31 Fried Pie Recipes You May Love

Ever since the first settlers arrived on American soil, the pie has become an integral part of everyday American families’ life. You can eat simple pie every day or find exotic fillings that will turn an ordinary meal into a premium experience. Regardless of whether you prefer a savory or sweet version of this delicious dish, you should be imaginative. Always try to mix different ingredients and spices to cheer your loved ones.


1. Southern Fried Pie

Southern Fried Pie

When you want to try a real delicious treat, you should choose a Southern fried pie. Take a bite of this treasure with a crispy crust filled with your favorite fruit, and make your day. Every time I make it, I enjoy the fragrance and taste of soft and tasty apples, pears, or peaches inside. It makes me feel like I am at home again. Let’s enjoy it together!

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2. Mini Fried Pie with Apples

Mini Fried Pie with Apples

Have you ever tried to prepare a pie according to the recipe of your beloved grandma? If not, this is an ideal opportunity to make and enjoy the best one. Fill this lovely, flaky pastry with yummy apple filling, and don’t forget to add at least one teaspoon of aromatic cinnamon. Bon appetite!

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3. Chocolate Fried Pie

Chocolate Fried Pie

Pick out this extraordinary meal for a special occasion. You can always put a mini chocolate bar inside the pastry, but don’t choose an easy solution if it is possible. Bring all your love into the preparation of this delicacy and make chocolate paste the way our grandmothers did. As a result, you will discover how perfection looks like.

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4. Blueberry Fried Pie

Blueberry Fried Pie

After preparing juicy and sweet blueberries, you can start making this lovely pie. It will remind you of the crackling fire in the fireplace, the enchanting scent of grandma’s cakes, and quiet evenings under the stars with someone special. Don’t forget to sprinkle your pie with powdered sugar to feel the uniqueness.

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5. Fried Pie with Apricots and Peaches

Fried Pie with Apricots and Peaches

The magnificent combination of fresh apricots and peaches will become a whole new experience for your palate. Since this pie is a treat for real gourmets, you should prepare it for your family and make them feel special and loved.

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6. Peach Jacks Fried Pie

Peach Jacks Fried Pie

Can you remember these fried peach jacks making southern tradition real and ubiquitous? Bite a piece of this incredibly delicious pie and feel the warmth of the south known for elegant ladies in crinolines and the most beautiful cakes in the world. Welcome to paradise.

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7. Fried Sun-Dried Peach Pie

Fried Sun-Dried Peach Pie

Make this handheld sun-dried pie for someone special. Use fresh or canned peaches, make this delicacy, and try to eat it warm. On the other hand, you can make these little suns in the evening, store them in a container, and enjoy them while drinking morning coffee with your best friend.

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8. Fruit Fried Pie

Fruit Fried Pie

Let’s do it together! Grab all the ingredients and make this fantastic pie filled with seasonal fruit. On the other hand, you can purchase various canned fruit and fill every piece differently. Mix the flavors, play with ingredients, and enjoy making this piece of heaven for your family and friends.

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9. Amish Fried Pie with Apples

Amish Fried Pie with Apples

Make a pie, which is as mysterious as the people it was named after. Make irresistible, crunchy shapes and fill them with delicious juicy apples. After adding a hint of spice into pie filling, make a mess with this adorable glaze. You will be surprised when you see how little is required to transform a regular pie into magic.

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10. Old Fashioned Peach Fried Pie

Old Fashioned Peach Fried Pie

Can you imagine something as beautiful as the simple old-fashioned pie that our grandmothers made with so much love? I adore a smell of chopped dried peaches, cinnamon, and lemon perfectly balanced in every bite. Let’s enjoy romantic traveling into the past together. I am sure that your children will love it!

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11. Fried Pie with Nutella

Fried Pie with Nutella

Have you ever made a perfect pie by using just two ingredients? I have to admit that I haven’t. Therefore, this pie is real enjoyment for me. No matter that you will be in a hurry to try this aromatic treat as soon as possible after baking, it will be better to wait for Nutella to cool a bit. Otherwise, it will melt and make a mess all over your face.

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12. Fried Pies with Apple, Cinnamon, and Bourbon

Fried Pies with Apple, Cinnamon, and Bourbon

There are a bunch of recipes for an apple pie, but this one is something special. Enrich apples with cinnamon and a light touch of bourbon and wait for a miracle. If there is a treat, which can transform your table into a colorful festival, that is this pie. Make your home a fragrant haven for dreams and have a wonderful time with your kids. WOW!

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13. Lemon Fried Pie

Lemon Fried Pie

It is a simple, friendly recipe rich in flavor but quick to prepare. Every time I make this cute, bite-sized lemon treat, I become the little girl sitting in my granddaddy’s lap once again while my beloved grandma prepares this beautiful treat. A dessert doesn’t need to be complicated to be unique.

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14. Pizza Fried Pie

Pizza Fried Pie

When you try this lovely pizza pocket-pie, you will remember the good old taste of your childhood. Everything you need is pizza dough, which you should slice into squares of different sizes. Use everything you have in the kitchen and fill the dough with bacon, cheese, and eggs. That’s it!

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15. Fried Pie with Sausage, Onion, and Spinach

Fried Pie with Sausage, Onion, and Spinach

I don’t know about you, but I am a gourmet, and this combination of savory sausage, onion, and spinach fascinates me. Not to mention the magical basil and seductive hot red pepper, which I adore. Sprinkle favorite cheese over each piece and enjoy it!

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16. Fried Pie with Cheeseburger

Fried Pie with Cheeseburger

There is one more, a quite unusual solution to enjoy a cheeseburger. The bonus of this option is that you can prepare this lovely, mouth-watering hand pie for less than half an hour. My children like helping me with making crescent dinner rolls. After setting the table, we enjoy a delicious dinner together. Why wouldn’t you enjoy with your family the same way?

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17. Fried Pie with Mushrooms and Gorgonzola

Fried Pie with Mushrooms and Gorgonzola

When you prepare a dish containing mushrooms, caramelized onion, and high-quality gorgonzola, you will get nothing less than perfection. If you make a hand pie and add lemon juice, thyme, and smooth cream, we are talking about winning combination. Bring it on!

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18. Fried Pie with Beef and Beans

Fried Pie with Beef and Beans

For full enjoyment, you need finely chopped beef, black beans, and a tasty taco seasoning mix. With a little goodwill, you will get an excellent meal for your family after half an hour of preparing. Can you imagine that such simple ingredients can provide so much healthy happiness? Check and enjoy it!

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19. Heart Fried Pie with Raspberry and Lemon

Heart Fried Pie with Raspberry and Lemon

OK, these lovely handheld mini pie-hearts are my favorite treat. Every heart provides the warmth of spices, the sweetness of raspberries, and the light freshness of lemon for full pleasure. Share this uniqueness with someone special while spending unforgettable moments together. Yummy!!!

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20. Brie and Jam Fried Pie

Brie and Jam Fried Pie

You will love these sweet and savory circles of pretzel dough filled with adorable melt brie and raspberry jam. After going through a water bath, you should sprinkle them with a pinch of sea salt and bake. The only thing you need to do then is to share this delicacy with your dearest ones.

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21. Fried Pie with Blueberries and Ginger

Fried Pie with Blueberries and Ginger

Have you ever tried fantastic fried hand pie made of blueberries and ginger? If the answer is NO, it is high time to change that. It sounds unbelievable, but a piece of fresh ginger, smooth blueberry filling, and fresh lemon juice can improve your notion of delicious. I like preparing this particular pie for my kids because they find it exciting and delicious. Be sure to try it!

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22. Fried Pie with Roasted Vegetable

Fried Pie with Roasted Vegetable

If you want to have full pleasure, you need to make the dough by yourself. Otherwise, go to a local store and purchase refrigerated dough for French bread. Fill it with baby spinach, crushed red pepper, minced garlic, and mix of various vegetables. Sounds ordinary? Really? Oh, I should tell you that I add cream cheese, mozzarella, and olive oil into the filling, as well. Now it seems unique and delicious, doesn’t it?

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23. Fried Pie with Chicken and Curry

Fried Pie with Chicken and Curry

I like the taste of chicken filled with cumin seeds and curry powder. Therefore, I treat this savory pie as an ultimate delicacy, and my children declare the day I make this pie a family holiday. It is not complicated to make but provides a lot of pleasure. Share it with your family and friends, and enjoy pure beauty.

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24. Fried Pie with Spinach and Cheese

If you don’t mind using the prepared dough, you will need a modest 30 minutes to make a delicious breakfast for your family. Everything you need for supreme satisfaction is baby spinach, an egg, and tasty feta cheese. The advantage of this pie is that it is an ideal make-ahead meal. You can freeze and use it whenever necessary.

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25. Fried Pie with Artichoke and Bacon

Fried Pie with Artichoke and Bacon

When you want to make something special and exotic to cheer up your beloved one who loves spicy food, this pie is the right choice. Combine juicy bacon with rich artichoke and hot Jalapeno, and you will get the ultimate meal for real gourmets. To complement the experience of total perfection, don’t forget Greek yogurt and fresh lemon juice. Bon appetite!

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26. Fried Pie with Ham and Cheese for Halloween

Fried Pie with Ham and Cheese for Halloween

In general, you need a recipe for an ordinary pie and a lot of imagination to transform it into an exceptional meal for Halloween. The only thing you need to do is to fill puff-pastry dough with Gruyère cheese, spicy brown mustard, and thinly sliced ham. It is enough to decorate these unique little pies and make this day special for your kids.

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27. Fried Pie with Pumpkins

Fried Pie with Pumpkins

I can’t imagine my life without pumpkin pasties. The great thing is that you don’t need too much time to make this, the most favorite treat in most American homes. Pick out sweet or savory pumpkin-based fillings for your pie, depending on your preferences, and organize a genuinely magical feast.

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28. Fried Pie with Zucchini

Fried Pie with Zucchini

I am sure that everybody adores zucchini and pie filled with this adorable veggie. The best thing about this pie is that you can prepare poblano chile a few days before you need to serve the dish. In fact, it is an excellent solution since you need to let the filling chill before making empanadas. If the filling is too liquid, you will have problems to form your lovely pie properly.

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29. Fried Pie with Broccoli, Ham, and Cheese

Fried Pie with Broccoli, Ham, and Cheese

Fill this puff pastry with chopped ham, cheddar cheese, and cooked broccoli, and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. You will need approximately half an hour to prepare this pie and much less time to eat it. Once you learn how to make it, you can be imaginative and try different filling. Even though your children hate broccoli, they will love this pie, I promise you.

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30. Salted Fried Pie with Caramel Apple

Salted Fried Pie with Caramel Apple

Yes, it is possible making a delicious caramel-apple hand pie, which is actually salty. Like every other apple pie, this one is also an ideal meal for cold days. You will need two apples, preferably Granny Smith, fresh lemon juice, cinnamon, and soft caramel candies to reach perfection. Don’t forget to sprinkle every circle with sea salt for a unique feeling.

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31. Mediterranean Fried Pie with Spinach

Mediterranean Fried Pie with Spinach

One of my favorite places in the entire world is the Mediterranean, with a lot of sun, crystal clear sea, and the best food you can imagine. Among many other delicacies, their spinach pie is a real masterpiece of culinary skill. After adding feta cheese and olive oil, you will feel the entire beauty of exotics.

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