18 Homemade Painted Wine Glasses Plans You Can DIY Easily

18 Homemade Painted Wine Glasses Plans You Can DIY Easily
Image: Lucky Belly

Painted wine glasses make a beautiful addition to your dining table. They’re also a great gift for any house-proud friends or family.

Even better, they’re something you can make yourself! You can create unique and beautiful glasses – and save money too.

If you’re considering DIY paint wine glasses, here are some plans to help you in the task. We hope they inspire you to create your own beautiful glassware!

1. How to Paint a Wine Glass

This video shows how to use a ready-made peel-off design on your wine glass. It’s a great option if you’re not confident in your artistic skills! If you can trace a picture, you can do this. The peel-offs are very cheap too, so this doesn’t have to be an expensive project. There’s no list of supplies here though, so you’ll need to watch to the end to assemble your shopping list.


2. Hand Painted Wine Glasses: How to Make Your Own

Hand Painted Wine Glasses How to Make Your Own

This article draws on a tutorial with glass painter Carolyn Stich to show how to decorate wine glasses. There’s a handy list of all the materials and equipment you need at the start. Links to online suppliers make it easy to do your shopping in one hit if you choose. There’s also a link to free software to download designs. And if you subscribe to the website newsletter, you’ll also get two free designs emailed to you. Each step is clearly described, and there are lots of photos to illustrate them too.

Check the tutorial detail


3. Painted Wine Glass DIY Tutorial

This video shows how to use enamel paints to create a beautiful design on your wine glass. Follow step by step and you’ll be amazed at the results. Although this is painted freehand, it’s a simple process. When you’ve finished, you’ll have a wine glass decorated with a gorgeous blossom tree. Watch to the end of the video and you’ll also see some inventive ideas for how to use your glasses. Even if you’re not a wine drinker, this could be a great project for your home.


4. DIY Easy Painted Marble Wine Glass Gifts

DIY Easy Painted Marble Wine Glass Gifts

This plan from home and lifestyle website somethingturqoise.com has a great new take on painted wine glasses. Here, the glasses have a stunning marbled design that climbs part the way up the sides. And although they look amazing, you won’t need any painting experience to pull them off. You will, though, need some specific craft supplies. There’s a useful list of materials to help, and plenty of photos to walk you through the process.

Check the tutorial detail


5. DIY Hand Painted Wine Glasses

With this plan, you’ll see how to mix glass paints with rubbing alcohol for a distinctive effect. YouTuber Starset Moonfire takes you through all the equipment you’ll need at the beginning of the video. She then shows you how to create a colorful design using a spray gun to disperse the paint with alcohol. If you’re a fan of Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings, you’ll love this look.


6. How to Paint Wine Glasses

How to Paint Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for a romantic design for your wine glasses, check out this plan from website craftsbyamanda.com. Fill the glasses with heart-shaped chocolates and you’ll have a cute Valentine’s Day gift. There’s a shopping list of materials, plus handy advice on how to make standard acrylic paints suitable for glass. And with plenty of photographs and clear directions, this is a plan that’s very easy to follow.

Check the tutorial detail


7. Painted Wine Glass Tutorial

This is another plan for wine glasses with a cute heart design. These were made as a wedding gift, and they’d work brilliantly if you’re got a wedding in your diary. The painting is sped up, so you can see everything in just three minutes. Presenter Kathy Cano-Murillo points out common pitfalls, so you can avoid them. Everything here is painted free hand. The design is simple but effective, but you’ll still need a steady hand.


8. Hand Painting Wine Glasses

Hand Painting Wine Glasses

This beautiful floral design is painted using enamel paints. The instructions are broken down into easy steps, showing you how to achieve a very artistic result. There’s lots of detail on exactly how to mix your paints and move your brush. We’d suggest practising on another surface before you get started on your wine glass, so you’re confident in your technique. This is one of the prettiest designs we’ve seen, so it’s well worth the time to get it right.

Check the tutorial detail


9. Wine Glass Painting for Beginners

With this plan you’ll see how to create a gorgeous peacock feather design on your wine glass. There’s a detailed list of all the materials, complete with links, in the information below the video. There’s lots of advice on getting the perfect colors too. And you can follow every step of the process to paint the feather. This is quite a complicated design, and it’s another one where you’ll need a steady hand.


10. DIY Painted Wine Glasses

DIY Painted Wine Glasses

This plan shows how to create striking and colorful designs that don’t require lots of artistic skill. And with this one, you can choose from a whole range of different looks. The process of painting the glasses is broken down into simple steps, all of them clearly described. And each one has lots of photographs too, so you can see exactly what to do.

Check the tutorial detail


11. In the Mood for Wine!!!!! Beautiful Birthday Wine Glass

This is a great plan for decorative plastic wine glasses. If you’re looking for a less fragile option, especially for outdoor events, these are great. The plan uses an epoxy base to create a smooth finish. It’s one of the longer videos out there, at 25 minutes, but it’s well worth putting in the time. The results look very professional. Check out the information beneath the video for precise details on the paints used in the project.


12. DIY Spring Wine Glasses

DIY Spring Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for a crafting project for springtime, take a look at this article. It shows you how to create super-cute designs with bunnies and slogans. If you’re planning a party for Easter, these would be a brilliant addition. Note that while the paint colors are listed near the beginning of the guide, the other materials aren’t. You’ll need to read through to the end to check what supplies you’ll need. The directions, though, are very clear, and there are plenty of photographs to help.

Check the tutorial detail


13. How to Hand Paint Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for lots of inspiration for your wine glass design, this is a great video. Presenter Shay begins by showing you a whole host of painted glasses to fire your imagination. You’ll then see how to create your own design. There’s useful advice on how to make sure the design is properly fixed. And you’ll even get guidance on washing your glasses without damaging them.


14. How to Paint on Wine Glasses

How to Paint on Wine Glasses

In this article, Meaghan of thedecoratedcookie.com starts by explaining the events in her own life which brought her to crafting. She then moves on to a detailed guide to painting on wine glasses. There’s a list of the equipment you’ll need and tips on where to find it. And there are lots of inspirational ideas for designs that look great but don’t require the skills of Leonardo da Vinci!

Check the tutorial detail


15. DIY: Painted Wine Glasses

This video shows YouTuber Kay Lemon creating simple but elegant painted wine glasses. You’ll get a lovely shimmery finish with this one, and it’s one of the easiest plans to follow. Just watch Kay’s handy hints to avoid any drips that could spoil the finish. You’ll also see how to cure the paints using your oven, so the color stays in place.


16. DIY Painted Wine Glasses

DIY Painted Wine Glasses

This guide from crafter and food blogger Sara Lynn is another that’s very easy to follow. The design here uses polka dots, and it couldn’t be simpler. If you’re not confident of your skills with a paintbrush, it’s a great option! To begin with, Sara relates her first experience of painting wine glasses, then lists the equipment you’ll need. The directions are very easy to follow, and there are lots of pictures. And if you read to the end, you’ll find a delicious cocktail recipe to go with your new glasses!

Check the tutorial detail


17. How to Paint Roses on Glass

This video comes from Pam Groppe, who provides lots of brilliant advice on painting for beginners. Here, she shows how to paint a gorgeous rose design on wine glasses. These are really beautiful – they’d make a wonderful wedding gift for a special couple. This is a longer video at 35 minutes. It breaks down a sophisticated illustration into simple steps anyone can follow. If you want to wow your friends and family with your painting skills, this is the perfect plan!


18. Easy DIY Painted Wine Glasses

Easy DIY Painted Wine Glasses

The design here uses a fleur-de-lys for a classic look. But you could just as easily follow the directions for any illustration you choose. The plan sets out the materials you’ll need, and breaks down the project into simple steps. There’s lots of information on the curing process too, so you can be confident your design will stay on the glass.

Check the tutorial detail


Ready to Paint Your Wine Glasses?

We hope we’ve inspired you to paint your own wine glasses! The plans we’ve looked at use a host of different designs for all tastes. And there are techniques that can be successfully used no matter your level of artistic skill.

We hope one of these plans will help you take forward your own project. Good luck, and we hope you’re raising a painted wine glass to your success very soon!

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