» 21 Easy Homemade Smokehouse Plans

21 Easy Homemade Smokehouse Plans

Smoking food gives it a flavor that no other type of preparation can match, but the problem is, having a smokehouse built at your home can be expensive. However, if you want to save yourself some cash there’s another option – you can DIY one.

21 Homemade Smokehouse Plans You Can Build Easily
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Building a smokehouse is an ambitious project, but with proper planning and a bit of determination, it’s quite possible – so for those who want to try, here are 21 plans for a DIY smokehouse to show you how.

1. Learn How to Build a Smokehouse

Learn How to Build a Smokehouse

If you’re like this blogger and you love grilling and outdoor eating, you’ll love this plan for a smokehouse that will allow you to take things to another level. It’s an bold project, but most people will be able to complete it with a bit of hard work. And when it’s done, you can look forward to all the delicious food you’ll be able to prepare with it.

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2. DIY Smokehouse for under $100

If you want a smokehouse at your home but you don’t want to spend lots of money on it, this could be the plan you need. In it, you’ll learn how to make one for under $100 using mostly materials that you probably already have lying around at home. Want to see how they did it? Then check out the video!


3. DIY Smokehouse

DIY Smokehouse

With this plan, you get to see how this blogger built a simple and compact backyard smokehouse. As he mentions, he no longer has the measurements, so you won’t be able to follow the plan exactly – but anyone with a minimum of DIY know-how should be able to copy it and recreate a version with the dimensions of their choosing.

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4. How to Build a Smokehouse from Permaculture Haven

In this video, you get to see a series of photos from the construction process that these YouTubers went through to build their smokehouse. It isn’t a detailed plan, so if you need precise instructions for how to build a smokehouse, this might not be the best one for you – but if all you want are a few pointers to help you get started, this should be a useful watch.


5. 5 Tips for How to Build a Smokehouse

5 Tips for How to Build a Smokehouse

If you are a more advanced and experienced DIYer, you might not need a complete plan for building a smokehouse because you may already have a good idea of what you’ll need to do. However, it’s always useful to read a few tips and tricks from people who have already attempted the project you’re about to start, and this blog will help you avoid some mistakes you might not otherwise foresee.

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6. 100% Natural Wooden Smokehouse Food Smoking Fish Meat

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth building a smokehouse at home, you might be looking for some videos showing you the kind of thing that’s possible if you own one. In that case, this video should be of interest since it shows a natural wooden smokehouse in action. It doesn’t show you how to build one as such, but it should give you a few ideas, making it well worth checking out.


7. How to Build a Smokehouse Out of Cement Blocks

How to Build a Smokehouse Out of Cement Blocks

Here’s a great plan for making a high-quality smokehouse from cement blocks. You’ll find a list of the materials you’ll need as well as details about all the steps you’ll need to follow to recreate one at home. It might not be the cheapest of options, but it’s a design that will last many years, allowing you to enjoy delicious smoked food for a long time to come.

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8. How to Build A Smokehouse for Your Homestead

If you care about protecting the environment, this video showing you how to build a smokehouse from inexpensive recycled materials should be worth a look. Rather than throw stuff out, you can repurpose it like this, saving you money and helping to save the planet at the same time.


9. DIY Smokehouse from Instructables

DIY Smokehouse from Instructables

Whenever we need a DIY plan, the Instructables site is an ever-reliable resource. As always, this plan gives you a list of the tools and materials you’ll need, clear step-by-step instructions and plenty of photos to help you see what you’re supposed to be doing. Another great plan from this site, just like all the others!

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10. How to Build a Smokehouse Out of Pallet Wood

Building stuff from pallets is now an established sub-category of DIY, and you can use them to build just about anything you can imagine. In this video, you’ll learn how to make a smokehouse from pallets, and since they are so inexpensive – if you even have to pay for them at all – this is a plan that will save you a lot of cash too.


11. How to Build a Smokehouse in Your Backyard

How to Build a Smokehouse in Your Backyard

In this simple plan, you will find all the details you need to build a sturdy and durable smokehouse in your backyard. What we like most about this plan is all the photos that show you exactly what to do at each step, making it easy for just about anybody to replicate it at home.

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12. How to Build a Smokehouse Part 1

For anybody living off the grid, having a smokehouse on their property opens up all kinds of new cooking possibilities, and if you want to build one yourself, this plan will show you how. This video is the first part of a series and shows you how to lay the foundations. If you want to see what to do next, check out the rest of the videos too!


13. DIY Smokehouse from BC Outdoors

DIY Smokehouse from BC Outdoors

If you need a plan that will take you through all the steps for building a smokehouse from the planning stage right up to finishing the construction, this one could be just what you’re looking for. With simple instructions and helpful photos, this is a plan almost anybody will be able to copy.

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14. DIY Smokehouse from Cook With Meat

For anyone who can’t be bothered with reading complicated plans full of details and measurements, this one could be the perfect alternative. In it, you watch as these DIYers build their smokehouse, and all the instructions about what you need to do flash up on the screen as they work. A fun video that we enjoyed watching, great job!


15. DIY Smokehouse Made from Cedar with Attached Firewood Storage Area

DIY Smokehouse Made from Cedar with Attached Firewood Storage Area

If you have a smokehouse, you’ll need wood to burn in it – and with this plan, you will learn how to make a smokehouse that also gives you somewhere to keep that wood. It looks great too, so we’re sure lots of people will be keen to try building something similar.

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16. How to Build Awesome Smokehouse and BBQ

This is a very simple video, consisting of photos of a smokehouse project as it took shape. This is not a detailed plan, but it should give you some ideas about the kind of work to expect. And we loved the cute photos of the kids helping out, too!


17. DIY Backyard Smokehouse

DIY Backyard Smokehouse

The smokehouse in this plan cost around $1000 to make, so it might be a bit beyond what some people are willing to spend. However, if that’s the kind of money you have to invest in the project, this plan will show you how to use it to build a top-quality smokehouse that you can be proud of.

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18. DIY Smokehouse from Shalom Acres

Once you’ve built your DIY smokehouse, you’re likely to want a few tips about the best way to use it, and that’s what this video gives you. You’ll also get a few ideas about how to make a simple version yourself, so why not give it a watch?


19. How to Build a Smokehouse

How to Build a Smokehouse

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have all the details before beginning a project, this one could be just the kind of thing you’re looking for. It tells you everything you need and gives you clear instructions for building a smokehouse that will give you the best chance of success when you start.

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20. How to Build a Smokehouse Southern Style

For anyone who doesn’t have a whole lot of space, this compact smokehouse could be ideal. It was built with pieces of scrap wood, so it won’t cost much to copy, allowing you to start smoking your own food in no time.


21. Building a DIY Smokehouse for Those Who Live in Nature

Building a DIY Smokehouse for Those Who Live in Nature

If you’re an outdoors type who enjoys hunting, you’ll also want a smokehouse to prepare the meat from the animals you take, and building a DIY version is the perfect option. If that sounds like you, this plan will show you how it’s done, allowing you to begin preparing the most delicious smoked meat that will taste all the better because you brought it home yourself.

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Plenty of great options to try

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities if you want to build your own smokehouse – they come in a range of shapes and sizes and won’t necessarily cost you a fortune to build.

We’ve enjoyed finding these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them too – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the plan you needed to build your own DIY smokehouse.

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