» Does Tonic Water Go Bad? How Long Does It Last?

Does Tonic Water Go Bad? How Long Does It Last?

Does Tonic Water Go Bad How Long Does Tonic Water Last

Nothing settles an upset tummy quite like tonic water. It is a carbonated drink that is great as a thirst-quencher. It is very versatile and often used in cocktails.

The most well-known cocktail made with tonic water is gin and tonic. Since it is so popular, I bet people often wonder whether tonic water goes bad.

Does Tonic Water Go Bad?

People might think that tonic water doesn’t go bad, much like ordinary water. However, your tonic water can go bad. If your tonic water is sealed and unopened, it lasts pretty well, and if stored correctly, it can last long after the best by the date stated on the bottle or can.

However, once you have opened your tonic water, you should enjoy it within three days. Keeping your opened tonic water for longer than that will result in a beverage that has lost its carbonation and freshness.

Drinking tonic water that has lost its bubbly feature isn’t refreshing or delicious, so it is simply better to avoid drinking it.

How Long Does Tonic Water Last?

How Long Does Tonic Water Last

The shelf life of tonic water largely depends on whether the container has been opened or not. If your tonic water remains unopened and properly sealed, it can last up to nine months after the expiry date.

Therefore, you must store your tonic water properly to ensure long shelf life. Unopened tonic water should be stored in a cool and dry place so that it won’t the container won’t be damaged or the seal won’t be broken. An unnoticed broken seal will result in tonic water that shouldn’t be enjoyed anymore.

When it comes to opened tonic water, the shelf life decreases dramatically. Therefore, once you have opened your tonic water, it is best to consume it within three days because it loses its quality and refreshment value.

In fact, if you enjoy your tonic water very bubbly and fresh, it is best to consume it within 24 hours of opening. However, if you go past the 24 hours, you should make sure to drink it within three days, but be sure to keep it in the fridge.

If you left your opened tonic water outside the fridge for longer than six hours, it is time to throw it out. Although you won’t get sick from drinking opened tonic water that has been left outside for longer than that, the tonic water will be tasteless and unpleasant.

However, if you see any contamination in your opened tonic water, you should not drink it because it can have hazardous consequences.

How Long Does Tonic Water Last?

Unopened 9 months past expiry date
Opened stored in the fridge 3 days
Opened left outside the fridge 6 hours

4 Tips To Tell if Tonic Water has Gone Bad

4 Tips To Tell if Tonic Water has Gone Bad

If you have had your tonic water in your pantry for a long time, it is natural that you might be unsure whether it is still suitable for consumption.

You might be so excited to drink this lemony liquid, but then you might not be sure whether it is still safe to drink. Knowing how to tell if tonic water has gone bad or not is very beneficial. It could mean the difference between having a gin and tonic at night or having to throw out your tonic water.

Examining the container

If the container of your tonic water has been damaged or altered in any way, it is best to avoid drinking it. Also, if the can of your tonic water shows signs of rust, it is vital to prevent drinking it. Sipping any beverage from a rusty can be very dangerous and should very be done. Lastly, if they can show signs of mold contamination, you should not drink it. Finally, if your tonic water container has become misshapen, it is best not to drink the tonic water.

Looking at the beverage

When you pour your tonic water, it should be a clear and bubbly liquid. If there have been any color changes, don’t drink it. Tonic water that has a yellow or cloudy appearance has passed its best and shouldn’t be consumed. Also, if there is any evidence of contamination in the liquid, don’t drink it. If you have an opened container and you see bugs or small elements floating in your tonic water, you should avoid drinking it.

Smell the beverage

Tonic water has a very distinct, fresh smell. If your tonic water has lost its pleasant aroma and smells unusual or unpleasant, you should not drink it. In fact, it is an excellent rule of thumb when it comes to food and drinks that you never eat or drink something that smells off. It is vital to trust your gut if you are unsure about the freshness and quality of any food or drink product.

Taste the beverage

Tonic water should be bubbly and refreshing. If you take a sip of your tonic water and it tastes strange or unpleasant, the time has come not to drink it anymore. Likewise, any tonic water that has a rancid taste should be avoided. If your tonic water isn’t tasting the way it should, don’t drink any more of it because you won’t enjoy it anyway.

3 Tips To Store Your Tonic Water

3 Tips To Store Your Tonic Water

Storing your tonic water properly can make all the difference between enjoying your carbonated lemony drink or having to throw it out. Unopened tonic water lasts months after its expiry date if stored correctly.

Keep unopened tonic water in a cool, dark place.

You might be tempted to keep your unopened tonic water in your fridge, but it is not necessary. If you prefer keeping it in the refrigerator and you have the space, go for it. However, if you want your fridge space for other things, keeping your unopened tonic water in a cool, dry area in your pantry is entirely acceptable. Keeping the containers away from direct sunlight or heat elements is essential, so storing your tonic water close to a window or oven isn’t a good decision.

Keep your opened tonic water in the fridge.

Once you have opened the tonic water container, the shelf life decreases dramatically. You can still enjoy it, but you will need to do so within three days. Keep your opened tonic water in the fridge until you are ready to drink it.

Avoid freezing your tonic water.

When it comes to storing your tonic water, the pantry or the fridge are your only choices. It isn’t recommended to keep your tonic water in the freezer.

The Risk of Consuming Expired Tonic Water

The Risk of Consuming Expired Tonic Water

If you consume tonic water that has gone past its best, you won’t get sick. It might just leave a strange taste in your mouth.

However, if the container that your tonic water is in is rusted or contaminated with mold, you must avoid drinking it. Drinking beverages from cans that show signs of rust can be dangerous.

You can get food poisoning from this, and it can have uncomfortable and severe consequences. If you are drinking your tonic water from a can, it is important that you can clean the can before you take that first sip. Cans are shipped and stored for a long time before they end up in your pantry, and you don’t know what elements the cans came in contact with.

Therefore, give your tonic water a good wipe down before opening it. Cans that show signs of damage and have become misformed should be avoided.

In addition, drinking tonic water that has become contaminated should always be avoided because it can make you ill. Don’t drink the tonic water if your open tonic water container shows signs of mold, bugs, or unusual spotting.

Tonic water is high in quinine, so it is best to drink your tonic water in moderation. The overconsumption of tonic water can lead to hives, hyperactiveness, and swelling of the tongue.

People who have an allergy to quinine or are super sensitive should avoid drinking tonic water. If you feel unwell after drinking tonic water, you might be sensitive to quinine. In this case, switching your tonic water with soda water might be a better option for you.

Can You Freeze Tonic Water?

Freezing tonic water isn’t recommended for the same reason that you shouldn’t freeze any carbonated drinks. Putting your tonic water in the freezer will change its quality and make it taste unusual.

In addition to affecting the quality, you’ll find that your tonic water has lost all of its carbonation by the time it has thawed. Tonic water that is stored in an aluminum can should never be in your freezer because you run the risk of the can exploding and the tonic water leaking into your freezer.

Therefore, it isn’t recommended that you freeze your tonic water. Instead, stick to storing it in the fridge or pantry. You can enjoy your tonic water regularly if you follow the proper storage recommendations.


Tonic water is excellent to have on hand because it is refreshing and versatile. In addition, you can delight your guests with a delicious gin and tonic for a sundowner delight. Therefore you must keep the proper storage ways in mind so your tonic water won’t go bad.


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