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7 Best Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir of 2022

coffee maker with removable water reservoir
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Coffee lovers spend a lot of time and money buying the right beans, grounds, and filters. But water has a bigger effect than anything else. If your water is off, the fanciest java can’t save you. And removable water reservoirs make it easier to load the right water into your coffee maker.

Removable reservoirs are easier to clean, so your coffee won’t get that icky mildew smell. Also, since they come off easily, they won’t accumulate that filmy layer or dusty residue. Plus, because they’re so accessible you won’t forget to refill them. So let’s get started on our list!


The Best Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir In 2022

1. Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir (Our Top Pick)

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker | Optimal Brew Thermal System

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Brewing temperature makes a difference in how your coffee tastes. And Mr. Coffee effortlessly hits 205°F. That’s 20% hotter than most brands on the market. And it’s quicker too! But it’s a tall machine at nearly 15 inches high, so be careful where you place it. It won’t work well if you have all-mounted overhead cabinets. And at 10.5 pounds, you won’t shift its position that often.

Your coffee maker is made of polished stainless steel with black accents. The water reservoir has a rectangular shape and holds ten cups. It’s positioned at the rear of your coffee maker, off to one side. So you’ll have to place your coffee maker in a spot with enough space above it and on both sides. Otherwise, you won’t have room to slide out your reservoir and/or filter tray for filling.

Each cup is about 5 ounces and the reservoir is labeled by cup size. You can’t brew less than two cups at a time without damaging your coffee maker, so always stay above the minimum water marker. The filter basket can hold both paper filters and metallic ones, but while it ships with a water filtration disc, there’s no filter basket included, so remember to buy one separately.

This water filter needs changing maybe once a month. And while we’ve already confirmed it reaches higher temperatures, Mr. Coffee wins on longevity as well. Between the double-walled thermal carafe and the warming plate, your coffee stays hot for hours. The carafe holds 10 cups and you can use the ‘delay-brew’ button to turn on your coffee maker while you sleep.

If you leave your coffee maker on, it will automatically shut off after two hours. And because your coffee stays hot for hours and loses about 10°F per hour, you may be unclear when your coffee was brewed. Use the ‘stay fresh’ function to tell you how long the coffee has been in the carafe. After roughly 90 cycles, the ‘clean’ light will go on. Use water and vinegar for 45 minutes.

Mr. Coffee heats hotter, brews faster, and retains heat longer than other brands. Its self-cleaning function is useful, but the coffee maker needs clearance on all sides so position it carefully.


  • The thermal carafe plus warming plate keeps coffee warmer for longer.
  • It has a ‘stay fresh’ function that shows how long the coffee has been sitting in the pot.
  • The coffee maker is 14.25 inches by 9 inches by 11 inches and weighs 10.5 pounds.


  • You may feel limited on your countertop positioning. It needs vertical clearance and space on the sides to let you access the water reservoir, filter baskets, and power source.

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2. Ninja Coffee Bar With Removable Water Reservoir

Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes, 5 Brew Options, Milk Frother, Removable Water Reservoir, Stainless Carafe (CF097)

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If you’re the type of person that loves tech, your eyes will pop over this complex coffee maker. It has tons of features, but they’re all simplified for your convenience. Want to pick a brewing size? Turn the sizing dial to any of six positions ranging from a single cup to a full carafe. Then press the right button to select your brewing style – rich, classic, specialty, over-ice, or forte.

These buttons control the intensity of your coffee for various scenarios. You can order your Ninja Coffee Bar with either a glass carafe of a thermal double-walled metal one. Glass is more stylish but stainless steel retains heat better. Both carafes have a 10-cup capacity, a vacuum-sealed cover, and a brew-through lid that mixes coffee consistently while it brews.

The glass version has a warming plate with an auto-off and a built-in thermostat. Meanwhile, the easily accessible flip-top lid makes this the best coffee maker with a removable water reservoir. The brew basket offers equally easy access. It slides forward for refills and detaches fully for cleaning. The coffee maker has a permanent gold-tone filter that’s dishwasher safe.

You can still add a paper filter if you prefer. The included Ninja scoop makes grounds measurement easy. It’s marked for single-serve or carafe portions at either end of the scoop. It has also has 4 midi size markers between the two tips so you there’s minimum thinking involved as you serve out your brewing volumes. The Ninja has a foldaway cup holder.

It lets you place different size cups and carafes under the nozzle drip. And while the coffee maker doesn’t have an automated ‘pause brew’ button, you can manually close the drip nozzle mid-brew. If you forget to re-open the drip nozzle, the coffee maker will beep and light up.

The Ninja Coffee Bar meets all your needs and then some. If you pause mid-brew to serve a quick cup, a beep and a blinking light will remind you to complete your brewing cycle.


  • It has six different brewing sizes and an integrated frother.
  • It brews classic, iced, rich, or forte at precisely preset temperatures and durations.
  • The showerhead filter and intermittent thermal brew cycle enhance the flavor.


  • The coffee maker stops working once the cleaning light is on, so this isn’t an ideal unit for low-fuss bachelors or college dorm rooms

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3. Cuisinart On-Demand DCC3000 Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir

Cuisinart DCC-3000P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Coffeemaker, Black

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With many coffee makers, positioning is a problem. If it’s a heavy machine, you don’t want to keep moving it. But it needs to be close enough to your power outlet and still have enough clearance to brew and fill your baskets. The Cuisinart solves this issue with its 36-inch cord, giving far more flexibility in placement. The coffee maker features a quirky coffee gauge.

It has a needle that toggles from full to empty, just lie your car’s fuel gauge. And it pays homage to those of us who can’t function without java bean fuel. This on-demand device has basic controls. The auto-on and auto-off lets you brew in advance up to 24 hours while the ‘clean’ function keeps coffee flavors pristine by eliminating scale, dregs, and built-up residue.

The coffee maker has a 12-cup capacity but being an on0demand machine, it can give you a single cup as well. The removable water reservoir has cup markings for added convenience. It has a charcoal filter to purify your water. Aside from the water reservoir, your Cuisinart also has a coffee reservoir and a gold-tone filter. All these parts are detachable for convenient cleaning.

Like all Cuisinarts, the coffee maker has a showerhead brewing unit that saturates your grounds for more flavorful results. The machine ships with a starter pack of paper filters so you can try different brewing styles. And while you can serve a cup at a time, you need to use the 1 to 4 cup setting if you’re not brewing a full carafe. It will adjust your brewing time and temperature.

This Cuisinart On-Demand coffee maker is convenient for ‘instant’ coffee whenever you need it. It has a charcoal filter, a downlight, and a self-cleaning cycle so it’s a low maintenance device.


  • It has a built-in self-cleaning function.
  • The Cuisinart can brew up to a dozen cups.
  • The drip tray is removable to fit taller mugs.


  • The coffee gauge is a snazzy feature but it’s susceptible to damage and will break down long before the rest of your coffee maker.

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4. Braun Multiserve Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir

Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine, 7 Programmable Brew Sizes / 3 Strengths + Iced Coffee & Hot Water for Tea, Glass Carafe (10-Cup), Stainless / Black, KF9150BK

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When you’re looking for a machine with brains and brawn, pun intended, this is a good place to start. The Braun Multiserve is aptly named. It can brew four different ways including light, bold, gold, and over-ice. The ‘gold’ setting uses the gold-tone permanent filter while the ‘light’ setting

You can brew your coffee in seven sizes ranging from 5 ounces to a full jug. Use the sizing dial to select the right size then set the correct temperature and time. This involves a lot more calculation than other programmable models that preset heat levels and duration. But it has three superior sensors so once you set the temperature, it stays consistent throughout brewing.

The cup holder folds to fit cups and carafes of various sizes. And while it’s ideal for coffee, you can also use the ‘hot water’ feature for tea, soup, or noodles. This nozzle is separate from the coffee nozzle, so you don’t have to worry about coffee-flavored onion soup or pudding.

The Braun coffee maker with a removable water reservoir can hold ten cups at a time. The freshness indicator will verify whether you’re serving 2-minute coffee or 2-hour coffee, but it’s just as good each time. The coffee maker measures 13 by 11 by 7.1 inches and weighs 10 lbs.

The Braun Multiserve prepares coffee in various volumes and styles. Its ExactBrew system is consistent regardless of size. It brews a fall pot in roughly 8 minutes and is SCA-certified.


  • It has a 24-hour advance timer.
  • You can brew using 14 cup functions.
  • The massive digital display makes it easier to use.


  • This is a good coffee maker for lovers of single-serve, but it only uses coffee grounds. No K-cups, pads, pods, or capsules, sorry!

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5. Keurig K575 Pod Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir

Keurig K575 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Programmable Brewer, Platinum

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In its native Dutch, the word Keurig means ‘excellence’. And this brand dominated the market for a decent duration before we started giving it the side-eye for monopoly and non-green-ness. But there’s no beating the convenience of a Keurig, so if you’re still loyal to the brand it’s high on the list of best coffee makers with a removable water reservoir. And this version can brew carafes!

A lot of coffee brewing is done when you’re barely awake. So the Keurig’s night light setting lets you perk up without causing you additional stress and fatigue. You can set it t different colors to match your mood, whether you’re moody on a midnight feed or hungover and spaced out from exam cramming. Your coffee maker can brew 4 to 12oz cups (5 sizes) in about a minute.

But when you want a larger batch, you can order a carafe and K-carafes, brewing in three sizes from 22 to 30oz. You can also brew a K-nug that’s either 12 or 18 oz. The drip tray is removable so you can slip a carafe under the nozzle or fit a travel mug that’s up to 7.2 inches. The device has an auto-brew function but it only works when you’re making a full carafe.

The Keurig K575 is a versatile device with a quick coffee turnaround. It uses Keurig pods in three sizes (cup, mug, or carafe) and if you like, you can buy a Keurig adaptor for grounds.


  • It can brew using both K-cups and K-carafes in more than 500 variants.
  • The 80oz reservoir brews up to 10 cups using the touchscreen controls.
  • It has an independent setting for hot cocoa and other beverages.


  • It needs manual deep cleaning three to four times a year. Also, k-cups are wasteful.

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6. Hamilton Beach 46205 Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir

Hamilton Beach 46205 Programmable, Coffee Maker, Standard

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All the coffee makers on this list have removable water reservoirs. But not all those reservoirs are conveniently positioned. This Hamilton Beach coffee maker does better. Its square base can swivel 360° to give you unfettered access to the water reservoir. It’s a large plastic one that can brew a dozen cups at a go. And it has a comfy handhold to let you move it around with ease.

The button on the side effortlessly ejects the filter basket so you can load it. And because the whole device swivels, you can angle it for fuss-free access, even in tight corners and tiny kitchens. The coffee maker measures 9.26 by 7.41 by 14.75 and weighs a little over 5 pounds so it’s easy to maneuver. The construction material is mostly plastic, but they’re sturdy.

The Hamilton 46205 does well with paper filters and you can brew your coffee bold or regular. For smaller, more intense batches, use the 1-to-4 cup setting. The buttons can seem confusing but with practice, anyone can use this coffee maker. The included carafe has a drip-free lid and you can program it to brew in advance, keep warm for 2 hours, and shut itself off once it’s done.

The Hamilton Beach programmable coffee maker is designed with convenience in mind. The rounded corners on the swivel base facilitate loading, serving, and cleaning from any angle.


  • It brews both single-serve and drip coffee.
  • Hamilton has auto-on and auto-off features.
  • Its ‘bold’ button lets you control brew strength.


  • Programming is this coffee maker’s greater strength but the process can be cumbersome. You have to hold down the ‘program’ button while simultaneously engaging other function buttons. It takes time to figure all that out.

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7. Zojirushi Zutto EC DAC 50 Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker,Silver

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The Zojirushi coffee maker with a removable water reservoir is a compact unit that only brews 5 cups. It measures 6 inches by 9 inches by 11 inches and has a curvy countertop silhouette. It’s a low-powered coffee maker ay 650W, but because it brews in small doses, it doesn’t lose efficacy.

The water reservoir is hidden inside the housing of your coffee maker, though it does have a visible water window marked by cup number. These markings differ for hot coffee or iced coffee, and both are well labeled on the water reservoir. The coffee maker has a 1-year warranty.

This Zojirushi Zutto comes with a glass carafe and a coffee scoop but it doesn’t have a lot of features – just an LED and an on-switch. But just below the brew unit and above the drip nozzle, a charcoal disc filter purifies your water and lasts a year, sometimes two before replacement.

Instead of a brewing unit that sits in the machine, the Zutto has a funnel filter that sits inside the glad carafe. Fit this with a paper filter to brew right in the jug. This glass jug sits on a warming plate to maintain its temperature. Once done, wash the filter cone by hand. Zutto means ‘always’ in Japanese, and this coffee maker with a removable water reservoir is a constant coffee pal.

The Zutto 5-cup Zojirushi is an energy-efficient, space-saving model that weighs less than 5 pounds. It has no auto-off but you can presser the timer up to 24 hours in advance.


  • Its warming plate has 4 temperature settings.
  • Both baskets lift out for easy cleaning.
  • The water reservoir lid has a steam vent to prevent pressure build-up.


  • The reservoir and filter funnel are both detachable but you still have to wash them (and descale your drip nozzle) by hand. Also, the coffee maker doesn’t do well with fine grounds. They will slip through the funnel or paper cone and leave sediments.

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Bring on the Water Works

Based on our research, we think you should buy Mr. Coffee. Here’s why:

  • It has a heating plate and a thermal carafe to keep coffee warm.
  • The ‘dim mode’ darkens the display to avoid straining your fuzzy morning eyes.
  • Coffee can brew at temperatures as high as 205°F.
  • You can use ‘Brew Now’ for an instant drink or ‘Delay Brew’ for 24 hours.
  • There’s a slot in the back where you can tuck your cord.
  • It has a self-cleaning function for convenient hygiene.

Which coffee maker do you have on your countertop? Show us a photo in the comments!

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