» 17 Easy Homemade Chef Hat Ideas

17 Easy Homemade Chef Hat Ideas

17 Homemade Chef Hat Ideas You Can DIY Easily
Image: Lucky Belly

If you want to look professional whilst rustling up your culinary masterpieces, there’s one thing you need – a chef’s hat!

It also makes a great gift for a budding cook. And it’s great for kids as part of a Halloween or World Book Day costume. Just remember that different heights indicate rank in the kitchen. So if you want to stay top dog, make sure your hat is the tallest!

One way to get the perfect hat is to make it yourself – and you may be surprised at how easy it is. We’ve found some great online plans for a DIY chef hat to help you tackle the job.

So read on, and be inspired!

1. How to Make a Master Chef Cap

This fun video shows you how to make the perfect chef hat for any fan of the TV program Master Chef! It’s made from a fairly small piece of paper. You may need to source something bigger if you want an adult size. But the technique will work just as well however big you want your hat, and it’s very simple. Everything is shown in real time, and the whole project takes less than five minutes.


2. Paper Chef’s Hat DIY Instructions

Paper Chef’s Hat DIY Instructions

In this blog, crafter Maggie shows you how to make a chef’s hat using printer paper and recycled tissue paper. It’s a very simple project and easy to follow, with lots of pictures and short, sharp text. And there’s a helpful list of materials at the beginning too. That means you’ll be able to get everything together before you get started.

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3. How to Make a Paper Chef’s Hat

This video has everything you need to make an easy chef’s hat for children. There’s a list of all the materials and equipment you’ll need at the start. There are only five items, and they’re all inexpensive and easy to find. Then listen to the jaunty music as you watch the presenter make the hat from parchment and printer paper. The result is very impressive!


4. How to Make a Paper Chef Hat for Kids

How to Make a Paper Chef Hat for Kids

This guide to making a paper chef’s hat is a great project for adults and children to complete together. It uses just a few simple components, so it’s cheap as well as easy. Each step has its own mini-video, showing you exactly what to do. And there’s a short written description to go alongside it. Scroll down to the bottom for extra advice on alternative materials and calculating how much paper you need.

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5. DIY Chef Hat

If you don’t mind trying some more complicated folding techniques, this is a great plan. There’s no materials list with this one, but all you’ll need is printer paper, scissors, a stapler and double-sided tape. It’s a good idea to watch to the end before you start. The presenter identifies an easier way of doing one of the steps after she’s had to struggle a bit. But it’s less than seven minutes long, so that’s not too much of a challenge. And the chef’s hat looks very professional.


6. Chef Hat

Chef Hat

This is another great guide for either parents or children wanting a quick and easy project. There are lots of pictures here, and they’re nice and big so you can see every detail. The text is brief and to the point, so it’s very easy to follow. With this one, you’ll also get a downloadable label to personalize the hat for the lucky recipient!

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7. No Sew! DIY Chef Hat

This video is worth watching just for the cute baby in the chef hat at the beginning! The hat here is made from fabric rather than paper, but you won’t need to do any sewing. You’ll get a list of all the materials you need, then presenter Maria demonstrates the whole process step by step. This is a slightly more involved project than some of the paper hats, but everything is explained very clearly. If you’ve got the time, you’ll get a brilliant hat at the end of it!


8. How to Make a Paper Chef Hat

How to Make a Paper Chef Hat

This guide shows you how to make a chef’s hat from paper in ten easy steps. There are lots of photographs along the way to help you keep track of what you’re doing. And this is one of the tallest chef hat designs we’ve seen. If your little chef wants to be in charge in the kitchen, this may be the perfect plan to follow!

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9. Kiah’s Show Time – Easy Chef’s Hat

This brilliant video from talented youngster Kiah shows that even the youngest crafter can make a good-looking chef’s hat. This is one of a series of projects tackled by Kiah during lockdown. She clearly and confidently presents every step of the process, creating a simple but realistic hat. This is also a great video to inspire older children, who might enjoy making their own chef’s hat.


10. How to Make a Chef Hat Toque Pattern for Large or Small Pets

How to Make a Chef Hat Toque Pattern for Large or Small Pets

Chef’s hats don’t just need to be for people. This guide shows you how to make a one for your pet! This one is made from fabric, and it can be sewn either by hand or by machine. There are some great decorative options here too, including a fabric hot dog to sit on top. All the materials you’ll need are listed upfront, and there are lots of pictures and clear instructions. And there are some super-cute cat photographs too!

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11. How to Make a DIY Chef’s Hat for Kids

This easy plan shows how to use paper and white plastic bags for a super-easy chef’s hat. The plastic means it won’t be the right project for smaller children. But if you’re looking for very quick assembly, this works beautifully. And it’s a clever way to repurpose single-use bags. Although it’s sped up, the whole video is just 90 seconds long. And we doubt it would take more than 5 minutes to complete the project.


12. $2 DIY Chef Hat Tutorial

$2 DIY Chef Hat Tutorial

This guide was inspired by the chef-themed birthday party blogger Brittany threw for her four-year-old daughter. The result is a pretty and professional hat with a contrasting headband. There’s a list of materials at the beginning, but you’ll need to read through the instructions to work out what equipment is required. Brittany uses a sewing machine here, but you could stitch by hand instead if you don’t have one.

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13. DIY Chef Hat

This is one of the few videos out there that shows a chef’s hat being made for an adult! It’s made entirely of paper and uses a folding technique to get great looking pleats. There’s no top on this one – but for adults wearing a tall hat, it’s unlikely anyone will see that anyway! This is a quick, fun project you can whip up in time to impress your friends at your next barbecue.


14. Sew a Chef’s Hat! No Pattern Needed – Sewing Tutorial

Sew a Chef’s Hat! No Pattern Needed – Sewing Tutorial

This guide is perfect for those looking for a sewing tutorial that doesn’t require much time or skill. There are lots of photographs to show you exactly how it’s put together. And the text accompanying them is brief but clear. We particularly love the fun fabric design used here, which gives a really unusual look. And it’s proof that you don’t have to stick to white for the finished product to look like a chef’s hat!

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15. Making a Chef Hat for Al’s Hack Shack – Sewing Tutorial

If you want to make a chef’s hat good enough to be worn in a professional kitchen, this is a brilliant guide. YouTuber Ellen takes you through the process step by step. You’ll get advice on the fabric and sizing. And you’ll even see how to applique letters onto the headband for an individual touch. Ellen uses a sewing machine here, and the project will be easier if you have one. A range of different stitches are used, including gathering stitches. That will take a long time if you’re stitching by hand.


16. DIY Pizza Chef’s Hat Tutorial

DIY Pizza Chef’s Hat Tutorial

This is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to create the classic floppy hat of an Italian pizza chef. It’s made of fabric and is best tackled by those with access to a sewing machine. You’ll find detailed instructions on stitch length and tension settings. And you’ll also find out how to put things right if you’ve wrongly guessed your child’s head circumference!

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17. DIY Adjustable Chef Hat – Tutorial

This guide shows you how to make a chef’s hat from fabric. And because Velcro is used on the headband, it’s adjustable to give a secure fit on different sized heads. The guide begins with a useful template, so you can see all the component parts. It’s only shown for a second though, so you might want to pause the video here. Every part of the process is demonstrated, together with extra text to help you follow along. It’s clear enough for even novice needleworkers. And there’s no need for a sewing machine either.


Ready to get crafty?!

We hope you’ve found a plan you love to guide you through the process of creating a DIY chef’s hat! If you don’t have a sewing machine, some of the fabric options can be stitched by hand. And you can get great results using paper, tissue or even plastic bags too.

Whether you’re making a hat for an adult or a child, we hope you enjoy your latest project. And hopefully your chef will reward you with some excellent cooking. Bon appetit!

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