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7 Best Sushi Making Kits of 2021 – Easy Rolling Your Sushi at Home

Sushi is a Japanese favorite that has gained favor among people with all kinds of taste buds. It’s a fun, unique taste that differs based on the ingredients you use and flavor your roll of sushi. Seafood and vegetables are the common compliments that help create and add invigorating taste to your dish.

sushi making kit
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Now we know what you’re thinking; this is all well and good but you can’t enjoy sushi at home, so why bother? The truth is you can, in fact, make and enjoy sushi at home with your very own sushi making kit.

To make sure you get the best quality sushi at your own counter, we’ve assembled some of the best sushi making kits to choose from to get an idea of exactly what you need.


The Best Sushi Making Kit on the Market 2021

1. SushiQuik Super Easy Making Kit (Our Top Recommended)

SushiQuik Sushi Making Kit Complete Sushi Set, Roll Cutter, Rice Paddle, Pre-Measured Rice Frame and How to Videos

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SushiQuik promises to make your sushi-making experience a quick and easy one! You get all the essentials in this purchase with a sushi mat, training frame, non-stick paddle, and a roll cutter. You can diversify your sushi by making different sizes, and place the rice on the exterior rather than the interior of the roll.

It has a detachable sushi mat that can go in the dishwasher with other silverware and cutlery. You can also toss the sushi roll mat inside of the dishwasher too, with no hassle of it breaking or damaging other dishes. Cleaning your sushi making kit is as easy as making the actual sushi.

If you’re a beginner at making sushi, then this turns the stressful experience into a fun, simple, and delightful experience. Using this sushi kit is the stepping stone before resorting to bamboo mats. Bamboo mats are harder to get a hold on, but these utensils are easier to use and handle as a starter.

There aren’t many prominent issues with this sushi maker, only some surrounding the stand of the kit. This kit holds the sushi roller mat as well as the sushi mat for spreading the rice over the nori. These don’t stick perfectly each time, but they do serve their purpose. Without a steady hand or sufficient practice, it can get frustrating to use this mat.

Other than this, SushiQuik is the ideal option for you if you’re looking for a sturdy base to make sushi on. You can develop some skills very quickly and the guidelines are helpful in giving you an idea of how big you want your sushi, how much rice you need, and how finely cut you like your sushi.

Once you become used to this sushi making kit, any other one will be a breeze to use.


  • Straight-forward to understand and use
  • Diversify your sushi sizes and fillings
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Mat is a little unsteady

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2. Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit

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Not only will you get all of the utensils you need to assemble your sushi, but you also get ingredients included in this purchase! Original, loved seasonings and dips come with this kit.

You can pick and choose what you prefer and try out new tastes to experiment with your sushi. You also get instructions in this purchase on how to make your sushi properly. The included ingredients from Baycliff are chosen specifically. Vinegar, short-grain rice, seaweed sheets, soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, they’re all commending flavors that add a real kick to the sushi.

You also get quality materials with this kit; a bamboo nori rolling mat and a rice paddle to evenly spread the rice on the inside or outside of the sushi roll. The Sushi Chef Cookbook included in this package has a terse history of sushi, thorough step-by-step instructions on how to make sushi, and some delightful recipes for you to try out.

With all of the ingredients and seasonings provided, you can easily fit in a feast of twelve people with around 125-130 pieces of sushi to fill up the dining table. The amount you can make is abundant and the possibilities to your sushi are endless.

The kit itself is a great utensil to have when making sushi, it’s the ingredients that can stir some uncertain glances. The bamboo is durable and easy to clean and maneuver. The ingredients that are provided are questionable to some though, for multiple reasons.

For one, there can be a very diverse audience attempting to make sushi at home. Not everyone may like different flavors. So that’s one flaw: the taste for some. Then there’s how they come. The bottles can come broken, chipped, loose at the seal, or just not be there. It’s a joyride for these bottles, not so much for those who don’t receive them in peak condition though.


  • Inclusive cookbook, ingredients, and kit
  • Durable bamboo utensils
  • Plentiful amount of ingredients


  • Included ingredients create issues

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3. BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit Deluxe with Chopsticks - 100% Bamboo - Includes 2 Rolling Mats, Rice Spreader, Rice Paddle, 5 Pairs Chopsticks

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It’s not hard to figure out what materials BambooWorx uses for their kits. Everything inside of this package is made entirely of bamboo. Included in this kit are two sushi rolling mats, a rice paddle, and a rice spreader, all you need to make perfect sushi from the leisure of your home.

The size of the rolling mats are 9.5” by 9.5”. You can use the rice spoon to mix the rice with the vinegar and seasonings you want to place over it. To evenly spread the rice over the nori sheets, you can use the given rice spreader.

It doesn’t matter what level of sushi maker you are, you can just as easily adjust to using this kit as any other professional on the block.

With these bamboo materials, you won’t notice any splinters or cotton strings unwinding. A long life of hard, dedicated work is what you’re promised while you make sushi for all to enjoy. It’s best if you hand wash this unit to make sure nothing gets waterlogged as it could in the dishwasher. Dry thoroughly when you’re done and keep it away from any heat sources.

To maintain the bamboo utensils, rub them with mineral oil occasionally and hand clean them. The only issue there is when getting this BambooWorx sushi making kit is the strong smell that comes from the wood. Since it is all completely natural bamboo wood, you’re going to get a fresh smell of bamboo.

Some people are also not comfortable with the idea that this is a high maintenance product. It’s not always going to be used on a daily basis, but for customers who make sushi once a week or more, the upkeep can become tedious.


  • 4 easy-to-use pieces
  • Completely bamboo-made utensils
  • Long lasting lifespan


  • Strong smell upon purchase
  • High maintenance

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4. Aya Original Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit - Original AYA Sushi Maker Deluxe - Online Video Tutorials Complete with Sushi Knife 11 Piece Sushi Set - Easy and Fun - Sushi Rolls

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This Aya sushi making kit is a big one, complete with 11 pieces. You can also get full video tutorials online for free from Aya to get yourself ready and started with this kit. Each and every piece serves a helpful purpose to turn the process of making sushi into an easy-breezy experience.

An offer not worth missing, this product package comes back with a 100% lifetime warranty. You can call for questions or concerns to the 24/7 customer service team always ready on the other line. With no questions asked you can get all your money back if this sushi making kit is not working for you.

You can even make heart shaped sushi with this kit for a unique twist at the dinner table. You get a knife, two sushi trays to make heart-shaped and regular shaped sushi, a knife, a rice spreader, spatula, a rolling mat, and trays.

The entire kit can go safely into the dishwasher. You can rest assured that this sushi making kit was built to last for a very long time and it’s BPA-free. Cleaning is swift and hassle-free on your behalf.

One issue for this product could be that your purchase doesn’t come with a paperback set of instructions on how to use your sushi maker. You have to look up all of the instructions and recipes online which some people may not be up to doing as soon as they buy this sushi making set.

Another issue people may have is that there are too many pieces. Some people don’t like many pieces to handle while others just don’t enjoy the part where they lose some of the pieces.


  • 100% assurance lifetime warranty
  • Heart-shaped sushi roll maker
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No paperback instructions
  • Too many pieces for some people

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5. Kitchen + Home Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit - Easy to Use DIY 10 Piece Sushi Roll Maker by Sushi Master

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Unique shapes are where Kitchen + Home sparkle. They have multiple cool shapes you can show off at the dinner table at parties and make just for fun. The five shapes you can make with this set are round, heart, pyramid, and small and large squares. Other than this, you have the spatula and large rice fork to make your sushi even and orderly.

It’s a replacement for the standard bamboo roll mat. You can get an instruction guide and recipe book with this purchase for everything you need to get started making your own sushi. This entire unit is dishwasher safe which means at the end of the day you have an effortless clean waiting for you.

For further convenience, all the molds have instructive guidelines to cut the sushi into appropriate sizes. Each mold is balanced in a different way and you have make sure you’re accustomed to rolling a larger roll for the bigger and more oddly shaped rolls. Stuffing the molds is also different from one another. Some need more stuffing to stand up straight (square shapes) while others won’t take shape when they’re being formed. (heart shape)

The biggest issue in the end is the molds. It can be frustrating to use these different molds all at once and some demand more stuffing and rice which can create added expenses, especially if you plan on using them more often. The molds don’t work for everyone, and since this is the advertised selling point, it comes as a downer.


  • Multiple shapes and molds to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Guidelines to cut the sushi on all of the molds


  • Making different shapes can be confusing/frustrating

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6. Sushefu Sushi Bazooka Making Kit

Sushi Bazooka Making Kit - Food Quality All in 1 Sushi Maker with Bamboo Mat Roller and Slicer - Full Instructions and Recipe e-Book Included - Black

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The name poses a very interesting idea; a bazooka sushi making kit. With every use, you get the perfect round shape of filling to construct your seaweed and roll over. This is the bazooka factor of this product. Shoot out a roll of filling, place seaweed over it and cut out your sushi slices for everyone to enjoy!

With this bazooka, you could be a professional or beginner and still have benefits to reap. Included in this purchase is an instruction manual and eBook to properly get you started using this sushi maker. You also get some interesting recipes to try out and show off.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the performance of this sushi bazooka, then you can get a full refund. It doesn’t matter what time you realize you don’t want it, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Inside out rolls are possible to make with this sushi bazooka. All you have to do is place the seaweed inside of the bazooka at the same time as the rice and fillings. Then, you season it to your liking and you have a completed, new style of sushi!

There are some concerns surrounding the plastic material of the bazooka and sushi cutter plate. They aren’t as durable as would be preferred, which means they could break under pressure or constant use.

The bazooka also takes much longer to use than rolling your own sushi. Anyone with experience will notice it. It does have a better consistency than rolling yourself, but it takes a much longer time and putting too much pressure on the bazooka could break it.


  • Bazooka presents perfectly shaped sushi filling
  • Meant for  both beginner and professional
  • Manual and eBook included


  • Flimsy plastic material
  • Takes longer than rolling your own sushi

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7. Zen Formosa Sushi Making Kit

Zen Formosa Sushi Making Kit, Premium Design for Beginner with Step-By-Step Picture Instruction

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The Zen Formosa sushi making kit lets you make multiple molds all with a nice, clean result in the end. It’s very easy to use and is targeted for beginners with ambition.

Complete in this set are; a training frame, non-stick paddle, rice fork, and the sushi roll cutter. There are also, of course, the multiple molds being the standard round shape, a heart shape, and a square shape. All of these pieces working together makes for an easy-to-use kit that’ll make anyone a pro at making sushi.

This set is not dishwasher safe, but since it’s not bamboo wood used, it’s not a necessarily high maintenance product. You can very easily wash this with a sponge, soap, and water to get it back to peak condition. There’s no need for any mineral oil or polishing, nor do you need to place it in any specific storage for it to remain intact.

This lightweight package does not ask for much, but it does have a lot to offer.

Like all other sushi making kits with more than two basic parts, this can be hard for some people to use. All of the extra pieces to get different molds, spread out the rice and mix all of the fillings can become confusing. Some would rather enjoy one rolling mat.

It’s also hard to understand the different shapes. The concerns of this product are very similar to the Kitchen + Home sushi making kit. There are many different shapes that can fit a different amount of rice and filling in them. Without getting this precise idea, you won’t be able to make the sushi shapes properly.


  • Multiple molds for sushi shapes
  • Sushi can be made quickly
  • Easy to maintain


  • Hard for some people to understand all parts
  • Molds can be confusing to use

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Buying Guide

sushi maker kit
Image: Lucky Belly

To better understand how to choose the right sushi maker, you first have to understand sushi. As you already know, sushi is a simple Japanese dish compiled of vegetables, egg, rice, seasonings, spices, and sauces, with the final piece of raw seafood. All of this is then wrapped inside of a nori sheet, which is more commonly known as seaweed.

There are multiple types of sushi you can come across, all with a different center of attention. There’s Maki, Temaki, Uramaki, Nigiri, and Sashimi. All these types of sushi carry nutrients and low calories for a balanced, enjoyable meal.

Now there’s the main attraction; what to look for in your sushi maker to make all of this possible in your home.

Why Use a Sushi Making Kit?

sushi making set
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If you’ve gone to proper Japanese restaurants where sushi is on the menu, you may have noticed that they can make sushi by hand. Some restaurants even make sushi in front of customers as a sort of show.

It’s amusing to watch then pick up speed as they create finely chopped rolls of sushi in a matter of minutes, but keep in mind that they are professionals. They have practiced countless hours to roll the sushi perfectly and quickly enough for it all to stick together, they’ve memorized the cuttings to make even and exact sizes.

You do not have this training so sushi isn’t going to be as easy to make when you’re the one standing at the chopping board. This is where a sushi making kit come in handy. Kits like these come with multiple parts to help you assemble, roll, and cut the sushi perfectly. It’ll take some time, practice, and effort, but it’ll get you the results you want when you serve homemade sushi.

Sushi making kits are the ideal option for anyone who has little to no experience, not enough time on their hands to learn, but a passion and hunger for sushi.

Components of a Sushi Maker Kit

sushi kit
Image: Lucky Belly

There are multiple tangible parts to a sushi maker. For starters, they come with molds and rolling mats to shape the sushi. Some come with original molds to make more unique and appealing shapes, while others will stick to your standard cylindrical shape.

Then there are some kits that will provide you with alignment guides, which are blessings if you’re watching portions. These guides help you make and cut the right size out of your sushi roll, holding it in place so it doesn’t flatten or ruin. In some kits, you get an inclusive cutting tool for the alignment guide, but any sharp knife you have at home works too.

Sushi maker additions will differ based on the type of sushi you plan on making. The more types of sushi you can create, the greater the variety of items you’ll have. The more straight-forward your kit is with fewer parts, the easier it’ll be for you to make sushi.

How big your sushi kit depends on what you prioritize. If the more the merrier is a phrase you live by, then you can look around for some larger kits. If you prefer to look at situations with a ‘simple and quick is better’ mentality, then try aiming for smaller kits with fewer accessories.

Features to Consider

sushi making kits
Image: Lucky Belly

Look for a sushi making kit based on the following features:

  • Amount of Use

How much do you intend to use this sushi maker? Is sushi something you want to have only on special occasions, or is it going to become a weekly meal for the family to enjoy? If you’re looking to use it often, then how variable do you want your sushi to be? Do you want to try new recipes or stick to one type of sushi roll? Look for a sushi maker only after you’ve answered these basic questions.

  • Ease of Use

Is your sushi maker easy to use? If there are more parts then the likely case is there are more instructions to follow. This could make it harder for you to understand the making process, or you could be completely okay with this. What you want is an easy-going experience you can adjust to.

It’s a learning experience, and it’s better to run the pace you’re comfortable at.


As a ground base, SushiQuik is the best place to start your sushi-making adventure. It gives you a solid idea of how much rice you need inside of your sushi, how big you can make your sushi, and how thick or thinly chopped ingredients you can manage.

It does not have bamboo-made materials which can lose some of the class from the utensils, but it nevertheless makes it easy to maintain. All parts of this kit can be washed inside of the dishwasher without any harm caused to or by the pieces.

You can learn how to make sushi right easily with this sushi making kit.

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