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Lucky Belly » 6 Best Iced Coffee Containers of 2022 – Iced Coffee Cup Reviews

6 Best Iced Coffee Containers of 2022 – Iced Coffee Cup Reviews

Iced Coffee Container
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The heat of the summer is here and the idea of drinking hot coffee is suddenly less appealing.

Thankfully, there’s no need to give up your caffeine fix, you just need to switch to iced coffee.

Here’s our guide to the best iced coffee container for making and storing a delicious and refreshing brew.


What are the kinds of iced coffee?

Iced Coffee tumbler
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Before we think about which kind of container you need for making iced coffee, let’s think about what iced coffee is.

There are actually two different types of iced coffee, and which one you are trying to make affects which kind of container you should choose.

The first type of iced coffee is what we might call traditional iced coffee. This is basically just regular hot-brewed coffee poured over ice to cool it before drinking (1).

The main problem with this method of making iced coffee is that when you pour it over ice, most of the ice melts, diluting the coffee. (Of course, you can solve this problem by chilling it in the fridge before pouring it over the ice!)

This is the quickest and easiest way of making a single cup or smaller quantities of iced coffee.

However, this method is not suited to making large quantities of coffee since you can only make one carafe at a time, depending on your brewer.

For this type of iced coffee, any container you have at home would be suitable.

A regular jug would be fine since you are only likely to make smaller quantities of this type of coffee – and you will probably want to drink it all straight away anyway.

Any of the containers from our reviews below would also be good for storing this kind of iced coffee if you wanted to use them – although depending on how much iced coffee you make, many would probably be too big.

The other type of iced coffee is cold-brew coffee, and it has several advantages over traditional iced coffee.

Cold-brew coffee

Iced Coffee Cup
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Cold-brew coffee is made differently. Rather than pouring hot coffee over ice, cold-brew coffee is brewed using cold water – as the name suggests.

Essentially, rather than using hot water and a short extraction time, you leave your coffee grounds immersed in cold water for around 12 to 48 hours to infuse.

The result is a smooth coffee that has much less bitterness than regular coffee since the bitter compounds are not extracted.

Another advantage is that, since the coffee is brewed cold, it won’t melt the ice when you pour it over like hot coffee does.

This coffee is also more suitable for brewing larger quantities since you can brew as much as your container can hold and then keep it chilled in the fridge for as long as you like.

This is why, to make this type of iced coffee, it is important to choose a container that is adapted to the task and one that is big enough to store larger quantities.

How to choose the best container for cold-brew coffee

Best Iced Coffee Cup
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If you are looking for a container to store cold-brew coffee in the fridge, there are a few points to bear in mind.

First, you need a container large enough for all the coffee you want to make.

Since making cold-brew can take time (up to 48 hours, as noted before), you will probably want a decent-sized container to allow you to brew sufficient quantities each time.

Of course, this depends on you – and the size of your fridge – but we would recommend a container that holds between 30-60oz (roughly 1-2 liters).

This will allow you to make enough cold-brew to make it worth the time and trouble. Of course, if you prefer an even larger container, that’s fine too!

Second, if you want the best possible quality cold-brew, you should choose a non-reactive material that doesn’t impart any flavor to the coffee.

Glass or ceramic are best; plastic or metal can sometimes – but not always – change the taste.

Finally, look for a container that has a lid.

This will help keep the coffee fresh for longer, will prevent it from absorbing odors from other foods in your fridge and will stop anything falling into the coffee!


The Best Iced Coffee Container on the market 2022

1. Glass Milk Bottle with Extra Lids

Glass Milk Bottle with Extra Lids - Set of 2 - USA Made 33.8 Oz Jug - Thick Durable Milk Bottle Larger than 1 Quart

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This set of two traditional-style milk bottles is ideal for storing cold-brew in your fridge.

They are made from high-quality non-reactive glass that will keep unwanted odors or flavors from mixing with your brew, and the tight seal will ensure there are no leaks.

They are the ideal size for making cold-brew – they hold 33.8oz each, and if you want to make more, you can just use two.

They are also available singly or in a pack of four, meaning you can buy as many as you need. Also ideal for storing chilled regular hot-brewed coffee in the fridge.


2. Takeya Two Quart Black Patented and Airtight Pitcher (Our Top Recommended)

Takeya Patented and Airtight Pitcher Made in the USA, 2 Quart, Black

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This pitcher, available as a one-quart or two-quart model and in several attractive colors, is ideal for storing and serving iced coffee. The body is made of strong BPA-free Tritan that can withstand a range of temperatures from freezing to boiling.

One of the best features of this container is the airtight, splash-proof lid.

This will keep your iced coffee – or any other beverage – sealed inside while preventing any spills.

The seal is so firm and reliable that you can even store this pitcher in its side to save space in your fridge.


3. QuickPour Airtight Pitcher with Locking Spout

QuickPour Airtight Pitcher with Locking Spout Japanese Made - For Water, Coffee, Tea, Other Beverages - 2.3 Quarts - Clear with Black Top

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This pitcher is another great option for storing your cold-brew or other iced coffee in your fridge. It holds up to 2.3 quarts of liquid, meaning you can make decent-sized quantities of coffee each time.

This container is a high-quality Japanese-made item with an easy-to-use one-hand slide opening for ease of pouring.

It is made of BPA-free, heat-resistant plastic – meaning you can pour hot coffee directly into it with no problem. The price is also extremely reasonable.


4. Anchor Hocking 79013 Chiller Glass Pitcher with Lid

Anchor Hocking Chiller Glass Pitcher with Lid, 64-Ounce

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This glass pitcher is the ideal size for storing cold-brew coffee in your fridge.

It measures 6” x 6” x 9”, weighs just over 2lbs and can hold up to 64oz of coffee, about the amount we recommended earlier.

It has a stylish, attractive design with a ribbed body and will look great on the table for serving.

It comes with a lid which fixes securely on the top – although it will come off if you shake it too vigorously – and the glass of the body is strong and sturdy.

We like the way this container looks, and we think that, at this price, it represents great value for money.


5. Clear Glass with PolyCone Phenolic Lid for a Tight Seal

2 Pack ~ 32oz Growler ~ Clear Glass with PolyCone Phenolic Lid for a Tight Seal - Perfect for Secondary Fermentation and Storing Kombucha

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This pair of 32oz “growlers” is another great solution for storing your cold-brew.

Since they come as a pair, they also give you more flexibility over the amounts you brew each time.

You can just use one or both as necessary.

They feature securely-fastening BPA-free and rustproof lids that will keep your iced coffee safe and fresh inside.

They are also extremely versatile and could be put to many other uses such as homebrewing beer or wine. They are made of tough glass and are completely dishwasher friendly.


6. Borosilicate Glass Pitcher with Lid and Spout

Borosilicate Glass Pitcher with Lid and Spout - 68 Ounces Cold and Hot Water Carafe with Unique Diamond Pattern, Beverage Pitcher for Homemade Iced Tea and Juice.

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If you are looking for a container for your iced coffee that has an original, stylish design, this could be a good pick. The diamond pattern gives it an elegant vintage look that will enhance any summer table.

It is made of borosilicate glass and is resistant to extremes of cold and heat from freezing to boiling – making it ideal for iced coffee but also safe for use with hot drinks.

 It is also stovetop and microwave safe – as long as you remove the lid.

The lid itself is made of Stainless-Steel and the plastic parts are BPA-free.

It also includes a filter that be useful for keeping ice cubes inside but also for preventing fruit from pouring out if you use it to make sangria.

Overall, another excellent container for iced coffee and much more.


Iced coffee is the perfect drink for the summer

When temperatures rise, we don’t need to give up coffee for the summer.

With the best iced coffee container, we can continue to enjoy our favorite drink in iced form – until the weather turns cold and it’s time for hot-brewed coffee and warm clothes again!

How do you brew iced coffee in the summer? Do you do hot-brew and pour it over ice or do you take the time to make cold-brew? Do you think there’s a difference in flavor?

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment – we love hearing from you. And if you enjoyed reading, please share!

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