17 Homemade Fire Starter Plans You Can DIY Easily

17 Homemade Fire Starter Plans You Can DIY Easily
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If you’re a backpacker, camper or someone who otherwise needs help getting a fire going, fire starters can be an invaluable addition to your equipment.

Furthermore, you don’t need to spend anything on them because it’s super easy to make them from stuff you probably already have in your house – and for anyone who wants to know how, here are 17 plans for making DIY fire starters at home.

1. Homemade Fire Starters – 3 Ways to Make Them

Homemade Fire Starters – 3 Ways to Make Them

If you need to light a fire, especially in challenging conditions, a fire starter will make things a whole lot easier. There are lots of ways to make DIY fire starters, but this blogger tells us about three different options using a range of materials, depending on what you have available. They all start with one match and will burn for ten minutes, so you’ll never have trouble getting your fire started again.

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2. DIY Fire Starters for Camping

Fire starters are perhaps not an essential camping item – so if you’re an ultralight backpacker, you might decide to forego them – but if you can carry them, they’ll certainly make your life easier. If you decide you want some, they will cost you hardly anything since you can make them yourself from recycled material you probably already have at home. Want to know how? Then check out this video!


3. 10 Fire Starter Hacks

We enjoyed watching this video because it gives you plenty of options for making your own fire starters – ten different ways, in fact. This means that whatever you have at hand, you’re sure to find something that works. We love this YouTuber’s creativity in coming up with these ideas – have a look yourself to see which one is your favorite.


4. Make Your Own Fire Starters

Make Your Own Fire Starters

If you want to make DIY fire starters, there’s no need to go out and buy stuff to use because, as this blogger explains, you almost certainly have everything you need in your laundry room garbage. The items you’ll require include toilet paper rolls, dryer lint, wax and wax paper, and if you can get hold of all of these, you’ll be able to put together some highly effective fire starters that won’t cost you anything at all.

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5. DIY Dryer Lint Fire Starter – Upcycled Fire Starters

As the title of this YouTube video suggests, the main ingredient in the fire starters we learn to make with this plan is dryer lint – something that everybody has, and something that you won’t have to pay anything for. These lighters are only the size of a toilet roll holder and will burn for almost ten minutes, something that will facilitate lighting your fire wherever you are.


6. How to Make 7 Amazing Fire Starters

How to Make 7 Amazing Fire Starters

In this plan, we learn about another seven methods for preparing DIY fire starters using materials as diverse as cotton pads, Vaseline, cotton balls, dryer lint, wax-dipped jute cordage, pinecone, birch bark and sawdust muffins. These are all things that most people will be able to find in their homes, and each version gives you a highly effective way of starting a fire. Simple, inexpensive and great for all kinds of uses, this is another blog we enjoyed reading.

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7. The Absolute Best Homemade Fire Starter

This YouTuber claims to have created the “absolute best homemade fire starter” that is waterproof and will cost you almost nothing. We’re not sure about the “best” claim – you’ll have to make some and test them out to see what you think. But we like the way they’re so small and compact, allowing you to carry a good number with you when you head off into the great outdoors. This is a no-nonsense video that gets straight to business, and if that’s the kind of thing you appreciate, this is a video that’s sure to appeal.


8. Upcycle Your Coffee Grounds into a Homemade Fire Starter

Upcycle Your Coffee Grounds into a Homemade Fire Starter

One of the most interesting things about finding these plans for fire starters has been seeing the wide range of materials people have tried using. This one is an original design because the main ingredient here is used coffee grounds, something else that most people will have access to at home. All you need to do is take your coffee grounds and combine them with a few other inexpensive materials and you’re good to go. Want to see how? Then check out this blog for details.

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9. Making Your Own Fire Starters

There’s no need to spend money on fire starters because almost all of the plans we’ve seen use materials you’ll already have at home and that would probably end up being thrown out if you didn’t use them for something like this. Here, we have a plan for making fire starters using nothing but pine shavings and wax, and once you’ve made them, they’ll allow you to start fires without the need for kindling or paper. Inexpensive and convenient – and worth learning how to make.


10. How to Make Lint Fire Starters

How to Make Lint Fire Starters

Many plans we’ve seen use materials that include egg cartons, lint and wax, and if you have access to those three items, this plan will teach you how to combine them into inexpensive fire starters that work extremely well. You’ll find clear step-by-step instructions along with some useful tips and tricks for getting the best out of them, making this another invaluable resource for anyone who needs to make DIY fire starters.

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11. Make 100 Fire Starters for $3

Here’s another video tutorial with a title that tells you everything you need to know – it teaches you how to make 100 fire starters for no more than $3. What the title doesn’t tell you, though, is that each one is no bigger than the size of a “potato chip” (the words of the YouTuber who uploaded the video), which means they’re super convenient for any backpacking or camping trips you need them for. Simple to make and highly effective, this is another video we enjoyed a lot.


12. Is This the Perfect Fire Starter?

In this video, we have another YouTuber who claims to have developed the “ultimate” fire starter. In fact, there’s nothing particularly Earth-shattering about his design since the materials are no more complicated than lint, egg carton and wax. However, sometimes the simplest methods are best, and if you agree, this plan is one you’re sure to appreciate..


13. How to Make Amazing Fire Starters (Boy Scout Style)

How to Make Amazing Fire Starters (Boy Scout Style)

One of our favorite resources when we need a DIY plan for just about anything is the Instructables website, and with this tutorial for making fire starters, they didn’t let us down. This method requires materials like egg carton, wax and wood chips, so these fire starters are not only economical but also ecologically friendly. You’ll find clear instructions along with several helpful photos – in fact, everything we’re used to from this excellent site – so check it to see how it’s done.

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14. Make the Best Fire Starter for Fireplace or Camping

This YouTuber claims that his fire starters need no more than one strike with a lighter “and you’re done”. They follow a similar “recipe” to quite a few others we’ve seen, namely using egg cartons coupled with wood shavings and wax, but if this method works, then why bother looking for something more complicated? If you want to know more, give his video a watch.


15. Homemade Sawdust Fire Starters

If you’re a keen woodworker, you’re likely to have piles of sawdust that collect up in your workshop. Usually, most people end up throwing this out, but if you want to put it to better use, why not think about turning it into effective, inexpensive fire starters? Since you already have the sawdust, you won’t need to spend any money buying materials, and if you’re interested, this video has all the details you need to do it.


16. Learn How to Make Fire Starters Out of Egg Cartons

Learn How to Make Fire Starters Out of Egg Cartons

This is another plan for making fire starters using some now-familiar items – but at least it includes some humor too since Step 1 is “eat some eggs and do some laundry”. You can probably guess from that which materials this plan uses to make the fire starters, but if you want a laugh while you’re reading, this is a tutorial you should enjoy.

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17. How to make the Longest-Burning Fire Starter

So we’ve already seen a couple of claims for the “best” fire starters or the “ultimate” fire starters, but here we have a video that shows you how to make the “longest burning” fire starters. The advantage of having longer burning fire starters is that it gives your fire more time to get going, so if you’re in challenging conditions, this could be important. And if you think that’s something you want to know how to make, this video will make interesting viewing.


Plenty of ways to get your fire started

As you can see, there are plenty of creative ideas for starting fires using materials you are sure to have at home – so by following these plans, you’ll be able to make your own DIY fire starters without needing to spend a penny.

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