17 Homemade Kitchen Shelves Plans You Can DIY Easily

17 Homemade Kitchen Shelves Plans You Can DIY Easily
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If you need to make the most of limited space in your kitchen, adding shelves can be the perfect solution – and if you’re willing to go DIY, you can save yourself some cash too.

For anyone who wants to try, we had a look online to see what other people have been trying – and as a result, here are our top 17 plans for DIY kitchen shelves.

1. DIY Kitchen Shelves for Under $100

DIY Kitchen Shelves for Under $100

In this post, you’ll learn how to construct a set of attractive minimalist farmhouse-style shelves without having to spend lots of cash on the project. As this blogger tells us, building shelves like this can make a kitchen look open and airy – and they’re also super trendy right now. It’s also the most cost-efficient way of increasing your kitchen’s storage space, so there are plenty of reasons why you might want to try something similar.

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2. DIY Open Kitchen Shelf Hack

As this YouTuber tells us, it doesn’t matter if you’re a DIY rookie or a confirmed expert, there’s always a project you can tackle – and there’s always something new you can learn. This open kitchen shelf hack is an idea that’s suitable for anyone to try, and as you can see from the video, the result looks amazing. Think you might like something similar in your home? Then why not give it a try?


3. How to Make Open Shelving – A DIY Wood Shelf Tutorial

How to Make Open Shelving – A DIY Wood Shelf Tutorial

If you want to know everything about installing open shelving in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home, this is the post for you. We like the way she goes into so much detail, not only about actually fitting the shelves but also about considerations like choosing the right location, picking the right size and so on. Of course, there’s a detailed guide to the installation part too, so in short, if you want to add shelves to your kitchen, this is a plan you need to see.

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4. How-To DIY Floating Shelves

If you want to attempt a DIY project that will help you level-up your skills, this is a great video to watch since it’s so informative. We love the way they explain the thought processes behind what they’re doing, so you’ll learn about the kind of considerations you need to bear in mind when beginning any DIY project. They also give you a list of the tools and materials you’ll need to complete the project, and by following their instructions, you should have no problem replicating this plan at home.


5. DIY Open Shelving Kitchen Guide

DIY Open Shelving Kitchen Guide

There are so many great plans for beautiful open kitchen shelving online, and here’s another one you’re sure to love. One of the most important things with floating shelves is making sure they’re strong enough to hold the weight you place on them, and this plan has a section dealing specifically with that issue. There’s loads of other useful info too, making this a plan that’s well worth checking out.

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6. DIY Kitchen Remodel – Floating Shelves

In this video, this YouTuber introduces her project to replace a standalone cupboard with floating shelves. She takes us through some of the problems she had to deal with while choosing the shelves she wanted and explains how she solved them. In the end, this is a relatively simple DIY plan to copy, and you’ll find of list of everything you’ll need to do it, making this another recommended watch before you start a similar project of your own.


7. DIY Open Shelving for Our Kitchen

DIY Open Shelving for Our Kitchen

As anyone who has done much DIY will know, not every project goes exactly according to plan – and in fact, most of the time you need to make adaptations as you work because things happen that you didn’t predict. This means when reading plans, it’s always informative to hear about the mistakes and miscalculations other people make so you can avoid making similar ones yourself. There’s certainly an element of that in this plan because the blogger made an error with the measurements, but it all turned out well in the end, and their DIY shelves end up looking fantastic!

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8. How to Make Open Kitchen Shelves

This is an impressive tutorial because this YouTuber shows how he made the metal brackets for his shelves himself. Not everyone is willing or capable of tackling metalworking, but as he says, this was his first attempt since high school, and he does an exceptional job of it. You then get to see how he made the wooden shelves and fitted them to the wall – so all in all, a fascinating video to watch and one most of us will be able to learn lots from.


9. How to Install DIY Kitchen Shelves in Any Configuration You Fancy

How to Install DIY Kitchen Shelves in Any Configuration You Fancy

Installing shelves can give you lots of extra storage space in your kitchen as well as adding a whole new decorative element. They’re so versatile, and there is a huge range of possibilities you can consider, so if you’re looking for inspiration, this is a plan that should help. It includes plenty of photos to fire your imagination, and it also includes a detailed plan for fitting shelves yourself. This is a blog we enjoyed reading – and we’re sure many others will agree!

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10. 10 Clever Kitchen Shelving Ideas for Living Your Kitchen Up

Here’s a video that should also give you inspiration and ideas for the kind of shelving projects you can try at home. In it, you’ll see ten different versions of kitchen shelves that you can easily DIY at home, and it also gives you information about how to approach the project if you decide to try installing them yourself. A great video from a great channel – we approve!


11. DIY Kitchen Shelves

DIY Kitchen Shelves

One of the best things about adding DIY shelves to your kitchen is that it’s an easy project that just about anyone will be able to manage – and it also won’t take huge amounts of time to complete. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make beautiful DIY shelves of your own that will liven up your kitchen and cost you a whole lot less than if you paid to have them installed by a pro. Give it a read to see how.

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12. DIY Farmhouse Shelves for Under $10

The DIY farmhouse shelves in this video look stunning – and even better, they cost less than $10 to make. This means if you’re looking for a way to add some attractive new storage options to your kitchen and you’re on a limited budget, this could be the ideal plan for your project.


13. DIY Open Shelving Tutorial with Free Guide

DIY Open Shelving Tutorial with Free Guide

Here’s another great plan for anyone who wants to add shelves to their kitchen but who doesn’t want to spend any more than is strictly necessary. We love the beautiful pics on this blog, and with just some inexpensive supplies and a few basic tools, you’ll be able to create something similar. Another plan we enjoyed reading and one we recommend highly.

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14. DIY Open Kitchen Shelving

In the words of this YouTuber, this plan is “stinking easy”. This means that even if you’re a raw novice in DIY or are afraid of messing things up, this is a plan that even you will be able to complete. In her video, she takes you through everything you need to do step by step until she ends up with highly professional shelves. So even if DIY usually makes you feel nervous, this is a project you can tackle with confidence.


15. How to Install and Style Open Kitchen Shelves

How to Install and Style Open Kitchen Shelves

If you appreciate a minimalist style, you’re sure to love the shelves this blogger built. As she explains, she wanted an upgrade on a set of Ikea shelves she already owned, so she decided to DIY a set herself. The project was extremely simple, and the results are fantastic – and for anyone who feels like trying to copy them, all the details are included in the plan.

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16. Farmhouse Pipe Shelves – Easy DIY Project

This is a DIY plan from YouTube channel The Rehab Life – we’ve seen several of their other videos, and they’re all excellent. In this one, they show us how to put up a set of DIY farmhouse shelves made from pipe. It’s a highly original idea and we love the rustic look they create – so for anyone who enjoys this kind of style, this video is a must-watch.


17. How to Style (and Organize!) Open Shelves in the Kitchen

How to Style (and Organize!) Open Shelves in the Kitchen

There are plenty of pros and cons associated with having open shelves in your kitchen, and if you’re having trouble deciding whether to take the plunge, this blog will help you make up your mind. It discusses all the advantages and disadvantages, and this blogger also tells you about her experience of choosing open shelves. And if you decide to go for it, it also gives you plenty of ideas for how to make them look as beautiful as possible.

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Loads of great ideas to copy

As you can see, there are loads of great ideas to copy if you want to add shelves to your kitchen, and they come in a whole range of different sizes and styles.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you because of all the creativity and ingenuity on display, and we hope we’ve helped you find the inspiration you needed for your next DIY project.

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