hand in Portland.

There are no plastic components at all, and its elegant wooden frame is made from Oregon-sourced timber. As brewers go, this is American as apple pie.

Its style, though, has a decidedly Scandinavian edge. The combination of smooth wood and blown glass makes it more like a piece of sculpture than a coffee maker.

The focus here is on the simplicity of the coffee making process. And the use of glass allows you to see that process at every stage.

But what about the results?

First of all, you need to get the grind consistency right. Use too coarse a grind and you may find the coffee doesn’t “bloom” properly.

Happily, the construction allows you to see if that happens, making it easy to adjust next time.

That done, you should have a pretty tasty cup of coffee to enjoy. And even better, the only thing you’ll need to clean is the glass carafe.

Remove it from the brewer, wash in hot, soapy water and you’re done.

Despite its simplicity, the Eight comes with a hefty price tag.

But if you want a great looking machine with an impeccable American pedigree, it’s worth a look.

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Ready to buy?

We hope our top 10 has shown just how much choice is available amongst the coffee makers made in USA.

If you love espresso and want to experiment, our pick is the Aeropress.

And if you want a simple solution to keep your household in coffee all morning, try the BUNN BT Velocity Brew.

Happy brewing!

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