6 Ways to Reheat Pizza

6 Ways to Reheat Pizza

I love pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t love pizza. But I can’t eat a whole one, except on very rare occasions. So when my family has pizza for dinner, there are always some slices of pie leftover. Over the years, I’ve tried lots of ways of reheating pizza, with varying … Read more

Make an Ice Cream Buffet

5 Easy Steps to Make an Ice Cream Buffet

Ice cream is an ancient pleasure. Its origins back to the second century B.C. Thanks to Marco Polo, who brought a recipe for sherbet from the Far East, Europeans discovered this enjoyment in the early 13th century. It was probably the base for ice cream made in the 16th century. Believe it or not, the … Read more

Freeze Coffee

Can You Freeze Coffee? The Results Will Surprise You

Anyone searching for the perfect cup of coffee knows that it starts with the freshness of the bean. But just how do you go about keeping it fresh? Lots of people will tell you that the answer is putting it in the freezer. After all, it does the job for food, right? But does freezing … Read more

1st, 2nd, 3rd Wave Coffee: What’s the Difference?

Most people with anything more than a slight interest in coffee will surely have heard the term “Third Wave” – but what does it refer to? And when did the First Wave and Second Wave happen? Did we miss them? If you’ve ever been perplexed by confusing coffee culture jargon or wondered about First, Second … Read more

Is Decaf Coffee Acidic

Is Decaf Coffee Acidic?

If you’re trying to be healthy, you might have considered dropping the caffeine from your coffee. But perhaps you’ve heard of other things that have got you worried about your cup of Joe. One of those might be acid. But what do we mean by acid when it comes to coffee? And is decaf coffee … Read more

How to Freeze Coffee Creamer

Can You Freeze Liquid Coffee Creamer?

We all know what it’s like, right? The festive season rolls around again and before we know it, the stores are filled with enticing flavors of coffee creamer that we simply can’t resist buying. But you never get through that much. Or perhaps sometimes you do! Maybe you want to buy them now and save … Read more

9 Traditional British Cheeses You May Love

Britain may not rank among the world’s largest countries, but it has a long tradition of cheese production, and more than 700 varieties now exist. With such a selection, it might be hard to know which ones to sample – so here are nine British cheeses you might want to try. Traditional British Cheeses 1. … Read more

13 Most Common Espresso Drinks in the World

13 Most Common Espresso Drinks in the World

Broadly speaking, there are two main ways of making coffee, brewing methods (including drip coffee, French press and so on) and the espresso method. Many of the familiar drinks on the menus of coffee shops around the world begin with a basic espresso and build from there. Have you ever wondered which drinks are espresso-based? … Read more

How Much Ground Coffee for 10 Cups

How Much Ground Coffee for 10 Cups?

When you watch a skilled barista at work in your local coffee shop, preparing your drink always appears so effortless. They seem to know instinctively just how much ground coffee to use, exactly how long to brew and precisely how much milk to froth. Appearances can be deceptive. This expertise only comes with training and … Read more