» Does Rum Go Bad? How Long Does It Last?

Does Rum Go Bad? How Long Does It Last?

Does Rum Go Bad How Long Does Rum Last

After a busy day at the office, many of us enjoy kicking back with a drink.

Rum is an alcoholic product that is very versatile and refreshing making it a great addition to your bar.

You can use it in several cocktails, as an ingredient in marinades, and in your baking.

Of course, people who love rum would always like to have some in the house, but they might be concerned about whether rum goes bad.

Does Rum Go Bad?

Although it is unlikely, rum can go bad. Most strong spirits have such a high alcohol percentage that the spirit can’t go bad unless it hasn’t been stored with care.

Since rum is a strong spirit, it doesn’t go bad quickly. However, if your rum isn’t stored correctly, it can go bad, resulting in your rum tasting vile and unpleasant.

On the other hand, if you keep your rum ideally, you will be able to enjoy this wonderful spirit in your cooking, baking, and cocktails for years.

The high alcohol content in the rum will prevent it from going bad unless it isn’t stored correctly.

How Long Does Rum Last?

How Long Does Rum Last

If your rum is stored correctly, it can last for years. It won’t go bad, and you will be able to enjoy it whenever you like for years to come.

However, you might find that your rum starts to lose its strong, distinctive taste and aroma after a year or two. Therefore it is recommended to replace your rum after two years of opening the bottle.

This is not because your rum would have gone bad within two years, but rather because the quality of your rum starts to decrease when you open the bottle.

If you are happy to enjoy rum that has lost some of its flavor and taste, then continue to enjoy it unless you see signs that it has gone off.

However, if you love the fresh and unique flavor of rum, treat yourself to a new bottle if a few years have passed and your rum seems dull.

If you love the taste of fresh tasting rum, you can also transfer your rum to smaller containers so that it doesn’t come in contact with as much oxygen as it would in a large bottle.

Always be sure to use a glass bottle that can seal completely. Bottles with pourers can’t prevent the alcohol in your rum from evaporating resulting in decreased quality.

How Long Does Rum Last?

Stored in the pantry 2 years
Stored in the fridge 2 years
Stored in the freezer 3 years

3 Tips to Tell if Rum Has Gone Bad

3 Tips to Tell if Rum Has Gone Bad

Enjoying a nice glass of rum is something many people are excited to do at the end of a long day. However, it can be disappointing if you find that your rum has gone past its best.

Therefore, it is a helpful skill to be able to tell if your rum has gone off. Here are three tips that will help you determine whether your rum is still fresh and suitable to be enjoyed:

Examine the bottle and the contents

Rum that has lost its freshness will often appear discolored or cloudy. As a rule, it is always a good idea to avoid spirits and alcohol that have gone past their best and appear to have changed in color or seem cloudy.

In addition, if you spot any mold or organic growth in or around the bottle-top, it is best not to have the rum. If you find that there are tiny particles floating in your rum, it is best to discontinue use.

Finally, if the lid of your rum bottle has become quite rusted, it is also a good idea to replace your rum with fresh rum.

Smell your rum

Rum has a distinctive and pleasant aroma. If you open your bottle of rum and it doesn’t have that wonderful scent, your rum isn’t fresh anymore.

Although it won’t make you sick, it won’t add that wonderful rum flavor to your dishes, drinks, or bakes that you are hoping for.

Taste your rum

Fresh rum has a great taste. Therefore if your rum doesn’t taste like much, it is no longer fresh. Similarly, if you find that your rum has become quite unpleasant to drink, it has passed its best time of consumption.

4 Tips to Store Rum

Rum can last for years if it is stored well. You can choose to store your rum in your pantry, fridge, or freezer, depending on the amount of space you have and your preference for the temperature of your rum.

Although most people enjoy their rum at room temperature, rum keeps just as well in the fridge and freezer.

Keeping your rum in the pantry

Most people prefer to keep their spirits in their pantry, and doing this is a great option. The area that you choose for your rum isn’t as important as the container it is in.

Be sure to keep your rum in a cool place that is dark and away from heat elements or direct sunlight. If your rum gets heated because it is close to your stove, for example, its quality will decrease much faster, resulting in tasteless rum.

Similarly, if your rum stands in a spot where the sun shines on it every day, you won’t be able to enjoy that classic rum taste for as long as you would like.

Never store your rum in a bottle with a pourer because the alcohol will evaporate and intensify the oxidation process. Instead, keep your rum in a bottle that can be closed completely. The containers that rum comes in are fine for long-term storage.

Storing your rum in the fridge

If you enjoy cool rum, it is acceptable to keep it in the fridge. Also, keep your rum in a bottle that can be completely closed because you don’t want the refrigerator’s moisture to affect your rum’s quality.

Storing your rum in the freezer

You can keep your rum in the freezer if you enjoy icy cold drinks. You’ll find that rum lasts well in the freezer if you use a bottle that can close completely.

Storing your rum in a smaller container if you aren’t planning on finishing it quickly

If you enjoy having rum in the house, but you don’t use it frequently, you might find that it is worth your time to transfer your rum to a smaller container.

The reason for this is because the alcohol in your rum reacts to the oxygen in the bottle it is in and oxidises.

Therefore, by placing your rum in a smaller container, you lessen the amount of oxygen that it is exposed to.

It is important that you choose a glass container that can close completely to prevent the alcohol in your rum from evaporating.

The Risk of Consuming Expired Rum

Fortunately, there is no risk if you consume expired rum. Strong spirits don’t make people sick when they have gone past their best.

However, you might find the taste to be disappointing. It is important to note that the overconsumption of rum is not healthy and should be avoided. It is best to enjoy your rum in moderation and responsibly.

Suppose you notice any signs of mold contamination on the bottle that your rum is in. In that case, it is best to avoid drinking it because mold contamination can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Drinking rum that has come into contact with mold contamination could result in bloating, nausea, and vomiting.

Can You Freeze Rum?

Yes, you can store your rum in the freezer. In fact, rum keeps remarkably well in the freezer because it doesn’t freeze.

Most strong spirits have an ABV that makes it impossible for a typical home freezer to freeze it. Since pure rum needs a temperature of lower than 17 Fahrenheit to freeze, it won’t freeze in a typical home freezer because they are normally set to zero Fahrenheit.

That means you can enjoy your rum whenever you like without having to worry about how you will get the frozen liquid out of the bottle. However, suppose you have a rum liqueur.

In that case, it is best not to keep it in the freezer because they tend to have a lower alcohol by volume(ABV) number, so these liqueurs freeze at a higher temperature, and you might find that your rum liqueur has become frozen solid.

By freezing the rum liqueur, you will decrease its quality immensely, as well as having to waste time waiting for it to thaw.


Rum is a popular spirit that has been enjoyed for years and will be for many years to come because of its unique flavor and versatility.

By knowing how to store your rum, you will not be disappointed in the quality and freshness of your rum.

You will be able to enjoy your rum for years to come if you store it properly and you will never have to worry that your rum has gone bad.


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