21 Homemade Cookie Cutter Plans You Can DIY Easily

Everyone loves making cookies, right? And if you want to add a bit of variation to the tasty morsels you bake, one way is to use different shaped cookie cutters.

21 Homemade Cookie Cutter Plans You Can DIY Easily
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Buying lots of different cutters can be expensive, though, and you will always be limited to what you can find in stores, but another option is to make your own. So for anyone who wants to try, here are our top 21 DIY cookie-cutter plans we found when we looked online.

1. 3 Ways to Make Your Own Cookie Cutters

3 Ways to Make Your Own Cookie Cutters

Lots of people love making their own cookies, but it’s even more fun if you can give them a personal touch by using homemade cookie cutters. In this plan, you’ll learn about three ways of making them using aluminum foil, aluminum oven liner and soda cans, allowing you to make cookies in any shape you choose – including Mickey Mouse shapes, hearts or football shapes, as they suggest in the plan.

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2. How to Make Cookie Cutters from Regular Aluminum Foil

Making homemade cookie cutters can be extremely inexpensive, and you won’t need anything more complicated than some regular aluminum foil to do it. In this video, this YouTuber shows you how in six simple steps that anyone can follow, allowing you to start producing customized cookies in no time at all.


3. 10-Minute Cookie Cutter from Soda Can

10-Minute Cookie Cutter from Soda Can

When you make cookies, perhaps you have a specific shape in mind, which leaves you with two options. Either you can spend time hunting through stores or online to find the shape you want – or you can just DIY one. In this plan, you learn how to make a simple DIY version from nothing more than a soda can, and with clear instructions and useful photos, it’s a plan that anyone will be able to replicate at home.

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4. Custom 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

Some of the plans we’ve seen are very basic, but if you want to try something a bit more advanced, this one could be worth a look. In it, we learn how to design and create cookie cutters using computer software and a 3D printer. This will allow you to come up with more complex and intricate designs, and the results are sure to wow your guests when you serve them.


5. Make a DIY Cookie Cutter in Any Shape with Foil

Make a DIY Cookie Cutter in Any Shape with Foil

This is a rather unique blog that teaches you how to make a range of horror-themed items, and in this tutorial, we learn how to make spooky DIY cookie cutters using just a few basic materials. Of course, the techniques can be used to make other shapes, so you don’t have to make cookie cutters that will scare your kids. But at the same time, if that’s the kind of thing your kids enjoy, that could be fun too!

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6. DIY Cookie Cutters for Less Than $1

As this YouTuber explains, you don’t need to spend lots of money buying cookie cutters since you can easily make them from simple and inexpensive materials. Furthermore, if you do so, you won’t be limited by the kind of shapes that everyone buys in the shops because you can come up with any design you can imagine. This video will teach you how to make cookie cutters for just pennies – a great idea for a gift or just to use yourself.


7. Cheap and Easy DIY Cookie Cutters

Cheap and Easy DIY Cookie Cutters

If you make cookies often and don’t want to be limited to the same few tired old shapes, the best thing you can do is learn how to make new cutters yourself. That way, you’ll be able to make new shapes for every batch if you choose. This plan teaches you how to do it using just aluminum foil and a few other inexpensive supplies, giving you unlimited scope for cookie creativity.

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8. DIY Cookie Cutters

To replicate the plan in this video, the main materials you will need are aluminum soda cans, tape and hot glue. As the YouTuber explains, you can’t always find exactly the shape you want in a store – and this plan will show you how to make whatever you need for next to nothing.


9. Make Your Own Cookie Cutter with a Can

Make Your Own Cookie Cutter with a Can

Making cookie cutters from soda cans is one of the most popular DIY solutions if you don’t want to head to the store every time you need a new shape, and here’s another great plan for how to do it. As you can see from all the photos, the possibilities are endless, so why not give it a go yourself?

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10. How to Make Cookie Cutters out of a Soda Can

A soda can, some scissors and some glue – that’s all you’ll need to copy this fun DIY plan at home. As you can see in the video, it’s so easy to do, and you can make just about any shape you can think of. We enjoyed watching this one, and we’re sure lots of others will too.


11. How to Make Cookie Cutters

How to Make Cookie Cutters

Here’s a great plan from one of our favorite online resources for DIY plans, WikiHow. This site has how-to guides for just about anything you can imagine, and this one gives you detailed instructions for making cookie cutters from soda cans. There’s also a section about making a cookie stencil, so be sure to check that out too.

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12. How to Make Your Own Cookie Cutters

This video tutorial is one of the most impressive due to all the different shapes this YouTuber has made in the past – it gives you a great idea of what’s possible with just a little imagination. The way she does it is easy to copy too, so what are you waiting for?


13. How to Make Your Own Customized Cookie Cutters

How to Make Your Own Customized Cookie Cutters

As this blogger rightly points out, ordering custom-made cookie cutters can get expensive pretty quickly, so a more economical answer is to DIY your own. And as she says, it only takes a little time plus a few inexpensive materials to do it. Want to know how? Then check out the blog for detailed instructions.

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14. How to Make a Cookie Cutter

In this video, we learn how to make cookie cutters using just a ruler, scissors and an aluminum tin pan. This is another interesting take on DIY cookie cutters, and we also like the way there’s an FAQ section below the video. Well worth checking out!


15. DIY Cookie Cutter

DIY Cookie Cutter

Making DIY cookie cutters is a super-simple project, so you don’t need any complicated instructions. Rather, you just need a list of supplies and some easy-to-follow guidelines that tell you what to do, and you’ll find all of that in this plan, allowing you to get started right away.

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16. 8 Types of Cookie Cutter from a Plastic Bottle

Nowadays, it’s important for everyone to do their part to help save the planet, and recycling or reusing trash is one way to do it. In this video, this YouTuber teaches us how to repurpose plastic bottles as cookie cutters – so we can make beautiful snacks while protecting the environment at the same time.


17. Homemade Cookie Cutters

Homemade Cookie Cutters

Sometimes when we’re looking for DIY plans, the ones we appreciate most are the ones that keep things as uncomplicated as possible. If that’s something you agree with, this is a tutorial you’ll enjoy because it shows you how to make cookie cutters quickly and easily in just a few simple steps.

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18. Reuse Old Plastic Bottles to Make DIY Cookies Cutters

As in #16, this plan teaches us how to reuse plastic bottles and turn them into cookie cutters. You’ll learn how to make interesting designs like stars, fish, hearts, Mickey Mouse shapes and cats – and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to come up with other ideas of your own.


19. How to Make a Cookie Cutter

How to Make a Cookie Cutter

In this plan, this blogger shows us how she made cookie cutters using aluminum roasting pans, and as she says, once you’ve mastered the basics, the sky’s the limit. You can come up with a huge range of designs, from superheroes to band logos – and this is the tutorial that will show you how.

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20. DIY 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

While quick and easy DIY projects are always fun, the more technical ones can be highly impressive, and if you have access to a 3D printer, this is a more ambitious plan you can have a go at trying. And even if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, it’s still fascinating to see how it all works.


21. DIY Cookie Cutter and Cactus Cookies

DIY Cookie Cutter and Cactus Cookies

While looking for plans for cookie cutters, we’ve seen all kinds of shapes, but one we liked a lot was this design for cactus-shaped cookies. There’s also a recipe for the cookies themselves, so once you’ve finished making the cutters, it’s time to get baking!

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Loads of interesting ideas to try

It’s been a lot of fun searching for these plans because of all the great ideas we’ve seen – and it’s given us plenty of inspiration for things we want to try too.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we have collecting them for you – and we also hope you enjoy trying some of them out when you bake your next batch of delicious cookies.

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