18 Homemade Oven Mitt Ideas You Can DIY Easily

18 Homemade Oven Mitt Ideas You Can DIY Easily
Image: Lucky Belly

Do you know what the benefits of DIYing oven mitts are? Firstly, you can customize them according to your hand size. Second, these make wonderful gifts, especially for housewarming.

Next, you can choose fabrics that match your vibe, or you can match them to your kitchen décor as well. What’s more? DIY oven mitts are super easy as well as fun to make.

Are these benefits enough for you to get started on making DIY oven mitts? If yes, let’s take a look at some wonderful DIY oven mitt tutorials available on the internet.

1. Easy To Make Mini Oven Mitts

These mini oven mitts require only 225 cm square of fabrics and basic sewing skills. You can even find the link to the printable pattern on the description box. These DIY mini oven mitts are great for moving hot pan or bowls around.

Most importantly, these oven mitts are excellent for students as they typically tend to use lighter and smaller dishware.


2. How to Make an Oven Mitt

How to Make an Oven Mitt

The estimated cost for making this oven mitt is $15, and you can complete the project in an hour, even if you’re a beginner at sewing. All the equipment and materials required are clearly listed at the beginning of the post.

If you love doing some creative and decorative DIYs during your free time, The Spruce Crafts has a diverse range of such DIYs.

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3. How to Make an Oven Mitt- FREE pattern & Tutorial

You can find the link to the free printable pattern on the description box. However, make sure to watch the video first, as you will have to add 2 inches of paper below the printed pdf to complete the pattern.

This tutorial is very beginner-friendly as even with minor mistakes; these mitts will be fully functional.


4. How to Make Oven Mitts

How to Make Oven Mitts

Though this is a written tutorial, we like how it is very demonstrative. You can find a tutorial video attached at the beginning. All the supplies are listed initially, and you can purchase them from the ‘Related products’ section right below the list.

Every step is supplemented with 2-4 images, making this tutorial extremely easy to follow along.

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5. DIY Free Pattern – Oven mitt

If you follow this DIY tutorial, you’ll make yourself a 6-3/4’’ wide and 12’’ long oven mitts. As advertised on the topic, you can find a printable pattern on the video’s description. Besides the pattern, you can also find the material list, tools, and cutting list on the description box.

IThinkSew is all about sewing. So, if you’re someone who loves sewing DIYs or if you’re trying to get better at this skill, you’ll love this channel on YouTube.


6. Quilted Oven Mitt- Video Tutorial

Quilted Oven Mitt- Video Tutorial

At the end of this blog post, you can find a DIY quilted oven mitt tutorial video. Just below the video is a link to the printable pattern for this project.

The video is very elaborate, and it is safe to say that the blogger from Crafty Gemini has left no room for confusion. You can surf this site for more craft DIYs in case you’re interested.

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7. Oven Mitts for Adults, Kids & Dolls

Oven Mitts for Adults, Kids & Dolls

The site Made for mermaids is itself so magical that we weren’t much surprised to see a doll-sized oven mitt tutorial. You can decorate your doll with this oven mitt, or simply use the oven mitt to store your spoon and fork set.

You can find a printable pattern for adult-sized, kid-sized, and doll-sized oven mitts at the beginning of the blog. Especially if you have a daughter, she’d love to have a matching oven mitt with her doll.

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8. How to make oven mitts | Sewing tutorial

Do you know how to make an oven mitt pattern? Well, you can learn to make your own pattern that results in customized oven mitts that fit your hand very comfortably on this tutorial.

And, if you’re wondering why many of these mitts are quilted in a grid-like manner across the surface, this Youtuber from Crafts with Ellen might know the answer. For more such crafty and brilliant DIYs, you can subscribe to this channel.




Heavy and hot dishes can be unpredictable. Just a slip, and you might burn your forearm if you’re using normal oven mitts. For such situations, you need to make one of these double oven mitts.

You can find the supplies and cutting list at the beginning of the post. We all sew has a ton of sewing and quilting projects for you.

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10. DIY/ Oven Mitts / Kitchen Gloves/ 미니 주방장갑 만들기/ pot holder/ make pattern/ sewing/ tutorial

Some of you might not like the extra talking in tutorial videos. If you’re one of those people, you’ll love this straightforward DIY tutorial. Here, you’ll get to learn how to make a pattern for mini oven mitts.

On Tendersmile Handmade, there are many interesting and crafty DIYs such as DIY wallets, pouches, tote bags, and many kids’ items.


11. How to Make an Oven Mitt with Free Pattern

How to Make an Oven Mitt with Free Pattern

Many readers loved this DIY oven mitt blog post. You can find the printable pattern right above the subtitle ‘DIY Oven Mitt’. All the steps are to-the-point and properly explained with the help of pictures.

If you’re interested in fashion, lifestyle, travel blogs, or if you’re gravitated to making amazing recipes every once in a while, you will definitely love Pretty Prudent.

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12. How to make a easy quilted oven mitt

All the materials needed are specifically addressed at the beginning of the video, and you can even download the template using a link provided in the description box. If you don’t have fabrics handy, you can purchase them using links in the description box.

If you’re some who loves doing a variety of crafty DIYs during your free time, you might as well follow the brilliant and fun tutorials on Today We Craft.




The blogger from Juggling act mama made an absolutely fancy oven mitt. She mentioned that the design was inspired by one of her favorite stores – Anthropologie.

You can find all the supplies clearly mentioned on the post, and the steps are pretty thorough as well. Moreover, the recipes, DIYs, and lifestyle and travel blogs on this site will undoubtedly impress you.

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14. DIY Oven Mitts – Step By Step/Tutorial ( Free Digital Pattern With 3 Sizes )

It’s so annoying to print the pattern and DIY an oven mitt just to find out that the size is too big for you, isn’t it? Sometimes, you might be lucky and realize it just after printing the template. But why take a risk when you can find three-sized patterns in this tutorial?

This tutorial also teaches you how to make your own pattern. Make sure to watch the entire video to make an excellent oven mitt.




Oven mitts and hot pads are the famous kitchen cousins that everyone must own. By following this 2-in-1 tutorial, you can create both of them in a single sitting. You can use the same fabric to make a set or use contrast-colored fabrics to create a stunning duo as well.

The comment section is filled with positivity. The supplies and steps written in a bulky paragraph might require you to give this post a good read.

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16. DIY Oven Mitts

If you’re into flowery and cute stuff, you’ll likely follow this DIY oven mitt tutorial. Besides oven mitt, you’ll get to learn how to make the adorable flower as well.

This oven mitt is excellent for holding pans, small bowls/cups, or any light dishes you have in your kitchen. The Sewing Caste has plenty of such sewing projects in case you’re interested.


17. Oven mitt free sewing pattern

Oven mitt free sewing pattern

This written tutorial is very thorough, and we’re sure that you’ll not have any difficulty while following his tutorial.

As promised in the title, you can find the link to the printable pattern at the first point under the supplies list.

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18. Easy DIY Double Oven Mitt

Double oven mitts are extremely easy and safe to use. It’s true that it requires relatively more fabric to DIY, but the effort required, however, is no more than DIYing a simple oven mitt.

If you’re interested in making one, we love this DIY double oven mitt tutorial by Crafty Gemini Creates. Watch the entire tutorial, and you might end up making one for yourself too.



We highly recommend you to DIY an oven mitt rather than buying one. Because, why not? They are cheap to make, extremely easy, and too much fun. You can play with colors and patterns and create an outstanding piece for yourself.

The best part is that even if you’re a beginner in sewing, you can undoubtedly DIY an oven mitt as minor mistakes won’t make the mitts any less functional.

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