» 18 Easy Homemade Mortar and Pestle Plans

18 Easy Homemade Mortar and Pestle Plans

18 Homemade Mortar and Pestle Plans You Can DIY Easily
Image: Lucky Belly

Mortar and pestle are a must-have in your kitchen if you want to ‘spice-up’ your recipes. These items are precious and vintage and are definitely worth the price. But why invest money on something you can make almost for free?

On top of that, the fun you’re going to have while DIYing the set will be unparalleled. Be it stone, wood, or ceramic; you’ll find all kinds of DIY mortar and pestle tutorials here in this post.

1. How to make mortar pestle from stone rock

You can make a mortar and pestle for almost $0 if you could find dense stones big enough to make mortar and pestle. Though this DIY tutorial is only a minute long, all the necessary steps and tools are clearly shown in the video. The names of tools are, however, unclear.

If you’re an avid DIY lover, Do It Yourself has interesting DIY ideas, including incredibly innovative DIY food recipes.


2. Throw clay mortar and pestles on a pottery wheel

Throw clay mortar and pestles on a pottery wheel

You can find three YouTube videos of a single tutorial series ‘SIMON LEACH POTTERY – Throwing Mortars and Pestles’ on this blog post. If you love pottery, you must check Simon Leach channel on YouTube out.

Moreover, Wonder How to has a fantastic range of DIYs, hacks, tips, and tricks on their site. Be it gadget hacks, food hacks, or any DIYs, their blog posts are amazing.

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3. Making a Mortar & Pestle

The Youtuber from Mitch Tarrant transformed lumps of diorite into a mortar and a pestle using two major tools; a diamond grinding disc and a diamond cutting wheel.

The procedure is so simple that you’ll want to start on this project right away. This channel has some excellent woodworking and metalworking DIYs, including a range of decorative items DIYs as well.


4. Making a Large mortar and pestle

Making a Large mortar and pestle

Not only this large mortar and pestle DIY makes an fun project, but you can even decorate these antique African styles mortar and pestle on your kitchen.

Every step is clearly elaborated with the help of pictures. You can even find a DIY tutorial plan for a bellow on this blog post. How cool is that?

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5. How To Make Your Own Stone Pestle And Mortar (It’s Surprisingly Easy!)

The next time you go to a beach, remember to look for such beautiful round stones just like this Youtuber did. You can then follow this simple DIY tutorial to transform your stone into an excellent mortar and pestle.

The round pestle design on this mortar and pestle set makes this DIY more exquisite. For some interesting DIYs, informative videos, and a few vlogs now and then, follow Way Out West Blow-in big’s YouTube journey.


6. Homemade Mortar & Pestle

Homemade Mortar & Pestle

A mortar and a pestle’s primary function is to crush and grind spices, herbs, grains. Although there are many fancy machines and alternative ways to achieve the result, there’s a simple 1-min trick to make your own homemade mortar and pestle.

All you need to do is take a metal, porcelain, marble, or wooden bowl and a fist-sized rock. However, to know some essential tips on how to use this homemade mortar and pestle, make sure to read this blog post.

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7. How It’s Made – Mortars and Pestles

This video will give you insights on how a mortar and a pestle set is created using rocks and designed before they are brought to the market. You can even paint the mortars, as shown in the video.

If you are more interested in how certain products are made or where they come from, the How Its Made channel on YouTube will get you hooked.


8. Pestle and mortar plan

Pestle and mortar plan

On this site, you’ll get to download a project plan for not only one type of mortar and pestle but two versions of mortar and pestle. The dimensions are clearly mentioned in the plan.

However, this tutorial might not be for you if you’re not an experienced woodworker as no step-by-step guide is given on this blog. For some more woodworking and metalworking DIY projects, you can surf Craftmanspace’s website.

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9. Wood Turning Oak Mortar and Pestle that Spalted!

This guy made an excellent mortar and pestle that looked like a store-bought one in under an hour. However, we’d recommend you to watch this tutorial only if you have a wood lathe machine.

Nevertheless, if you are very dedicated to this project and loved this design, you can even DIY a wood lathe machine. Just give it a YouTube or Google search, and you won’t be disappointed.


10. Pestle and Mortar archive

Pestle and Mortar archive

This DIY project also requires a wood lathe machine. The bottom of the mortar is flat, which makes it more stable on surfaces. You can click the arrows next to the photos for step-by-step instructions.

Project plans are available on the right-hand side of the blog, and the wood type and dimensions the blogger used for the DIY is mentioned in the last paragraph of the post.

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11. How to make stone carving mortar and pestle || How to make a mortar and pestle from stone

For this project, you don’t need any fancy tools, such as a lathe machine. Most of the work is done using a chisel. However, if you want to give your DIY mortar and pestle a sleek store-bought finish, using a diamond grinding disc can step up your whole DIY game.

Chaitu’s World has many fun DIY videos on their channel. From making jewelry to origami shoes, these adorable decorative DIYs will win your heart.


12. Alternatives to the Mortar & Pestle

Alternatives to the Mortar & Pestle

Let’s take a break from DIYs that require your hard work and talk about some alternatives for a mortar and pestle. Yes, you don’t have to worry about DIYing a mortar and pestle if you lack skills or tools.

You might have heard about using grinders and blenders as alternatives. But, did you know that you can even use a rolling pin for that purpose? If you want to know how, head over to this site.

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13. How to Make a Wooden Mortar and Pestle with my Guest Pai

Wood Work Web has many interesting videos for woodworking enthusiasts. From tutorials on how to use various tools to fun DIYs like DIY mortar and pestle, their videos are truly informative and fun.

In this tutorial video, the Youtuber from Wood Work Web, along with his guest, makes a unique wooden mortar and pestle using a wood lathe machine. You will also get some bonus tips on how to maintain your DIY mortar and pestle.


14. How To Turn a Mortar & Pestle – WOOD magazine

This DIY mortar and pestle design are incredibly eye-catching. It comes with a small removable bowl, its holder, and a pestle. If you want to shop for this DIY project plan, you can find the link on the description box.

This 55 mins long tutorial will give you enough ideas on what you should be doing. On top of that, the Youtuber also provides you with a lot of information and advice.


15. Turning a Mortar & Pestle on the Lathe

Turning a Mortar & Pestle on the Lathe

Here’s a written tutorial for a DIY mortar and pestle on a lathe. You can even find a tutorial video attached to this post.

The tutorial might seem overwhelming at first glance due to the bulky paragraphs. But you’ll get a pretty good idea of the project once you give this post a good read.

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16. Making a Mortar and Pestle – Wheel Throwing and Hand Carving

Are you a pottery enthusiast? Well, we’ve got a tutorial for you as well. Though ceramic mortar and pestle are quite fragile, we cannot get over its charm, can we?

This uncut detailed tutorial might be an excellent guide for you if you’re looking forward to making a mortar and pestle on a pottery wheel.


17. DIY Making Pestle (lusong) and Mortar (hal.o) out of mahogany trunk part.1

Here’s another DIY tutorial incase you want to DIY a large mortar and pestle. Compared to the other large mortar and pestle DIY, this DIY requires no burning. Rather the wood is carved using simple tools, and you don’t need to have any professional tools for this project.


18. What to Do When You Don’t Have a Mortar & Pestle

What to Do When You Don’t Have a Mortar & Pestle

If you’re not someone who loves doing DIYs, you might be skimming for mortar and pestle alternatives instead. If yes, here’s one blog post that would be incredibly helpful for you.

Three alternatives for grinding your spices/herbs are given in this post, and to your surprise, an alternative to spice grinder is also mentioned.

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After reading this blog post, you don’t have to hold yourself from making recipes that include grinding spices or herbs. You can make ceramic, stone, or wooden mortar and pestle or even use alternative ways instead.

However, if you can, we would recommend you to DIY one as mortar and pestle does a better job at expelling flavors and oils from spices and herbs than modern grinders.

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