18 Homemade Meat Tenderizer Plans You Can DIY Easily

Have you ever scored a real deal on good cuts meat at the market and later found out that the pieces aren’t soft enough? Well, you’re at the right place!

Meat tenderizer is that one magic ingredient you’ll need in your kitchen. This way, you can save a lot of money. What’s more, once you cook the tenderized meat, get ready to be showered with accolades.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a meat tenderizer, just have a little patience as we’ll share 18 DIY meat tenderizer ideas with you in this post.

1. Wooden Meat Tenderizer || DIY

You might be wondering if there’s a way to make the signature meat tenderizing pattern on a tenderizer without using professional tools. We were too!

If you want to know how you can do so, check this DIY wooden meat tenderizer video where the Youtuber from French Coast Workshop used a drill press to drill the holes at the end of the mallet and cut the ends to reveal the pattern.


2. How to Make a Homemade Meat Tenderizer

How to Make a Homemade Meat Tenderizer

DIYs always doesn’t require you to grease your elbow. After all, our end goal is to tenderize the meat, isn’t it?

In this blog post, you can find some excellent alternatives to using a meat tenderizer. You’d be surprised to know that the meat tenderizing magic potions had been hidden in your kitchen all along. To find out what the ingredients are, read the post right away!

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3. Meat Beater/Tenderizer : 2015 Kitchen Utensil Challenge

Unlike the first DIY wooden meat tenderizer, this DIY project uses fancy woodworking tools. So, if you’re skilled at woodworking and own these tools, you can follow along with this tutorial without a doubt.

As the dimensions of a meat mallet don’t have to be specific, you can customize the measurements and design on your own.


4. Casting Knuckle-Duster or Meat Hammer. Aluminum Melting and Casting

Casting Knuckle-Duster or Meat Hammer. Aluminum Melting and Casting

If you love playing with new designs and creative DIY projects, you’ll love this knuckle duster/ meat hammer DIY. To complete this project, you’ll have to prepare a polystyrene pattern and then pour molten aluminum onto the mold.

This project seems very fun to do. All the instructions along with a tutorial video attached at the beginning can be found on this blog post by Instructables.

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5. DIY Meat Tenderizer

Let’s be honest here. As much as we love tenderized meat, the beating process can be pretty tiresome. Yes, there are many electric meat tenderizers available commercially but the price is just not worth it, is it?

To your rescue, we’ve added this DIY project where the Youtuber Mike Manzoni will guide you on how to convert your jigsaw or reciprocating saw into a powerful meat tenderizer.


6. Cooking Tips: How To Tenderize ANY Meat!

Did you know that the way you cut the meat makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to its softness? If you want to know how to tenderize any meat, you have to watch this tutorial video.

From cutting to marinading, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make super soft and juicy meat items after you watch this video. The Youtuber has also mentioned some incredible tenderizing ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.


7. The Best Way to Tenderize Tough Meat

YouTube DIYs can be tricky sometimes. But this DIY meat tenderizing technique is guaranteed to work. If you don’t believe our words, you can check the comment section where you’ll find enough positive reviews on this DIY.

In the description section, there’s an informative paragraph on why meat is tough and how the ingredient used in the tutorial helps to tenderize it. So, if you’re interested to know the DIY technique and ingredients used, head over to this tutorial right away!




It’s easy to guess what ingredients are readily available in your kitchen. But sometimes, you might run out even on most common meat tenderization items such as baking soda.

That’s the reason why we’ve added these ten natural beef tenderizers you already have at home blog to our list. Though we cannot guarantee on the efficacy of each of these ingredients, there are 10 of them you can experiment with!

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9. Best methods to TENDERIZE STEAK tested! Papaya, Kiwi, Baking Powder, Onion & Honey!

If you’re unsure of what natural ingredient to use to tenderize the meat, you must watch this experimentation video by Guga Foods. In this video, the Youtuber used papaya, kiwi, baking powder, onion, and honey to marinate the meat and grilled steaks.

Head over to this tutorial video to find out which ingredient tenderized meat the best, which ingredients didn’t diminish the flavor of the steak, and which ingredient worked the worst of all.


10. How To Make A Meat Mallet

Now, let’s have a look at a DIY that demands time and effort from you. In this tutorial, you’ll get an idea on how to make a wooden meat mallet. The link to the site where you can find an in-detail explanation and build details for this project is mentioned in the description box.

If you’re into woodworking and would love to do such DIYs, you must check out John Heisz – I Build It channel on YouTube.


11. Making A Wooden Meat Mallet

Making A Wooden Meat Mallet

This DIY wooden meat mallet is made up of 5-1/2’’ long, 3’’ wide, and 2’’ thick hard maple. The video tutorial for this project is attached at the beginning of the blog post.

You can find necessary explanations along with photos for each step on the post. This DIY wooden meat mallet looked very sleek and store-bought at the end.

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12. How to Make a Meat Tenderizer Mallet

The number of positive reviews and encouraging comments on the comment section of this video is truly overwhelming. Why wouldn’t it be? This DIY meant tenderizer mallet looked very classy and just-out-of-the-store.

An important tip for you; as the tenderizing side of the mallet must be pointy, hard maple acts as an excellent wood for this purpose as they are not very brittle.


13. Building Beautiful Wooden Mallets!!! How To // Woodworking // DIY

With a whooping number of exciting comments on the comment section, here’s another DIY wooden mallet tutorial. However, these are plain mallet DIYs and you’ll have to add a tenderizing pattern to the ends of the mallet yourself.

There is not only one, but two mallet design on this tutorial. Third Coast Craftsman channel on YouTube is full of such crafty DIYs in case you’re interested.


14. How to Make Meat Tenderizer

How to Make Meat Tenderizer

Were you familiar with the term ‘Reverse Sear’? According to this blog post by leaf, a 1-inch thick chunk of meat can be reduced to a butter-like consistency via reverse searing. If this idea intrigued you, you must give this blog a read.

Moreover, other 4 excellent tips and hacks for tenderizing meat is described in this blog post.

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15. Steak TENDERIZING EXPERIMENT – What’s the best way to TENDERIZE steaks?

Here’s another experimentation video by Guga Foods. In this video, he used rock salt, pineapple, and Jaccard to tenderize the steaks. Know which of these three ingredients best tenderized the meat by watching this video.

Guga Foods videos are very entertaining and fun to watch. If you’re looking for a new YouTube channel to binge on, we’ve found one for you!


16. DIY Kitchen Mallet–Mjolnir–Diy Projects

To know what type of wood to use for a wooden meat mallet, the types of end patterns you can choose from, and which pattern had the most impact on the meat, watch this DIY kitchen mallet tutorial by Blacktail Studio.

You can find tools used in the project on the video’s description and more fun woodworking ideas on their channel.



The energy of the Youtubers on this video is contagious and the content is also A-one. Learn how to make a stunning and effective meat tenderizer by following this tutorial.

They used mild steel to make the head of the hammer. This DIY is not very beginner-friendly as the tools used for this project are quite fancy.


18. Knuckle Duster Meat Tenderizer

Knuckle Duster Meat Tenderizer

Here’s another knuckle duster meat tenderizer tutorial by Instructables. In the previous tutorial, the entire knuckle duster was made up of aluminum.

This DIY however, features a small wooden meat tenderizer attached on top of a brass knuckle. Quite creative, right? You don’t need to do hours of woodwork or metalwork for this DIY. So, if you’re a beginner you should definitely go with this DIY.

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We have provided you with 18 different alternatives to buying a meat tenderizer. From using ingredients readily available in the kitchen to DIYing your own electric mallet, you can choose any of these DIY ideas.

With these ideas, you’ll be saving an impressive amount of money and your meat recipes, without a doubt, will climb to a whole different level!

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