16 DIY Bathroom Shelves Ideas

16 DIY Bathroom Shelves Ideas
Image: Lucky Belly

Are you looking for brilliant ideas to maximize your bathroom space? A simple addition of bathroom shelves can make your bathroom organization a lot easier.

What’s more, bathroom shelves are also a perfect addition to your bathroom in case you’re looking to redecorate your bathroom interior.

You don’t have to buy fancy bathroom shelves for the purpose. Simple DIY shelves work just as fine, if not better!  Here are 16 DIY bathroom shelves ideas. Let’s get started!

1. DIY Bathroom Shelves

This video tutorial by Rachel Metz teaches you a simple way to DIY shelves for your bathroom. You can also DIY these shelves for any other room of your house. These DIY shelves can also be called faux floating shelves.

All the necessary materials, including the dimensions of woods, are mentioned in the video, along with the detailed step-by-step procedure of this project. The Youtuber also suggests that you make shelves as long as you want by adding corner brackets and increasing the support on the wall.


2. DIY Floating Shelves and Bathroom Update

DIY Floating Shelves and Bathroom Update

This site helps you organize the mess in your bathroom by making these cute DIY floating shelves. The dimensions may vary, but you can follow the same procedure to make shelves for yourself. The cut list and supply list are mentioned on the site.

The total cost of this DIY is around $7, as the blogger only had to buy wooden boards. You may need to spend a bit more than $7 in case you don’t have all the materials you need for the project.

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3. Easy Floating Bathroom Shelves

DIYTyler in their video tutorial, teaches us to DIY easy floating shelves using scraps of wood. They also assure you that by making these shelves for your bathroom, you can open up the area, thus making you feel the presence of a larger and cleaner bathroom.

All the tools required are listed in the description section of the video. On the downside, the Youtuber has used some power tools to complete the task. So, if you are not skilled at using power tools, you should definitely seek expert supervision before using such tools.


4. DIY Turnbuckle Shelf

DIY Turnbuckle Shelf

If you want to follow the trend, this site guides you to make the recently trending turnbuckle shelf on your own! The supplies, followed by the detailed instruction to build turnbuckle hardware shelves, are clearly written.

Moreover, the blogger has become extra precautious and has provided you with additional tips on areas where you might face problems during the DIY.

These shelves are the hottest farmhouse decor and also have an industrial twist. By following this tutorial, you can make two sets just for $32!

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5. Building a DIY Bathroom Wall Shelf for Less Than $20

This video tutorial by Darbin Orvar guides you to make a brand new bathroom shelf just by using a few simple tools. She made the shelf using some scrap wood and old paints in order to cut the cost down. You might be surprised – she built the shelf for under $20.

You can design your bathroom shelf as per the space available in your bathroom. All you need to do is just change the dimensions and follow the exact same procedure as demonstrated in this video.




If you don’t want to bulk up your bathroom with some heavy bathroom shelves, these corner bathroom shelves are the perfect options for you.

In this tutorial blog by The Home Depot Blog, you can learn how to make the perfect corner shelves for your bathroom.

All the materials are listed at the starting of the blog, followed by the detailed step-by-step procedure. In case you’re interested, this site has plenty of such DIYs. Don’t forget to check them out!

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7. DIY Bathroom Floating Shelves – Above Toilet Ingenious Storage

If you have a small space in your bathroom but you are still thinking of adding some bathroom shelves, this tutorial is for you!

The Homedit claims that these DIY floating shelves work for the bathroom, whose horizontal surface and square feet are small. The list of tools and materials required to build two 28” floating shelves is mentioned in the description box.




This DIY bathroom shelf tutorial by Jen Woodhouse doesn’t have a detailed step-by-step procedure. So, if you’re a beginner at woodworking, you might want to skip this tutorial.

However, if you know how to interpret woodworking plans, the plan for this DIY is attached to this blog, where you can find all the necessary dimensions and illustrative images.

Tweak the dimensions and designs per your necessity and build a fantastic wall-mounted bathroom shelf for yourself!

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9. DIY BATHROOM SHELVES | Make it Your Own Monday | Easy DIY Shelving

Here’s a written DIY bathroom shelves tutorial by The Coffee with My Sunshine. The dimension and the materials required to make the shelves are described in the tutorial itself.

The use of ropes in the shelves makes them more unique than other bathroom shelves DIYs. The Youtuber has used plenty of power tools in order to make these bathroom shelves. So, make sure that you seek expert help if you’re not skilled at using such tools.


10. DIY Hanging Leather Shelves

DIY Hanging Leather Shelves

If you are looking for some super easy, cheap, space-saving, and thrifty DIY bathroom shelves ideas, this site is the best place to be. It teaches you to DIY hanging leather shelves just by using scraps.

These DIY shelves can also be used in your bedroom and your TV room. This site guides you to make the shelves just by using recycled pallet wood and the leather strap. All the materials and the procedure to complete the project are detailed in this site for your convenience.

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11. DIY Bathroom Mirror with Shelf using Wood Pallet || D.A. Santos

DIY a cute bathroom mirror with a shelf for your bathroom! Want to know how? Here’s the perfect tutorial for you.

In this video tutorial by D. A. Santos, the Youtuber has demonstrated the entire process of DIY. However, she doesn’t speak much, so keep your eyes sharp! All the materials and tools required are listed in the description box.




Do you want to build a fantastic window cabinet? If yes, here’s how you can do so! In this written tutorial by The white cottage farm, the blogger has mentioned all the materials and tools required, along with all the necessary dimensions.

The step-by-step procedure is quite detailed, and the tutorial is made a whole lot easier to comprehend by using pictures.

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13. The $20 Rustic Bathroom Cabinet – Easy DIY Project

The Rehab Life, the channel which is famous for woodworking and homemaking DIYs, has an excellent rustic bathroom cabinet video tutorial for you.

Find all the tools and materials in the description box. However, the wood dimensions are only mentioned in the video. The only downside of this DIY project is that many comments argue that the overall cost is much more than $20. So, make sure you estimate the budget accordingly!




The blogger from REMODELaholic is an Engineer by day and an absolute DIY freak every other moment of her life. This floating mirror and the shelf DIY project was an accident, yet, still one of her favorites.

Thus, she has shared all the necessary details of the project along with a full guided procedure for you in this blog. The outcome of this DIY is stunning. We’re certain that you’d want one for yourself too once you see it.

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So many encouraging and appreciative comments in the comment section that you’d be in awe! If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom just by using dollar tree products, there couldn’t be a better tutorial for you than this video tutorial by Ms.AmayaDIY.

The best part of this DIY is that you don’t even need fancy woodworking tools to complete it. However, the Youtuber suggests that you use a stronger glue than she did for a better permanent hold.


16. How To Install Floating Shelves | Easy DIY IKEA Floating Shelves Install!

We wouldn’t say it is a DIY bathroom shelves tutorial. However, the Youtuber from Fix This House does teach you how to install IKEA floating shelves.

So, if you’re not a big fan of DIYs, you can simply install store-bought ones in your bathroom by following this easy peasy tutorial.



Why to DIY bathroom shelves instead of buying them? Firstly, your pocket will thank you. Secondly, you can design them as per your preference and necessity. And finally, the satisfaction – it’s delightful!

All you have to do is select a DIY tutorial, get the supplies ready, and get to work! And remember that patience and hard work are the key – don’t leave the project halfway! Which of these 16 DIY bathroom shelves you think is most efficient in saving bathroom storage? We’re all ears!

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