17 Homemade Lunch Bag Ideas You Can DIY Easily

17 Homemade Lunch Bag Ideas You Can DIY Easily
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Lunch bags can be highly attractive items that give you a convenient and practical way to carry your food. They can also make fun and rewarding projects to attempt – so if you want to have a go yourself, here are 17 plans for DIY lunch bags that show you how to do it.

1. DIY Lunch Box

DIY Lunch Box

The lunch boxes we learn to make in this first plan are super cute, and if you’re making them for your kids, since you can choose any pattern for the material you use, it’s easy to customize the design to whatever they love most. The plan goes into lots of detail about how to put them together, and they look totally professional when they’re done too. This was a plan we enjoyed a lot, and we’re sure plenty of others will agree!

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2. DIY Reusable Lunch Bag

As the creative DIYers in this video explain, lunch bags are coming back into fashion, giving you a much more stylish way to take your food to work than just throwing it in a plastic bag. Of course, you can buy one from a store, but if you DIY it, you can make something far more attractive. Their plan is super easy to follow, only taking them around 20 minutes to complete. And if you want one too, why not see if you can copy their design?


3. How to Make a Cute Little Lunch Bag Very Easily

How to Make a Cute Little Lunch Bag Very Easily

There are so many good reasons for making a dedicated lunch bag – for example, as this blogger writes, it makes it easier to pack food for your kids and it helps them avoid spills and mess in their schoolbags. If you have scraps of fabric lying around, with a few basic sewing skills, you can make something your kids will love for next to nothing, and if you’re looking for a plan that will teach you how, this tutorial has all the info you need.

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4. DIY Insulated Lunch Bag

The lunch bag this YouTuber shows us how to make is insulated, waterproof, closes with a zipper – and looks adorable. The result is highly impressive, but in the video, she makes it look effortless, and if you have the necessary materials, it shouldn’t be too hard to copy her plan. It’s great fun to watch as the lunch bag takes shape, and if you like her ideas, you can easily make one of your own.


5. How to Make an Insulated Lunch Bag

How to Make an Insulated Lunch Bag

Here’s another plan for a highly professional insulated lunch bag that anybody will be able to make. It starts with a discussion of the materials you’ll need to use as well as the techniques that will allow you to achieve the best results. After that, there’s a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow, and if you can make something that looks anything like as good as the ones in the photos, we’re sure you’ll be very proud of your work!

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6. DIY Lunch or Picnic Bag

Some of the plans we’ve seen teach you how to make bags that don’t look DIY at all – rather, they look like they came from the kind of fancy store where everything costs lots of money. The bag in this plan is a perfect example because you’d never guess this YouTuber made it herself, and the quality is probably better than a store-bought version too! However, when you watch her at work, there’s nothing in there that’s too hard to replicate – so why not have a go and see if you can make something similar?


7. Insulated DIY Lunch Bag

Insulated DIY Lunch Bag

Here’s another plan for a cute insulated kids’ lunch bag that you can easily copy at home – and by packing your kids off to school each morning with something like this, you can be sure that their food will still be in perfect condition at lunchtime. We especially like the mesh on the side that gives them somewhere extra to store stuff, and by following the instructions in the tutorial, you can make one just like it with the customized design of your choice.

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8. Back to School Style: Make a DIY Lunch Bag

Back to School Style Make a DIY Lunch Bag

If you’re relatively new to sewing, making something like a lunch bag might seem a little daunting. Perhaps you feel more comfortable with simpler jobs, and you might think a project like this is too ambitious for your limited skills. However, as this blogger writes, it isn’t as hard as you might imagine, and when it’s finished, you can be rightly proud of what you’ve achieved. So if you’re looking for something that will help level-up your abilities while giving your confidence a boost, this is a plan that’s made for you!

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9. DIY Project: Kate’s DIY Notebook Lunch Bag

DIY Project Kate’s DIY Notebook Lunch Bag

Here’s a highly original design for a lunch bag that we love so much! The design was inspired by a school notebook (the old-fashioned kind you write in, not a laptop!), and it looks so cute. The bag itself looks like a page with notes written on it, and it fastens at the top with a binder clip. It’s also extremely simple to reproduce at home, as you can see from the plan – so if you like this kind of retro style, you can easily make something just like it yourself.

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10. Beeswax Wrap Lunch Bags

If you want to do your part in protecting the environment, you probably feel uncomfortable taking your lunch to work every day in a disposable plastic bag. A simple alternative could be to copy this DIYers’ plan for a reusable beeswax lunch bag that’s easy for anyone to replicate. As she says, you don’t need advanced sewing skills to attempt this, and you don’t even need a sewing machine since it’s possible to sew this bag by hand. This is a great way to make a sustainable lunch bag that will cost you next to nothing – check it out for more info!


11. Insulated Lunch Bag

Insulated Lunch Bag

When it’s time to send your kids back to school after the summer break, there’s always loads of stuff to buy. However, it can be possible to save yourself a bit of cash if you’re willing to DIY some of those items. For some parents, it can also be a comforting thought that you’re packing them off with something you made yourself. A lunch bag is one such item, and the one in this plan is suitable for “advanced beginners” and above, so if that sounds like something you’d like to try, check out the tutorial to find out how.

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12. DIY Reusable Lunch Bag

We’ve been blown away by the quality of some of the DIY lunch bags people have made, and the one this YouTuber produced is among the best. It looks so impressive, but as you watch her making it in the video, you realize that none of the techniques required is particularly advanced or difficult. If you want to try to make something similar, there’s nothing stopping you from having a go, and if you follow this tutorial carefully, since everything in it is so clearly demonstrated, we’re willing to bet your version will look fantastic too!


13. DIY “Brown” Bag (Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag)

DIY Brown Bag (Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag)

Here’s an extremely simple plan for a classic-style lunch bag that requires nothing more than some inexpensive materials and very basic sewing skills. The secret is using beeswax to seal it, and once you realize how easy it is to do, we’re sure you’ll soon start thinking about other projects where you can apply the same technique.

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14. DIY How to Make a Lunch Bag at Home

It’s always fascinating to watch talented people at work because we can always learn so much from them – and that’s certainly the case with this video. In it, we get to see the lunch bag taking shape, and when it’s finished, it looks amazing. As with all the best tutorials, it’s also a simple idea to copy, so if you’re looking for a fun sewing project to tackle, why not try it yourself?


15. How to Make a Canvas Lunch Bag for Back to School

How to Make a Canvas Lunch Bag for Back to School

The lunch bags in this tutorial are made from hand-painted water-resistant canvas, which means you can get creative and come up with a design your kids will enjoy – or something that appeals to you if you’re making it for yourself! We love the way they look, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow, so we’re sure lots of people will be keen to have a go at replicating this plan themselves.

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16. DIY Lunch Bag with Drawstring Top

Here’s another highly impressive design from the YouTuber who made the bag in #6, this time with a drawstring to close it. As with the other plan, this bag looks super cute and highly professional, making this another great option if you want to have a go at making a lunch bag yourself.


17. How to Make a Lunch Bag

In this lively video, this YouTuber demonstrates everything you need to know to create your own adorable lunch bag using a sewing machine. It’s easy to understand everything you need to do, and it’s another bag that looks fantastic when it’s done – we especially like the cute side pocket – so why not give it a go if you like the design too?


Plenty of great plans to inspire you

We’ve been so impressed by the plans we’ve seen because of the creativity and originality on display as well as the quality of some of the bags people have been making at home.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed watching and reading them too – and above all, we hope you’ve found the ideas you needed to have a go at making a DIY lunch bag yourself.

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