41 Homemade Coffee Muffin Recipes You Can DIY Easily

Coffee isn’t just the beverage of choice that kickstarts the day for millions around the world, it’s also a delicious and highly adaptable ingredient for hundreds of desserts. Here we serve you a roundup of all the best recipes for coffee muffins – and some of them suggest some intriguing combinations!

1. Coffee cake in one minute

Coffee cake in one minute

Check it out at chocolatecoveredkatie.com

The first coffee muffin on our list doesn’t take anything like half an hour – this one takes one minute only! Simple, quick and delicious.

2. Coffee and chestnut muffins with Nespresso

Coffee and chestnut muffins with Nespresso

Check it out at nespresso.com

These muffins take a little longer to prepare than #1 but they’re worth it. Cooking time is 15 minutes, but the preparation is super easy.

3. Microwave muffin

Microwave muffin

Check it out at lowcarbyum.com

We found this recipe for microwave muffins – it’s a bit of a cheat because they’re not actually coffee muffins but here’s our tip: just add some instant coffee to the mix and you’re good!

4. Coffee and walnut muffins

Coffee and walnut muffins

Check it out at geniuskitchen.com

Walnuts are a great complement to the flavors of coffee and the two ingredients combine perfectly in this muffin recipe. This is one you must try! 10 mins prep time plus 20 mins in the oven.

5. Quick coffee muffins

Quick coffee muffins

Check it out at sweetasacookie.com

The blogger who created this recipe writes about how she hates dry muffins and we have to agree – there’s nothing better than tasty, moist muffins, especially if they’re coffee-flavored. 25 mins cooking time.

6. Cappuccino Muffins

Cappuccino Muffins

Check it out at tasteofhome.com

We all love cappuccino and we all love muffins – so why not mix them together to make cappuccino muffins? We found a great recipe and the prep time is only 15 minutes. Perfect!

7. Chocolate chip coffee muffins

Chocolate chip coffee muffins

Check it out at myrecipes.com

If there are two ingredients in the world that are just made for each other, it’s chocolate and coffee. Combine the two in these choc chip muffins and you’re surely onto a winner.

8. Banana and coffee muffins

Banana and coffee muffins

Check it out at foodnetwork.com

Another mouth-watering combo is banana and coffee and here’s another great recipe we found for muffins using them together. Only 15 mins prep time – so what are you waiting for?

9. Coffee cake muffins with cinnamon and raspberry preserve

Coffee cake muffins with cinnamon and raspberry preserve

Check it out at therecipecritic.com

Of course, we don’t always want to eat the classics. This blogger has posted a recipe for coffee muffins with cinnamon and raspberry. A much more original creation your kids are sure to love.

10. Coffee mini muffins

Coffee mini muffins

Check it out at brooklynfarmgirl.com

These mini muffins are as cute as they are delicious – and addictive too, as the author tells us! Quick to prepare but you need to add in cooking time and cooling time, so probably about half an hour in all.

11. Coffee and cinnamon muffins

Coffee and cinnamon muffins

Check it out at crunchycreamysweet.com

Cinnamon seems to be a popular ingredient in coffee muffin recipes, probably because it matches so well with the flavor of our favorite brew – think of cappuccino with cinnamon sprinkled on top. This is one of our favorites with this spice. 15 mins prep time.

12. Gourmet espresso muffins

Gourmet espresso muffins

Check it out at gourmesso.com

For many, a rich and intense espresso is the perfect version of coffee, and if you want to combine that with your favorite type of cake, we’ve found a quick and easy recipe for espresso muffins.

13. Chocolate espresso muffins

Chocolate espresso muffins

Check it out at prettysimplesweet.com

If you want to combine something extra with the espresso in your muffins, you might be interested in this idea. The recipe uses espresso with chocolate and pecans for a more complex and totally irresistible dessert.

14. Crumbly coffee cake muffins

Crumbly coffee cake muffins

Check is out at damndelicious.net

For something a bit more elaborate, you might try these coffee muffins topped with a vanilla glaze. The photos on the site make them look so tempting, definitely something you’ll want to try.

15. Coffee muffins with cinnamon crumb topping

Coffee muffins with cinnamon crumb topping

Check it out at dessertfortwo.com

We discovered a great website with loads of awesome recipe ideas, including one for coffee muffins. Easy to prepare, quick to cook and they look fantastic – check out the photos and don’t even try to pretend you don’t want to try them.

16. Coffee muffins for breakfast

Coffee muffins for breakfast

Check it out at showmetheyummy.com

Follow the advice on this food blog and make these coffee muffins for a breakfast treat your kids will adore. Another thing we love about this blog is the name. Very clever!

17. Coffee muffins with vanilla

Coffee muffins with vanilla

Check it out at joythebaker.com

Everybody has their kitchen secrets and this blogger’s secret to livening up these delectable coffee muffins is the addition of vanilla. We also enjoyed her slightly bizarre story about bikinis!

18. Quick mocha muffins

Quick mocha muffins

Check it out at bettycrocker.com

There are hundreds of recipes for coffee muffins online but surprisingly few good ones for mocha muffins. Here’s a fantastic one that requires only 10 mins prep time.

19. Moist chocolate chunk muffins

Moist chocolate chunk muffins

Check it out at wellplated.com

The author of this cooking blog seems to be a little confused about whether these muffins are better served for breakfast or dessert. We don’t care, they look perfect for any time to us!

20. Hazelnut coffee muffins stuffed with Nutella

Hazelnut coffee muffins stuffed with Nutella

Check it out at reciperunner.com

Wow. The title says it all. These coffee muffins are made with hazelnut flour to give an extra dimension – and then they’re stuffed with Nutella. This is one of the best ideas for coffee muffins we’ve seen.

21. Sour cream coffee cake muffins

Sour cream coffee cake muffins

Check it out at justataste.com

We may have complained a little that many of the recipes we looked at lacked originality – but that’s certainly not the case with this one. We love a bit of creativity in the kitchen and that’s certainly what this excellent blog is serving up.

22. Coffee cup muffins with Greek yogurt

Coffee cup muffins with Greek yogurt

Check it out at amydgorin.com

This well-written post tells the story of how these muffins came about – the need for a caffeine hit when you’re not allowed to drink coffee. You may choose to use decaf if it’s for your kids, but the author’s idea of pairing with Greek yogurt is inspired.

23. Coffee muffins with crumb topping and sugary glaze

Coffee muffins with crumb topping and sugary glaze

Check it out at hungryforever.com

The name the author chose to give these muffins doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue – but with short prep and cooking time, these delicious muffins will be meeting your tongue before you know it.

24. Coffee cake crumble muffins

Coffee cake crumble muffins

Check it out at whatmollymade.com

We love finding blogs written by people who are passionate about food. That’s certainly the case with this one. These muffins are simple to make and quick to cook, but there’s a lot of love going into them too.

25. Coffee muffins with…blueberries!

Coffee muffins with…blueberries!

Check it out at ohsodelicioso.com

We love people who care about the food they make and we also love to find original and creative ideas. Here’s an awesome one – coffee muffins with blueberries. Just yum!

26. Blueberries again

Blueberries again

Check it out at howsweeteats.com

Everyone loves blueberries and if you’re like us, you can’t get enough of them – so we’re giving you one more recipe for coffee and blueberry muffins. Give them both a go and see which one works best.

27. Muffin tin coffee cakes

Muffin tin coffee cakes

Check it out at tablespoon.com

Sometimes simple is best, and with only 10 mins prep time, that’s exactly what this recipe for coffee muffins gives you. No messing about it the kitchen, just delicious muffins ready to eat in short order.

28. Coffee muffins with macadamia nuts

Coffee muffins with macadamia nuts

Check it out at excelso.co.nz

There are only so many variations you can have on a theme, but this recipe tries to do something different by adding macadamia nuts. As far as we’re concerned, that sounds like a fantastic idea.

29. Coffee break muffins

Coffee break muffins

Check it out at bakerstreet.tv

There seems to be an ongoing debate across a range of blogs as to the correct time to eat muffins (see #16 and #19). Are they for breakfast or are they a dessert or, as this blogger sees them, a perfect mid-morning snack?

30. Peppermint mocha muffins

Peppermint mocha muffins

Check it out at tastesoflizzyt.com

Yes, we know we said sometimes simple is best. But sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes you need something unusual and fresh. If that’s your mood, how about trying peppermint mocha muffins? Brilliant!

31. Coffee and white chocolate muffins

Coffee and white chocolate muffins

Check it out at chelsea.co.nz

We’ve seen lots of recipes for coffee and chocolate, but we’re surprised how few recipes there are that use white chocolate. Full marks then to this blogger for coming up with this recipe. This one is making us feel hungry.

32. Christmas morning coffee and pecan crumble muffins

Christmas morning coffee and pecan crumble muffins

Check it out at greatbritishchefs.com

There’s a problem with these muffins. It’s the name. Because it suggests you can only enjoy them once a year. We suggest you don’t need to wait for Christmas morning to try this recipe, give it a go right away!

33. Carrot coffee cake muffins

Carrot coffee cake muffins

Check it out at realhousemoms.com

If you’ve never tried carrot cake before (are there people who haven’t?), the idea of a cake with a vegetable in it might seem odd. Most people, however, know how delicious it is – and with the addition of coffee, even more so.

34. New York-style coffee cake crumb muffins

New York-style coffee cake crumb muffins

Check it out at tablefortwoblog.com

The Big Apple is a mecca for dessert lovers, and you can make New York-style cakes in the comfort of your own home wherever you live. This is a great blog with high-quality photos too.

35. Versatile almond crumble coffee cake muffins

Versatile almond crumble coffee cake muffins

Check it out at today.com

We’ve added the word “versatile” to the name of this recipe because the author gives you the option to use yogurt or sour cream with the almonds. We think both versions will taste amazing.

36. Pumpkin espresso muffins

Pumpkin espresso muffins

Check it out at cookwithmanali.com

Moving firmly back into the realm of creative and original recipes, this is an admirable effort from this blogger. If we can have carrot and coffee, then why not pumpkin and espresso? We’re intrigued!

37. Strawberry coffee cake muffins

Strawberry coffee cake muffins

Check it out at sugarandsoul.co

Staying on the distinctly imaginative side of things, this is another offering worthy of any list of coffee muffin recipes. This time the blogger suggests pairing coffee with strawberries. We are very much in favor of this idea.

38. Eggnog coffee muffins

Eggnog coffee muffins

Check it out at twopeasandtheirpod.com

Does this beat them all? This could certainly be one of the most inspired ideas on the whole list. When the eggnog season comes around, grab a carton and cook up a batch of these delicious eggnog and coffee muffins.

39. Sour cream coffee cake muffins

Sour cream coffee cake muffins

Check it out at foodandwine.com

Most of the recipes on our list take less than half an hour. This one includes half an hour of prep time plus the time in the oven. However, the photos on this great blog show that these muffins are worth the extra effort.

40. Coffee doughnut muffins

Coffee doughnut muffins

Check it out at latimes.com

We’ve already mentioned several times the debate over the best time to eat muffins. The author of this recipe is firmly in the “breakfast” camp. Coffee doughnut muffins first thing in the morning? Oh, yes please!

41. Coffee and bran muffins

Coffee and bran muffins

Check it out at allrecipies.com

However, the final word in the ongoing debate goes to our last list item. These muffins don’t simply try to make an argument, they end the discussion. These muffins are a whole breakfast by themselves. (But you still don’t have to eat them in the morning!)

Classic and creative

Making this list for you has been a whole lot of fun – the only problem is, now we have a huge craving for coffee muffins and we don’t know which ones to try first!

Which coffee muffins do you want to make? Which of the recipes sound completely irresistible and which ones will you be leaving well alone? Do you have a recipe you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts as we love hearing from you – and if you enjoyed the recipes, don’t forget to share!

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