» 17 Homemade Energy Drink You Can DIY Easily

17 Homemade Energy Drink You Can DIY Easily

17 Homemade Energy Drink You Can DIY Easily
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In the last decade or so, commercial energy drinks have become increasingly popular, but they are known to include plenty of unhealthy ingredients, and they can also cost a lot of money if you buy them often.

However, it’s extremely easy to make healthy alternatives that are probably more effective and cost a whole lot less – and if you want to know how, here are 17 plans that will teach you the recipes you need.

1. Easy Homemade Energy Drink

Easy Homemade Energy Drink

As this blog explains, many store-bought energy drinks contain many unnecessary ingredients, along with far too much caffeine, which causes a crash when it leaves your body. Much better is to make an energy drink yourself, so you know exactly what is going into it – and here you’ll find a recipe for a healthy one based on green tea, fresh fruits and honey. This is a drink that’s sure to give you a boost whenever you need it, and you can vary the ingredients too, allowing you to come up with delicious, nutritious versions of your own.

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2. DIY Red Bull – Making Your Own Energy Drink

This video tells the story of some bar owners who decided to invent their own version of Red Bull to sell to their customers. Red Bull might be among the world’s most famous energy drinks, but it’s also notoriously packed full of sugar, caffeine and artificial ingredients that are probably not things you want to consume in large quantities on a regular basis. Instead, their version uses only natural ingredients while still delivering the boost you need. Check out their post and see if you can create something similar!


3. How to Make Homemade Energy Drinks

How to Make Homemade Energy Drinks

Here’s a plan for three different healthy energy drinks that this blogger created as a response to the unhealthy versions that are commonly sold in stores. Each of these drinks – the Fire Hydrant, the Quick Fix and the Heavy Lifter – is designed to be drunk in different situations. If you can’t guess which is which from the creative names, head over to the blog to find out more.

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4. How to Make a Homemade Sports Drink

The question this YouTuber asks is whether you would prefer to pay $2 for a bottle of something that’s artificially colored and flavored and probably not that great for you – or one you can make yourself from natural ingredients and costs a fraction of the price. For most people, the answer is obvious, and if you want to prepare a healthy sports drink that’s good for and will also save you money, this video has all the info you need.


5. 3 Homemade Energy Drink Recipes

3 Homemade Energy Drink Recipes

This blogger makes the interesting point that as the seasons change, our bodies are in tune with the varying energies and vibrations, which can sometimes lead to weakness, lethargy and a reduced immune system. One way to counter this is to ensure your body has all the essential nutrients it needs but preparing the right energy drinks at the right times. This blog gives you details of how to prepare three drinks that can help with this, ensuring you stay healthy throughout the year.

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6. Simple Homemade Energy Drink

Healthy energy drinks can be quick and easy to prepare without the need for exotic or expensive ingredients. The one this YouTuber teaches us to make consists of cucumber, lemon, honey, ginger and water. That’s all you need, and these ingredients are specially chosen to ensure you’ll have lots of energy for the rest of the day. This is a super easy recipe, and you can also make up a batch and then freeze it for when you need it – so why not have a go and see what you think?


7. 5 Ways to Make Natural Energy Drinks at Home

5 Ways to Make Natural Energy Drinks at Home

As you learn more about the body’s needs and the benefits different ingredients can bring, you’ll start to realize that different energy drinks can be consumed for different purposes. For example, an energy drink for that’s ideal for first thing in the morning is not going to be the same as one you want to drink after an intensive workout. That’s why this post teaching you about five different options is so useful – because it allows you to choose the drink most suited to your needs at any particular time.

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8. DIY Energy Drink – Save Money and Train Harder

Do you know the difference between isotonic drinks, hypotonic drinks and hypertonic drinks? This is essential information when making sports energy drinks because they all have different effects on your body, and you need to be sure you are making the right kind. This video provides an overview of the science behind how it all works, giving you the understanding required to make the kind of energy drink that will benefit you most, improving your sporting performance.


9. How to Make a Cheap and Effective Energy Drink

How to Make a Cheap and Effective Energy Drink

If you want to make a homemade energy drink to enhance your performance in endurance sports like cycling, you need to understand the what’s happening in your body. This post teaches you the basics, helping you to understand more about your body’s requirements. It then goes on to talk about making inexpensive but highly effective energy drinks that will help improve your performance while saving you lots of money.

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10. How to Make a Clean and Healthy Version of Monster Energy Drinks

Monster energy drinks have become extremely popular in recent years, but like many similar products, there are concerns about how healthy they are – especially when drunk in large quantities. However, this YouTuber claims to have designed a version that has a similar effect on your energy levels while being a lot better for your health. And if that sounds like it could be worth trying, check out his video to see how he did it.


11. How to Make an Energy Drink

How to Make an Energy Drink

Here are three inexpensive and healthy recipes for energy drinks from WikiHow. We love this site because it’s such a useful resource for learning how to do so many things. The plans are always well written and easy to follow, and this one is no exception, so why not head over and see if you agree.

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12. Homemade Energy Drink

In this video, this YouTuber shows us how to make a healthy citrus-based energy drink that’s full of nutrients and electrolytes that will taste delicious and give you a boost without any of the unnecessary junk found in store-bought versions. It’s a quick and easy recipe to follow, and we’re sure lots of people will be keen to try it. So why not make up a batch and sample it yourself?


13. How to Make a Healthy Energy Drink Yourself

How to Make a Healthy Energy Drink Yourself

This blog post starts by listing all the problems with the kind of energy drinks you can pick up in stores – and there are lots. It then goes on to give you a far healthier solution by providing a recipe for a natural energy drink you can make at home. We’re certainly convinced that that’s a far better option – and we’re sure most people will agree!

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14. Make a Gym Energy Drink with Electrolytes

Most people have heard of electrolytes, but not everyone understands what they are and why they need to be replenished, so this video begins by explaining that one important electrolyte is potassium, and that we lose it in sweat when we exercise. If you want to know more, watch the video for details – and keep watching to learn how to make an inexpensive drink that will help replace lost electrolytes after your workout.


15. How to Make Your Own Homemade Sports Drink

How to Make Your Own Homemade Sports Drink

Any keen cyclist will understand the importance of keeping hydrated as well as providing the body with everything else it needs to keep performing at peak levels. Most cyclists are also aware that commercial energy drinks are not always the best option since they contain lots of stuff you don’t necessarily want to put into your body. Much better is to drink natural versions that are just as effective but without any harmful additives – and this blog teaches you how to make them.

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16. Natural Energy Drink Recipe

This video tutorial teaches you how to make a natural vegan-friendly energy drink that can help detoxify your body while also boosting metabolism. By drinking drinks such as this, you will experience a noticeable increase in your energy levels – and this long-lasting benefit is far healthier than an energy boost followed by the crash that is associated with the kind of energy drinks you can buy in a store.


17. Homemade Energy Drink (Works Fast!)

Here’s a quick and easy energy drink that takes moments to prepare and delivers an energy boost in a short time too. The magic ingredient here is the coconut water, which is known as “nature’s sports drink” due to its natural ability to replenish depleted electrolytes. This drink looks delicious too – and we’re thinking we need to try it just for the taste, quite apart from any health benefits it might bring!


Lots of healthy and delicious alternatives to commercial energy drinks

When we see the list of possibilities for healthy alternatives, we find it hard to understand why anyone would even want to drink sugar-filled store-bought energy drinks which probably do far more harm than good.

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out about these healthy alternatives from the plans we’ve collected, and above all, we hope you’ve found some recipes you want to try to give you an energy boost in a far more beneficial way.


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