18 Homemade Laminate Countertop Plans You Can DIY Easily

18 Homemade Laminate Countertop Plans You Can DIY Easily
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Countertops can bring the whole look of your kitchen together – but they can also be very expensive. So why not think about making them yourself?

Laminate countertops are a particularly good option for the DIY approach. They’re relatively lightweight, so they’re easy to move around. And the inexpensive materials mean it won’t be a disaster if you make a mistake.

We’ve scoured the internet for DIY laminate countertop plans that will guide you through the process. Why not check them out and give your kitchen a fresh new look?

1. DIY Laminate Countertops

This video from YouTuber Russ Richards shows the process of making a DIY laminate countertop from scratch. As each new piece of equipment is used, it’s described in detail, so you know what to get. You’ll have to watch through the whole video to assemble your shopping list though. The base of the countertops here are made of MDF, so this is an inexpensive plan. And the finished product looks great.


2. How to DIY Laminate Countertops

How to DIY Laminate Countertops

This helpful blog has bags of information on creating laminate countertops. It starts with a look at the finishes available and offers advice on choosing an option for your kitchen. It then walks you through the process of preparing the countertops from MDF. There are lots of photos throughout to help you see what to do. Finally, you’ll find out how to apply the laminate for smooth, professional results. And if you want to undermount a sink, there’s a link to a separate guide.

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3. Making a Laminate Countertop

This video takes you step by step through making a laminate countertop. You’ll also see it in place in the kitchen at the end – and it looks a million dollars. The body of the countertop is made from MDF, so it’s a great option for tighter budgets. There are links to suppliers of laminate sheets and contact cement in the information below the video. A lot of the action here is sped up, so the video is only 11 minutes long. But it still gives you plenty of detail on what to do.


4. DIY Laminate Countertops

DIY Laminate Countertops

This guide begins with a useful overview of materials and tools. It then moves on to take you through the process of preparing and installing the countertops in just 8 steps. Each of the steps has multiple photographs to illustrate it, so it’s easy to follow along. And there’s lots of guidance to get a smooth and professional finish. The finished product looks every bit as good as anything you’d find in a hardware store.

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5. How to Install Laminate Countertops

This video from YouTuber Jeff Thorman takes you through the benefits of laminate countertops over granite or quartz. You’ll find out how to measure and order the materials for your countertops. And there’s lots of information to help you work out how to establish your budget. Jeff’s presentation is clear and to the point, and packed full of helpful tips to get a great finish.


6. DIY-ing a Laminate Countertop

DIY-ing a Laminate Countertop

This plan shows how to construct a countertop from lightweight particle board and laminate sheets. There isn’t a list of tools and materials at the start, so you’ll need to read to the end to assemble your shopping list. But every step of the project is described clearly and accompanied by lots of photographs. It’s easy to follow along, and the finished countertops look very smart.

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7. Laminate Countertop Trimming/Router Trick

Getting a clean edge on your laminate countertops can be one of the most challenging parts of the build. This video from John Kirkpatrick focuses on how to achieve just that. Links to the equipment used are included in the information underneath. You’ll need another plan to guide you through measuring and cutting. But this is a great resource to get a professional finish.


8. How to Build a Laminate Counter

How to Build a Laminate Counter

This plan sees contractor Tom Silva using plywood for the body of the countertops. It includes a helpful guide to the skills required, budget and time you can expect to spend on the project. Tom grades this a tougher project that will take between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the size of your countertops. The process is broken down into 6 steps, each of which are clearly – if rather briefly – described. There are fewer photos here than with other plans, but there is a video to help see what to do.

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9. Laminate Countertop (Basics) – Secrets to Professional Results!

If you’re looking for a detailed guide to the equipment needed for this project, this is a great plan. There’s a comprehensive list beneath the video, complete with links to online suppliers. Presenter Rick takes you through every step, with guidance to get a clean edge. The video is a little less than half an hour long, so you’ll need to get comfy for this one.


10. Installing Laminate Countertops

Installing Laminate Countertops

This plan from blogger The Family Handyman shows you how to construct laminate countertops from scratch. A helpful diagram at the top shows every part of the design, so you can see how it all fits together. Each step is described clearly, and with a photograph to go alongside. The photos are labelled too, helping you to match the text to the image. And there’s lots of guidance on how to avoid expensive mistakes.

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11. How to Build a Laminate Countertop

This video follows Shannon of YouTube channel House Improvements as he constructs laminate countertops. Everything is shown in real time, with Shannon explaining exactly what he’s doing. The countertops here have a bevel, so there are no sharp edges to cause injury. This is a longer video at 45 minutes, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide, it’s well worth a look.


12. Building DIY Countertops from Plywood and Laminate for $300

Building DIY Countertops from Plywood and Laminate for $300

This guide starts with a list of materials and tools, each with a link to online suppliers. That makes it easy to find everything you’ll need for the project. There are lots of photographs and diagrams to help you through the process. And there are simple fixes, so it won’t be the end of the world if you make a mistake along the way.  And if you need extra help, there’s a link to a full-length video too.

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13. Understanding the basics of a laminate countertop with bevel edge and a undermount sink

This video condenses eight hours of work constructing a laminate countertop into a mere 30 minutes. It takes you through the basics of the project, but doesn’t go through every step in detail. It’s best to use it to get a quick overview, so you can see how to approach the task. And it’s particularly good if you’re planning to undermount a sink. The video allows you to see how everything fits together.


14. DIY Laminate Countertops

DIY Laminate Countertops

This website takes you through blogger Sabrina’s project to make and install laminate countertops in an ice-cream store. There are lots of photos showing the work in progress, with hints and tips to get good results. The photos are nice and big too, so you can see everything in detail. There isn’t a one-stop shopping list here, but there are a number of links to suppliers scattered throughout the post.

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15. How to Install Laminate Countertops – Step by Step

If you’ve got a galley-style kitchen, this is a great plan to help you install your countertops. Scott from Everyday Home Repairs walks you through everything, starting with removing any old countertops. There are useful tips to avoid the pitfalls of damaging your drywall or chipping your laminate. Check out the information below the video for the timings of each step in the process. It’s a handy resource if you need some help on just one part of your project.


16. DIY Kitchen Countertop – Installing New Laminate Over Old Laminate

DIY Kitchen Countertop – Installing New Laminate Over Old Laminate

If you’ve already got countertops in place, this is a guide to simply replacing the laminate covering. And because blogger Kristi has carried out the project in her own kitchen, you can learn from her experience. That means you’ll discover the things that didn’t work, as well as those that did! You’ll also see how to cut a new hole if you’re replacing your sink. But if you’re not doing that, no woodwork at all is needed here.

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17. How to DIY Laminate Countertops (Formica 180fx)

This plan shows you how to make some of the best-looking laminate countertops we’ve seen. The video fast forwards the process, so you can see the whole thing in under 8 minutes. YouTuber Alex Knappenberger explains what he’s doing at every stage, giving lots of tips and suggestions along the way. He even demonstrates an unconventional approach to smoothing out the laminate for anyone who hasn’t got a roller.


18. How to Make a Laminate Countertop and Install It

How to Make a Laminate Countertop and Install It

In this guide, DIY guru Ron Hazelton shows how to make and install laminate countertops in a kitchen. The directions are clear and succinct. They cover every part of the process, from ripping out the old countertops, to putting new ones in place. Each step has a photograph so you can see what’s happening. This isn’t the most detailed guide, but if you just need an overview of the project, it will be perfect.

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Ready to Make Your New Laminate Countertops?

We hope these plans have inspired you to make your own laminate countertops! You can get great results without spending a lot of money.

If you’ve got old countertops to remove, make sure you choose a plan that covers that. Or if you just need to replace existing laminate, why not follow a plan to lay new laminate on top?

Whatever approach you choose, we hope you enjoy your next DIY project!

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