Can You Drink Coffee After Tooth Extraction 1

Can You Drink Coffee After Tooth Extraction?

Did you recently have to remove a permanent tooth because of medical reasons? Were you skeptical to ask can you drink coffee after a tooth extraction? Well, you aren’t alone as I have also been in your exact situation. After my first tooth extraction, I had to be extra careful by monitoring what should and … Read more

Putting Eggshells in Coffee: Why Would You Need to Do That?

Now is an exciting time to be a coffee lover. Quirky new coffee shops serving great coffee seem to be springing up everywhere and never before has it been easier to obtain premium-quality, specialist coffee beans. Baristas everywhere are experimenting with new techniques while at the same time, trying out some older methods that have … Read more

Geisha Coffee All You Need to Know About the Exquisite Bean

Geisha Coffee: All You Need to Know About the Exquisite Bean

A few gimmicky poo coffees of dubious merit aside, a handful of select coffee bean types exist that can fetch the very highest prices at auction. Of these, one pre-eminent bean is held in the utmost esteem. The current darling of the coffee world, a bean that commands the most astounding prices, is the near-mythical … Read more

Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans Everything you Need to Know

Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans: Everything you Need to Know

There was a time when no list of the world’s premium coffees was complete without a mention of Kopi Luwak. But do you know what it is? And even more importantly, do you know about the impact the trade in this coffee is having on wildlife? At prices reaching up to $700 per kilogram, Kopi … Read more

What is Single Origin Coffee?

You’re in your local coffee shop about to place your order when your eye is drawn to a chalkboard on the counter. “Single-origin coffee of the week,” reads the heading. You hesitate. You’ve heard of single-origin before, but it’s so expensive. What are you paying for? And what if you splash out then find you … Read more

8 Facts About Coffee Roasting

8 Facts About Coffee Roasting

We’ve all seen different roasts in coffee shop menus and on the packs of coffee we buy. But how many of us really understand what makes a dark roast different to a light one? Or even why coffee is roasted in the first place? I want to help you understand how coffee roasting works and … Read more

5 Common Reasons Why Your Coffee Taste Bitter

What does a great cup of coffee mean to you? Chances are you’ll be thinking of words like “smooth”, “velvety” and “aromatic”. What you definitely don’t want is a cup of Joe that leaves you screwing up your face like you’ve sucked on a lemon. So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why does my coffee … Read more

Flat White Vs Latte: What’s the Difference?

So you love coffee. You like it white and creamy. You’ve tried cappuccinos, but you’re not keen on the foam mustache. You, my friend, are a dedicated latte lover. But then along comes this other coffee. The flat white. You’ve heard people rave about it, but you’re not sure what it is. Should you abandon … Read more

What is a Flat White Coffee?

Back in early 2015, coffee behemoth Starbucks unleashed their latest concoction. The drink was an espresso-based brew that quickly went on to become the hipster’s coffee of choice. It was such a hit that there was even talk of the chain phasing out their classic cappuccino. We’re talking, of course, about the Flat White. But what is … Read more

What is Coffee Extract?

Have you ever tried the same coffee in a French press or a Chemex? All the ingredients are the same, right? So why does your final cup of coffee taste different? The answer lies in the complex world of coffee extraction. In other words, how much of the coffee flavor is extracted from your beans … Read more