» 17 Easy Homemade Water Bottle Labels Ideas

17 Easy Homemade Water Bottle Labels Ideas

17 Homemade Water Bottle Labels Ideas You Can DIY Easily
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Are you looking for something to give your party a little extra pizzazz? How about creating your very own DIY water bottle labels?

They’re a great way of commemorating a special event – and they’re very easy to make! We’ve scoured the internet for 17 brilliant plans to get your creative juices flowing.

So if you’re ready, let’s see what out there!

1. How to Make Your Own Custom DIY Water Bottle Labels

In this video, Ashley from YouTube channel Burst of Sunshine shows you how to make customized labels. Ashley is preparing for her baby shower, but the technique will work just as well for any event. This plan uses to make the label, and shows you everything you need to create your perfect design. It shows you how to download and print them (without wasting paper). And it demonstrates a simple, cheap way to make your labels waterproof.


2. Crafty Fridays: How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels

Crafty Fridays How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels

We love this guide to using free software Inkscape to make water bottle labels. It starts with an inspirational design used for a 2nd birthday party, then explains the pros and cons. There’s a useful list of all the materials you’ll need, and easy to follow instructions. The whole project is described in four simple steps. Each one is illustrated with a clear photograph, so it’s easy to see what to do.

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3. How to Customize Water Bottle Labels Using Microsoft Word

This video shows you how to make your very own custom water bottle labels without any special software. Instead, it uses Microsoft Word – and even if you’re not familiar with Word, it’s very simple. The video shows every step along the way, complete with screen shots. The detailed process takes 23 minutes, but if you’re not confident using computers, the basic approach is very helpful.


4. Create Personalized Labels for Your Water Bottles

Create Personalized Labels for Your Water Bottles

Many of the YouTubers demonstrating how to make water bottle labels use the free software Canva. And Canva’s own website includes a helpful plan for making your own labels too. It includes answers to frequently asked questions and links to a range of templates you can use. And it provides an overview of the process and information on clever features like collaborating on designs online.

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5. How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels with MS Word

If you have Microsoft Office on your home computer, this is a great plan. It shows you how to make a DIY water bottle label using a search engine, Word and Paint. All come as standard with the Office suite of software. You’ll find out how to create your own background, your choice of font – including arched text – and how to layer text and images. Presenter Tracey Hull has a clear and friendly style as she talks you through everything in easy steps.


6. How to Make DIY Water Bottle Labels – Water Bottle Label Template

How to Make DIY Water Bottle Labels – Water Bottle Label Template

This guide includes another great idea for using your customized water bottles – at a murder mystery party! It also has links to a label template and a wide range of printable designs you can download for free. Each stage of the five-step process is described clearly and has a photo to help you follow along. And there are lots of links to online suppliers of the material and equipment used in the project.

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7. DIY Tutorial, Template for water bottle labels for Microsoft and Publisher

This is a great video for anyone who wants a step-by-step guide to making labels. It gives specific measurements for a standard water bottle and shows you how to create labels the right size. The presentation isn’t as slick as some videos, but it’s nice and easy to follow. And it’s particularly good at showing what to do when things aren’t working the way you want them to! The instructions here will work with either Microsoft Word or Publisher software.


8. The Best Choice for Making Waterproof Water Bottle Labels

The Best Choice for Making Waterproof Water Bottle Labels

In this guide, Leslie from party planning website road tests a range of different techniques for waterproofing labels. For each option, she describes the equipment needed, and provides photographs of the results. And there are detailed descriptions of how to recreate the most effective methods. Even better, if you subscribe to the website, you can download some beautiful water bottle labels featuring Mickey Mouse, absolutely free!

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9. How To: Create Your Own Branded/Customized Water Bottle Label, Cheap Branding Ideas

This video from Erica Jay is another one that uses to produce water bottle labels. We love Erica’s bubbly presentation and sunny personality. She takes you through finding the correct dimensions for your water bottle and plugging them into the software. And although she notes there are templates to use, she shows you how to design your own label from scratch. Follow along one step at a time – the whole video is just over 10 minutes long.


10. {How-To} Make Custom Water Bottle Labels

{How-To} Make Custom Water Bottle Labels

This guide starts with lots of inspirational ideas for the different events at which you could use your customized water bottles. There are some great tips for shortcuts for pretty results too. The directions are nice and clear, and there are plenty of photographs to show you what to do. This one uses scotch tape to give the labels extra protection from moisture.

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11. How to Pretty Labels in Microsoft Word

In this video, organizing guru Abby shows you how to create any kind of label using Microsoft Word. This is a particularly good video for Apple lovers, as Abby uses a MacBook. You can still follow along if you have a PC, but you may find the buttons in Word are in slightly different places. If you want a standard shaped water bottle label, other plans will be simpler to follow. But if you want to experiment with round or other shaped labels, this will fit the bill perfectly.


12. How To Make Water Bottle Labels With A Brother P-Touch Cube Label Maker

How To Make Water Bottle Labels With A Brother P-Touch Cube Label Maker

If you’ve got a Brother P-Touch printer, why not use it to make distinctive water bottle labels? This guide has everything you need to know, all set out in easy steps. And it includes useful information on which type of label tape to use for the best results. There’s a chatty description, then a concise set of directions at the bottom. And blogger Emily shares her experience of how the labels have stood up to daily use by her small children.

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13. How to Make DIY Water Bottle Labels Using Canva

This video is a great choice for anyone looking to use Canva to create their own water bottle label. Not only does it walk you through the whole process step by step, but there’s a link to download the template that’s used. And when you’ve finished watching the label being created, you can also see it being fixed to the bottle. It’s a very simple technique, and the finished product looks great! Note that this one isn’t waterproof, though.


14. DIY Printable Water Bottle Labels, 1, 2, 3, EASY

DIY Printable Water Bottle Labels, 1, 2, 3, EASY

If you don’t fancy designing your own labels, this website has downloadable versions for sale. This guide takes you through the different materials you can print them on, and their pros and cons. It also covers how to get the best results from your printer, and how to attach your labels securely to your water bottles.  The tips are just as useful whether you’re designing your own label or printing one you’ve purchased.

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15. DIY Water Bottle Label Using Canva

This is another great video for anyone wanting to use the free design software Canva. It shows how to create and upload a QR code to your label too. That’s a great idea if you want to use your water bottle for marketing purposes. Anyone with a smartphone can read the QR code and be taken straight to your website. Everything is explained simply, with the repetitive bits of the process fast forwarded so you don’t have to spend ages watching.


16. Tutorial – Cheaply Waterproof Your Water Bottle Labels

Tutorial – Cheaply Waterproof Your Water Bottle Labels

If you’re making your own water bottle labels, you don’t want the ink to run. This guide shows you how to use adhesive paper to protect them from damage, even if they get wet. If the plan you’re following doesn’t include waterproofing, use this one alongside it. That way your bottles will stay looking good right to the end of the evening.

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17. How to Personalize a Water Bottle

This video takes a different approach, showing you how to personalize reusable water bottles. It’s a great way to make a gift extra special. It uses DesignSpace software, and it’s a little more advanced than some tutorials. The labels themselves are cut using a Cricut machine – this is aimed at more dedicated crafters. Links to all the materials and equipment used are included in the details below the video.


Let’s Get Labelling!

We hope you’ve been inspired by our 17 plans for DIY water bottle labels! They’re a great way to make your party or event extra special. And with a handmade approach, you can get the perfect design at a fraction of the price of pre-printed options.

Whether you’re using specialist design software like DesignSpace or Canva, or plain old Microsoft Word, there are some great plans to follow. And check out the different techniques for waterproofing your labels, so they’ll stay looking great all night.

Happy crafting!

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