14 Tips to Clean a Meat Grinder like Pro

Do you use meat grinder regularly? and are you looking for the best tips to clean a meat grinder like pro in order not to waste much time when getting this done?

Since you use it to prepare meat, it’s vital you clean all its parts properly. Cleaning it helps to prevent rust and other harmful organisms that come from the meat residue.

However, many people do not know how to clean this kitchen tool perfectly. Luckily, we’ve compiled great tips that can help you. Read on as we reveal to you these excellent cleaning guides. 

Tips on How to Clean a Meat Grinder

If you clean immediately after use with the following steps, the meat grinder will look good and perform excellently anytime and any day.

Wipe the Grinder with Bread

Feeding bread slices to your meat grinder is a perfect way to prepare your machine for cleaning. This process is important as it helps you remove oily and greasy residue that might breed germs. However, you should perform this task before disassembling the tool.

Take two or three bread slices and pass them through the feeding tube. During the process, the bread helps you sponge grease or tiny bits of food.

Dismantle the Parts

 After wiping the greasy stains with bread, dismantle the unit for quick washing. Most models are easy to take apart and do not require any special skills to dismantle.

If you own an electric model, unplug your meat grinder from the power source. Next, disassemble the tool into smaller parts, which include the feed tube, screw, blade, plate, and cover.

Soak the Non-Motorized parts in Soapy Water

Soak the Non-Motorized parts in Soapy Water
Image: Lucky Belly

Feeding bread through the grinder helps remove food residue. However, placing parts in warm soapy water removes any stubborn grease and oil stains. It also handles strands of meat.

All you need to do is place the non-motorized parts into a sink or container with a dish soap solution. Allow soaking for at least 15 minutes for complete removal of the food stains.

However, if your unit is electric, do not soak in water. Instead, wipe down with a damp cloth and dry with another one.

Clean the Pieces Completely

Clean the Pieces Completely
Image: Lucky Belly

Scrub the feed tube, hopper and plate holes with a bottle brush then clean the screw, cover, and blade with a sponge. Ensure you handle the blade carefully to prevent your fingers from accidental cut. Rinse each component with clean water after washing.

Do the metal parts still feel greasy after washing in the dish soap solution? Soak them in a solution of warm water and a teaspoon of baking soda. Rinse in a bowl or sink with fresh water. Now you have a clean meat grinder.

Do not clean the motor or non-motorized parts into dishwashers. The reason is that it can damage the parts easily.

Wipe All Parts Dry

Wipe the rinsed parts with a clean, dry rag or towel. Place them on another towel or wire rack to air dry. To prevent rust, ensure you dry the parts completely before keeping your unit in its storage. You could even place them in sunlight for a short period to dry properly.

Additional Tips on How to Clean a Meat Grinder

Here are some tips that will keep your meat grinder in tip-top shape.

  • Keep your meat grinder from dishwashers as they can damage the metal parts easily.
  • If you want to avoid messy grinds, do not feed warm meat into the meat grinder. Instead, use chilled meat and if you wish to regrind the ground meat more than once, place it in a chilled bowl. 
  • Clean your meat grinder immediately after use. It helps to prevent the buildup of crusts, which are difficult to remove.
  • Before you place the meat in the feed tube, shave off the tendons on it. This keeps the meat texture and machine’s blade from damage. It also helps you wash the unit easily.

How to Clean Rust off a Meat Grinder

After prolonged use, a meat grinder can certainly get rusty. When this happens, you can remove rust from it by following these easy tips we want to reveal to you. 

  • Cherry-kool aid rust remover method. Without adding sugar, mix the substance thoroughly and then place the iron parts of the grinder into it. After that, leave it for a few hours to make the rust come off. 
  • Use a brush to clean the rusty part: You can pass some fatty red meat through the grinder to take out rust. After each use, apply vegetable oil lightly to the iron parts to prevent them from rusting. Ensure that the oil soaks them well, and then clean it off before the next use. 

Storing the Clean Meat Grinder

Apart from knowing the best tips to clean a meat grinder like pro and removing rust from its parts, storing it is also very essential. Proper storage keeps it free from wear and tear. Here are ideal ways to store it after drying.

  • Place each part in separate bags filled with rice. Add some rice to absorb excess moisture, especially in highly humid areas or in the freezer.
  • Meat grinders work best when cold thus (before use) place the non-motorized parts in your freezer. Leave it for an hour, take it out, and reassemble. If there is no storage space in it, keep the unit in a dry place.
  • Coat the metal meat grinder’s parts with mineral or food-grade mineral oil. . We recommend you use a spray bottle for easier application.
  • Before using the meat grinder, spray the oiled parts with a solution of 3.8L of water and a tablespoon of bleach. Rinse each component with clean water to remove the bleach.

Wrap Up

Owning a meat grinder is essential in every home as this makes the meat preparation a lot easier. However, people feel that it’s difficult to clean this kitchen tool. Surprisingly, you can use these tips to clean a meat grinder like a pro as all it takes is to: 

  • Remove the residue, disassemble the parts. 
  • Soak them in warm water and wash. 
  • Wipe the motor with a slightly damp cloth, dry with a fresh towel and keep in storage.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your meat grinder look clean and brand new. If there is anything you find confusing, we will be glad to see your comments.

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  1. The chrome part which the screw fits into, is bolted to the body housing the motor. Since you can’t put that in water and some meat or blood may get into that cylindrical housing, how do you clean it? The hopper goes into it and then the screw with the handle is tightened to hold it in place for the meat to be fed through the top.


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