» Does Nutella Go Bad?How Long Does It Last?

Does Nutella Go Bad?How Long Does It Last?

Does Nutella Go Bad

People who love chocolate love a bit of chocolate spread to put on their pastries and bread. That is why Nutella has become one of the world’s most popular spreads on the market today.

It is so popular that you can buy it as a spread or part of a snack box that comes with cookies. So it is apparent that Nutella is a favorite addition to any kitchen, but it might make us wonder whether Nutella goes bad.

Does Nutella Go Bad?

Nutella is a delicious nutty chocolate spread that adds a bit of sweetness and wonderful chocolate-nutty flavor to your snacks and dishes. Although the spread can last pretty well, it can go bad.

You will find that its quality decreases from the minute you open the container, and after some time, you won’t get that strong taste of chocolate and nuts from it that you love so much.

When your Nutella has become pretty tasteless and lost its aroma, it isn’t fresh enough to be further enjoyed. Nutella has become a very popular product to have in your pantry and by knowing how to store it properly, you will be able to last it for months.


How Long Does Nutella Last?

How Long Does Nutella Last

Nutella lasts very well if stored correctly. In fact, you will find that an unopened jar of Nutella lasts for at least two months past the best by date printed on the container. The good news is that Nutella can last well past the best by date even when it has been opened already.

So, if you store your Nutella correctly, you will be able to enjoy your Nutella for at least 12 months. The Nutella piping bags can last for up to six months after opening.

There are several factors that affect how long your Nutella will stay fresh. Some of these factors you can control such as choosing a spot where you will keep your Nutella. Some of the factors you can’t control, such as how long your Nutella was on the shelf before you bought it.

If you are someone who likes Nutella but you tend to consume small amounts of it, it might be best if you bought small containers of it instead of large ones.

By doing this you will avoid having old Nutella in your home that has become tasteless. You might think that storing your Nutella in the fridge or freezer will postpone the shelf life more, but you should not keep your Nutella in the fridge as it makes it hard to use your Nutella because it becomes too hard to be spreadable.

How Long Does Nutella Last in the Pantry?

Unopened 2 months past the best by date
Opened 12 months
Nutella piping bags 6 months


4 Tips to Tell if Nutella Has Gone Bad

How to Tell if Nutella Has Gone Bad

Nutella is a tasty treat to have on hand any time of the day, and all ages love it. Unfortunately, although it lasts pretty well and can stay fresh for months, it can go bad.

By knowing how to tell if your Nutella has gone bad you can avoid spoiling a perfectly delicious croissant or digestive cookie by spreading rancid Nutella on it. There are four ways to tell if your Nutella has gone bad, including the smell, appearance, taste, and texture of your Nutella.

Let’s look at the four tips in more detail:

  • Look at your Nutella closely

Nutella has a lovely dark brown color that looks creamy and chocolatey. If you find that your Nutella has become dull over time, it is probably not a good idea to eat it.

Furthermore, if there are any signs of mold or organic growth in your Nutella, you should not eat it. If you see that your Nutella has split and there is a layer of oil on top of your Nutella, you shouldn’t eat any more of it.

Finally, if you find any evidence of bugs in your Nutella, you should avoid eating it. If you find any spotting in your Nutella, throw it away and buy yourself some fresh Nutella that will put a smile on your face.

  • Smell your Nutella

Nutella has a very distinctive aroma that smells of chocolate and nuts. Therefore, it isn’t fresh anymore if you smell your Nutella, and it has lost that wonderful smell. Moreover, if you smell that your Nutella has an unpleasant aroma, you should buy fresh Nutella instead.

  • Has the texture of your Nutella changed?

Nutella has a very smooth texture that is easy to spread on bread and pastries. If you find that your Nutella has become very hard or grainy, it has gone past its best, and you shouldn’t eat it. Likewise, if you find that your Nutella has become overly dry and is hard to spread, it is best to avoid eating it.

  • Does your Nutella taste the same?

Nutella has an incredibly creamy taste that is rich in chocolate and nuts. If you taste your Nutella and feel that it has become quite tasteless, it is best to buy fresh Nutella. In addition, if you think that your Nutella has become quite unpleasant in taste, it is best not to eat any more of it. You won’t enjoy it anyway.

2 Tips to Store Nutella

People love Nutella so much that they have started making their own homemade Nutella. However, store bought Nutella is delicious and lasts much longer than homemade Nutella.

Storing your Nutella correctly will make a big difference in how long you will be able to enjoy your chocolate spread. It is advised not to keep your Nutella in the fridge or freezer since the cool temperatures make the spread very hard to spread and, therefore, inconvenient to use.

However, keeping your Nutella in your pantry is acceptable as long as your store it in the right spot and the correct container.

  • Picking a spot in your pantry for your Nutella

As mentioned above, your pantry is the perfect place for your Nutella. However, your Nutella needs to be stored away from direct sunlight, so never keep it outside or on a windowsill.

In addition, your Nutella won’t last well if it is exposed to heat elements like your oven or stove. Exposure to high heat will make your Nutella split separating the oils and making it very undesirable to consume. Therefore, keep your Nutella away from your oven or stove. The best place to keep your Nutella will be in a cool cupboard in your pantry.

  • Picking a container for your Nutella

Nutella comes in a well-designed container that keeps it fresh for months. You can store it in its original container without any issues. However, if the original container has become damaged somehow or you prefer not to use it, you should choose an airtight container that is easy to close.

Also, it is best to keep your Nutella in a glass container since plastic containers can cause it to sweat in high temperatures, exposing it to unwanted moisture. If you decide to use a different container to store your Nutella, make sure that the container is clean and completely dry. Placing your Nutella in a container that isn’t clean or wet can expose it to bacterial contamination that will dramatically decrease the quality and shelf life of your Nutella.

The Risk of Consuming Expired Nutella

If you have eaten Nutella that has become rancid, don’t worry. The chances of you getting seriously ill from it are very slim. Most people find that they don’t have any side effects if they consume old Nutella. However, people with sensitive digestive systems might experience mild cramping or bloating if they accidentally eat some rancid Nutella.

Luckily it will pass within a couple of hours. One important thing to keep in mind when consuming Nutella is that it contains nuts, so people who have nut allergies should not eat it. If you accidentally swallowed Nutella and you have nut allergies, you should seek medical help if you don’t have an EpiPen on hand.

Can You Freeze Nutella?

It is not advised to freeze Nutella. The cold temperatures of the freezer will solidify the oils in your Nutella and make it nearly impossible to spread. Moreover, it will decrease the quality of your Nutella since the freezing and thawing process isn’t ideal for the fatty makeup of the spread.

Even your fridge’s cool temperatures aren’t ideal for your Nutella. It is best to keep your Nutella in the pantry in a cool spot where it won’t come into contact with direct sunlight or heat elements. Keep your Nutella in a glass container that can seal adequately to avoid moisture leaking in and mold contamination.



Nutella can add that special touch to your home bakes, treats, and breakfast. For example, treat your family to a lovely Nutella waffle on a Sunday morning or keep a jar in the office for a light, quick snack. By knowing how to store your Nutella the best way, you will never have to worry about whether your Nutella has gone bad.


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