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Top 5 Best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee of 2021

jamaica blue mountain coffee
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You might have many different kinds of drinks every day. And I bet coffee should take a significant and indispensable place among your choices. So if you are a fanatic of coffee, you won’t say no to blue mountain coffee. It enjoys the highest reputation throughout the world for its amazing scent and flavor.

But it is important to know how to avoid being a victim of blue mountain coffee scams as many others do. The following guidance could provide you some help when buying it. So let’s talk specifically about the best Jamaican mountain coffee.


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Buying Guide

blue mountain coffee reviews
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Due to the low yield and high price of blue mountain coffee, there are always many fake blue mountain coffee sellers. You could fall into the tricks easily. So before you buy the coffee, let’s discuss some purchase tips:

Check the Seal

If you are not very acquainted with professional distinguishing methods of coffee, the most fundamental thing you can do is check the Coffee Industry Board Seal. Namely, a certification mark should be displayed on all real blue mountain goods.

You could see a blue circle on it with blue words “Jamaican blue mountain coffee” around. Scammers might use inappropriate color or blurriness to bluff it out. So make sure the seal is a real one instead of any pirates.

Check the Paperwork

Distinguishing whether the seal is real could be uneasy for you sometimes. Then don’t hesitate to ask for checking relevant paperwork. All the physical and online blue mountain coffee shops are granted the declaration paperwork.

If you have difficulty telling a faked seal, go ahead to check the paperwork. It is unlikely to be fabricated since it has to be stamped. And if the seller is faltering to show that to you, there might be tricks. Be careful.

Read the Packaging

Reading the packaging is direct, simple, and valid. Basic information especially the producing area should be obvious. To guarantee the high quality of the precious blue mountain coffee, all the processes are done in the original land.

That means according to the CIB(Coffee Industry Broad), all Jamaican blue maintain coffee should be planted, cultivated, harvested, and packaged on that land. If the packaging says the processes were done in any other country like America, then it is a fraud.

Pay Attention to Blends

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You might be willing to buy a blue mountain blend just for a relatively lower price. The thing is if you purchase a blend, you should know that there is no regulation about the exact percentage of blends added to blue mountain coffee.

In other words, a blend could contain as little as 10% real blue mountain, even 1%. So you might pay much more than its worth. What’s worse, you could be disappointed at what you buy because of the interior flavor.

Ask Many Questions

The most simple way for you to stay away from fakes is to ask as many questions as you can. You could search online to collect some questions before you go. Remember that you don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed, because a real blue mountain coffee seller or distributor is always ready and pleased to answer any questions you raise.

And they will give you very detailed answers and explanations. For example, you can ask where blue mountain coffee is processed. Sharply, you might ask him or her directly how to tell the real blue mountains from fakes. That would be interesting!


You might know blue mountain coffee is expensive. Truth is that it enjoys a worldwide reputation for extraordinary quality with a corresponding price tag. There are various kinds of coffee with different price tags on the shelves for you to choose from.

And the reason why you particularly favor blue mountains might be the incomparably excellent scent and flavor. Then you should believe that it is worth being expensive. So if you want to buy a blue mountain at a nice price, you could be tricked.

Packaging Style

Since you might buy blue mountain coffee beans home and made it by yourselves, storage becomes an essential key. To retain the originally fresh flavor, you could check the packaging information when you buy it. You could ask the sellers directly or read the information on the packaging bags.

Usually, the freshly roasted blue mountain coffee should be vacuum packed in barrier bags or high-quality foil bags that are equipped with one-way degassing valves. This packaging way can preserve the excellent original aroma and outstanding freshness, providing you a wonderful coffee journey.

Purchase Volume

Usually, how much blue mountain coffee do you want to buy? Well, that seems like a stupid question. You’d better buy a little. That means if a seller or distributor tells you he or she has much blue mountain in-store and persuade you to buy more, you should get out of the shop. They are not a real blue mountain.

Because of the highly demanding growing environment, period as well as a complicated producing process, the supply is very limited. And according to the statistics from CIB, 85% of them are exported to Japan, 5% to America, 5% to Europe, and 5% to the other countries. So just buy a little for sure.

Roast and Delivery Time

Different shops might have different roast and delivery time. If you have enough free time, visiting physical stores could be a good choice. You can just walk in and look around, select. Almost all the physical shops support custom-made roast and you could take away directly.

In this way, blue mountain coffee beans could keep its fresh scent and flavor to the maximum. You will have a wonderful purchase experience. Besides, if you want to buy it online, you should make sure that the coffee beans would be roasted instantly and delivered fast. Remember, fresh is all.


Where to Buy the Best Jamaican blue mountain coffee 2021

1. Green office 100% Jamaica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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Green office traders founded in 1993, selling fresh coffee beans. So there is Jamaica blue mountain coffee. Surprisingly, the master roaster in this shop is highly experienced for he has roasted coffee beans for more than 25 years. Meaning that you will never worry about the quality of the roast. These blue mountain coffee beans are fairly roasted, neither under nor overly roasted. So that you could have a special taste. They have fruity and floral sweetness, very low bitterness, and acidity.

Besides, it has a very attractive aftertaste, the appealing and long-lasting aroma will give a good mood all day long. And you could stay awake for long to concentrate on what you are handling. So this freshness and the exceptional aroma make it a perfect gift for your family and friends. If your partner or friends are fanatics of coffee, then this would be a dream present.

You might have undergone and complained about the slow delivery of other coffees. Because shipping could be a key point deciding the freshness of a coffee. This product has super fast shipping to meet your need.

But, the disadvantage is that you might mind the roasted beans are a little bit dry. Also, it is quite expensive.

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2. Volcanica Coffee Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, 100% Pure, whole been, Fresh Roasted (Our Top Recommended)

Volcanica Coffee Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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Volcanic Coffee provides all kinds of freshly roasted coffee from all over the world. It is professional and authoritative. You are going to trust such a sell company. It has achieved the selling grant from CIB(Coffee Industry Broad) for a long time. So for sure, you could choose that product, and you can check the seal directly.

What’s more, Gourmet Coffee could always bring you back to the old days when you drink Jamaican blue mountain coffee in a local shop (if you have been). This product has the smoothest taste like silk, which can give you a big surprise. Imagine that you haven’t been to Jamaica or Japan for a long time, a bag of blue mountain coffee bought here arouses you all the marvelous memory. Also, this coffee is well-balanced with fruit flavor and a strong aroma.

They are nicely roasted whole beans and carefully kept. Some other blue mountain coffee sellers may ground the beans into powders to pack it conveniently. But the flavor may be damaged. Blue mountain coffee here is packed decently and the sweet roasted flavor could emerge immediately as you open the bag.

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3. Dancing Moon, 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee-Medium Roast and Ground

Dancing Moon, 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee-Medium Roast and Ground

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As a reputable brand of coffee, Dance Moon Company promises there are no blends in Jamaica blue mountain coffee sold here. So you will not feel upset with fake blue mountain coffee after buying this product here. Additionally, the price of this high-quality product is relatively reasonable. So you do not have to be bothered by your affordability. Just drink whenever you want, and realize blue mountain coffee free.

It is pre-ground and moderately roasted, so not only the taste is very rich, but also it’s very convenient for you to take it to your work. You might feel stressed and exhausted under the heavy working load, then a cup of this can bring you enough wake and help you get through the rough days at the office.

Besides, if you buy this product, you are doing charity meanwhile. The company states that 5% of the profits will be shared with the financial department of Semper Li to support the American army men and their families. Maybe one of them is your relative or friend. You are doing a good thing when you are enjoying your delicious coffee.

However, there might be a very little bit of bitterness in it, that will be a disadvantage to those who are keen on sweetness.

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4. Magnum Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee blend

Magnum Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee blend

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This kind of product is a mix of Jamaican blue mountain coffee and Arabica coffee. So it has an exotic flavor, and the scent is rich and strong. That is to say, you can still experience the smoothness of blue mountain coffee while paying a much less price. If you suffer from the sky-high price of pure Jamaica blue mountain coffee, then this product can be a perfect option.

It is a medium roast, and the beans are whole. So the flavor won’t be affected. This product is especially suitable to drip and press. If you are interested in coffee making, then this kind is your type. You can experience different making styles with different tools. It can be a very nice day when you do this.

This coffee goes small batch customization. This rule represents the quality and usually-strict roast method of Jamaica blue mountain coffee. You have no reason to worry about missing the best coffee experience.

On the other hand, some of you might feel disappointed with the product because it is a blend. And this coffee is in moderate acidity, which could be a defect for you who are into fruity sweetness. But, some like the balanced flavor.

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5. Island Blue-100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee

Island Blue-100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee

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With some of the other products mentioned above, Island Blue is also a certified company selling pure Jamaica blue mountain coffee. The beans are medium-roast and the flavor is a typical blue mountain: fresh, bold, and chocolate. Also, it has no bitterness at all. Plus, it is relatively inexpensive for you to buy, maybe because this is pre-ground. Anyway, if you do not want to try blends, it is a nice choice. Nice price and amazing aroma.

A big advantage of this product is the delivery speed. Shipping is fast, even faster than you expect. Given that, the newly ground coffee can better contain its original flavor and unusual freshness. Online shoppers will benefit from this a lot.

Another surprising point is these grounds are not only vacuum-packed but also packaged in burlap bags, which decorate the coffee an elegant and valued thing. So it could be a perfect gift when you want to send something special to friends and family. It looks really beautiful.

But, there is also a disadvantage, because the beans are pre-ground, there could be a tiny little chance that it might taste sour or old.

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Slice and Dice!

With all the information we’ve gathered and all the features we’ve compared, we think the Volcanica Coffee Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is the best Jamaica blue mountain coffee. Here’s why:

  • The certified CIB seal.
  • It is 100% pure without blends.
  • Its silk-smooth taste.
  • The fresh flavor comes out as soon as the bag is open.
  • It is vacuum-packed.
  • The beans are whole roasted.
  • It is well-balanced with fruit flavor.

What does your coffee taste like? Leave us a message in the comments!

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