17 Homemade Heat Treat Oven Plans You Can DIY Easily

17 Homemade Heat Treat Oven Plans You Can DIY Easily
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Are you thinking of making a DIY knife at home? Well, if you’re new to this, here’s a small tip for you – heat-treating alone will determine whether or not your knife will tolerate the physical abuse it’ll be facing.

Besides knife making, heat treating is essential for various metalworking processes. But, here’s great news for you; you can make your own heat treat oven at home. In this blog post, we’ve gathered some great DIY heat treat oven projects available on the internet for your convenience.

1. DIY Heat treating oven (build video)

AVmake channel on YouTube features an amazing range of brilliant DIYs, most of which include metalworks. In this particular tutorial video, the Youtuber demonstrates how he made a DIY heat treating oven.

You can find the parts list, dimensions, and other specifications on the description box. If you’re not into excessive talking and bluffs on a tutorial video, this straightforward video is probably the best for you.


2. A home built heat treatment furnace

A home built heat treatment furnace

We understand how difficult it is for you to follow a DIY tutorial without a proper concrete project plan. For your rescue, we’ve added this home-built heat treatment furnace project plan to this list.

Moreover, you can find clear and demonstrative pictures for almost every step. For more details on the elements, you can visit the site mentioned at the end of the project plan.

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3. DIY Heat Treatment Oven

This DIY heat treatment oven is capable of reaching 1000º (1800º) but draws only 1.7 KW. How excellent is that? You can find all the components necessary on the description box along with the link to the Youtuber’s affiliate store, where you can find amazon products.

The formulae necessary to calculate the power draw are also on the video description in case you want to do the calculations yourself.


4. Heat Treatment Oven Project

Heat Treatment Oven Project

This guy designed and built a DIY heat treating oven as he was finding it difficult to maintain 1000º C and yet, didn’t want to spend $1000 on an electric heat-treating oven.

Make sure to read the ‘Design considerations and Procurement’ section, where He has mentioned some pretty crucial tips for overcoming the downside of using an electric oven.

You will have no difficulty following this tutorial as the post is very elaborate and covers every piece of information you’ll need to know.

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5. How to Make a Large Heat Treatment Oven – Pt.1

If you want to build a heat treatment oven that is big enough to treat multiple blades at once and can also be used as an electric foundry r a kiln to melt metals, this DIY tutorial is for you.

This video is a Part-1 of a two-part DIY large heat treatment oven series. We were surprised by the overwhelming numbers of encouraging comments on the video, but we concluded that this Youtuber from TAOW deserved all the appreciation once we saw the video.


6. Making A Heat Treatment Oven

Making A Heat Treatment Oven

This DIY heat treatment oven features a chamber that is 4’’ wide, 4-1/2’’ high, and 15-1/2’’ deep; thus, it can treat a single blade at a time.

If you’re someone who grasps things faster when watching something rather than reading, there’s also a video tutorial attached at the end of the blog post for you. Moreover, I Build it has many such woodworking and metalworking DIY projects and plans.

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7. DIY Heat treating oven- build video

Hans is all about brilliant DIY knife tutorials. However, in this particular video, this Youtuber decided to make a heat treatment oven to get a better heat treatment effect. Power, wire diameters, and many other details can be found in the video’s description.

Furthermore, we would recommend you to skim the comment section once as there are many project information and a few incredibly helpful constructive comments.


8. Electric Heat Treat Oven Build

Electric Heat Treat Oven Build

You can use this electric heat treatment oven project to treat multiple blades at once. The best part about this written tutorial is that all the materials and their prices are listed clearly.

The blogger finished the total project for $1300 CND. However, as this tutorial is brief and short, we’d not recommend it to you if you’re an absolute beginner at these kinds of DIYs.

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9. How To Make A Heat Treatment Oven – Beginning

John Heisz – I Build It channel on YouTube has an astounding collection of woodworking DIYs, all of which are unique and brilliant. In this video, this Youtuber explains the design and builds the case for the oven.

In Part-2, he makes the door for the oven and grooves the bricks for installing the heating element. Finally, in Part-3, he finishes the project by adding a control box and installing the PID to the oven.


10. Easy Build Heat Treat Furnace – No Power Tools Required.

Easy Build Heat Treat Furnace - No Power Tools Required.

Here’s an entirely different heat treat furnace for you. No power tools are required, and this DIY is extremely simple relatively. At the beginning of the tutorial, you can find useful information on heat treatment on this blog.

Though you cannot control and monitor the temperature with this DIY heat treat furnace, you can always estimate the Curie temperature with the help of magnets and heat treat your blades accordingly.

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11. HABU \\ Diy Heat Treatment Oven

We’d recommend this video only if you’re good with these types of DIYs and only need an inspirational video to know where to start. You will not find any project plans, descriptions, or step-by-step instructions on this video.

You’ll be truly amazed to see the range of brilliant and creative metalworking DIY ideas that Hassan Abu-Izmero channel has come up with.


12. Making a High-Temperature Electric Oven for Heat Treating Steel!!

With a whooping number of appreciative comments on the comment section, this is an incredible DIY heat treatment oven tutorial. All the materials used, along with their amazon links, are mentioned in the description box.

Quantities as well as prices of the supplies and a Kanthal calculator to determine current needed, length of wire, numbers of coils, etc., can be found on two separate excel sheets on the description.


13. DIY Electric Heat Treat Oven/Kiln/Furnace Part 1: Cutting the Bricks, Element Groove Layout

If you’re a beginner, you should follow this DIY electric heat treat oven tutorial. This Youtuber does not rush through the video, and you’ll get clear-cut ideas on the project. In this first video, they prepared groves on bricks to fit elements.

If you’ve decided to follow this tutorial, here are Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7 videos of the DIY heat treatment oven series.


14. DIY BUGDET Heat Treatment OVEN for knife making

This DIY heat treatment oven requires around 3 kW of power and can heat up to 1100º C or higher. All the components, along with their dimensions/specifications, are mentioned in the video’s description.

If you’re a fan of knife-making, it seems like we’ve found your next favorite YouTube channel – Barbershop Customs.


15. Diy Heat Treat Furnace

Diy Heat Treat Furnace

Rather than a DIY heat treat tutorial, it is more of an interactive forum where a person has shared all the details, including supplies, dimensions, step-by-step instructions, and respective photos.

The final cost of the build was calculated to be around $800-$850. The tutorial might seem quite confusing at first glance. However, once you read all the threads by the user ‘Catoctin’, you’ll be able to figure out the entire DIY procedure.

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Though the Youtuber built this heat treatment oven for pottery/ceramic creation, it works excellent for metalworks as well. You can even find a link to the power calculator on the description, along with all the products used on this tutorial and their respective amazon links.

Furthermore, you can find DIYs for mini electric kiln and even a pottery wheel on channel TN Creatin. How creative is that?


17. How To Heat Treat a Knife [Easiest Method Possible]

We’ve saved the easiest method for DIYing a heat treatment oven for last. Not a typical heat treatment oven, but it does all the work when you don’t have any other option. On top of that, not everybody is skilled at advanced-level DIYs.

The Youtuber builds a little brick box on a fire pit in his backyard as a makeshift forge. If you’re interested to know how he perfectly forged his knife using this makeshift forge, watch this tutorial video quickly.



We’ve always motivated you to go for any DIY idea you love and start working on it right away. However, since this DIY project involves heat and electricity, we’d recommend you to be extremely cautious and seek help if necessary.

Likewise, if you’re a beginner who’s looking for an alternative heat treatment idea, we’ve provided you with an excellent heat-treating tutorial that doesn’t involve DIYing a heat treat oven. Now, build an item you’ve always wanted, forge it on your DIY heat treat oven, and show off!

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