» 17 Easy Homemade Kegerator Plans

17 Easy Homemade Kegerator Plans

Kegged beer hits different, doesn’t it? Beer directly poured from a keg is more flavored and tastes fresher than the bottled or can ones. Especially if you’re someone who brews at home or thinking of doing so, a kegerator is a must.

Since kegerator can be really expensive, most people build their own using an old fridge and kegerator conversion kits as DIY kegerator costs cheaper.

If you’re also interested in DIYing a kegerator, here we’ve compiled a list of 17 best kegerator DIYs; most of which will provide you instructions on how to convert your mini-fridge into a kegerator.

1. Kegerator Build with Fridge Teardown

With a whooping number of positive reviews in the comment section, this YouTube video is a perfect tutorial for you if you’re planning to convert your mini-fridge into a kegerator. The video is very elaborate and gives you no room for confusion.

The design in this video fits two 8.5” diameter corny kegs and a 5 lb CO2 tank. To protect the coolant lines from being drilled, the Youtuber first tears down the fridge and then begin with the further DIY works.


2. DIY Kegerator (E7)

Using a kegerator conversion kit and a second0hand fridge, this Youtuber puts together his own kegerator. He shares step-by-step instructions for his viewer on how he assembled the two-tap tower kegerator.

However, while you’re drilling the holes for the tower and gas lines, make sure you’re not disrupting any coolant lines.


3. Keezer Build – Converting an Old Chest Freezer into a Kegerator

If you have an old chest freezer in your house, it will make an excellent kegerator. This guy picked up a chest freezer from his friend for free and made a three-tap portable kegerator with wheels attached at the bottom.

He further adopts a smart idea of adding a collar to the freezer to attach the faucets as it ensures that the freon lines are not hit during the drilling process.


4. How to Convert a Fridge into a Kegerator

How to Convert a Fridge into a Kegerator

Are you planning on converting your Smeg refrigerator into a kegerator? If yes, this tutorial is for you. This site will make your kegerator DIY project very easy as the measurements, conversion kits, tools required along with in-detail instructions are provided.

A video tutorial is also embedded in the post for your ease. However, if the type of refrigerator you own is different, note that the measurements might vary accordingly.

Check this tutorial


5. How to A BUILD a DIY KEGERATOR from a FRIDGE | Homebrew

By following this tutorial, you’ll be making a kegerator from a fridge at less than $300. The best part of this YouTube video is that you’ll get links for all the items used in the description section. The instructions are straightforward and very informative.

A piece of solid advice for you – skim the comment section for a 4-paragraphs long comment, and you’ll learn pretty invaluable tips on how not to hit coils on the fridge while drilling.



Horizontal splits refrigerators are most popular and convenient to convert into a kegerator. If you own one, make sure to watch this easy tutorial on how to build a kegerator using such refrigerator and keg conversion kits.

You can find written instruction in the description box along with some kegerator conversion tips. In case you encounter any problems, the Youtuber also has provided a contact number at the end.


7. DIY Kegerator from a minifridge

This guy uses the parts of an old kegerator that had been drinking electricity to convert his mini-fridge into a one-tap tower kegerator. He also shares an excellent trick on how to know where the heating wires are present.

Though the video is long, it is very informative, and especially if you’re a newbie, you should definitely check this video out.


8. DIY Draft: Step-By-Step Kegerator Plans

DIY Draft Step-By-Step Kegerator Plans

This DIY draft is an all-in-one guide on building a kegerator using freeze. From disassembling the fridge to making a cooling system for the tower, you’ll get every information you need on the site.

In the first step, a keg dimension chart link is also embedded for your convenience, and two beneficial expert tips are provided at the end. So, if you’re unsure where to start, this post might serve your purpose.

Check this tutorial


9. How to Build a Keezer or Kegerator for Serving Beer at Home

Chest freezers make a great kegerator as these are mostly spacious and can accommodate a larger number of kegs and faucets compared to a mini-freezer.

The Youtuber of NorthenBrewer Tv channel shares with you some tips on things you should consider while buying a chest freezer. If you already have one available, you’re good to go! Just follow the tutorial and make a five-tap kegerator for yourself.


10. How to Make a Kegerator

How to Make a Kegerator

It is a short and to the point how-to guide. Five simple steps and its description, along with the items you will need to start the DIY are provided in this blog post. A tutorial video is also embedded in the post where a guy converts a mini refrigerator into a kegerator.

In case you’re wondering where to buy a CO2 tank as it does not come in a kegerator conversion kit, the answer is also in this blog.

Check this tutorial


11. Kegerator Cabinet Build [Part 3]- DIY Kegerator build using a Danby 4.4 mini fridge

Unlike other kegerator DIYs videos, it is a part-3 video of a DIY series on building a kegerator cabinet instead. However, if you plan to convert an affordable Danby 4.4 mini fridge into a kegerator, you should give this video a watch.

If you’re interested in building a home bar cabinet that accommodates a wine freezer and a kegerator, we highly recommend you to watch part 1 and part 2 of the DIY.


12. DIY how to make a beer kegerator out of an old refrigerator for less than $100

It just gets better and better, doesn’t it? Follow this tutorial if you want to convert your old refrigerator into a kegerator under $100.

This tutorial is super easy to follow along as the tap is connected to the front door. In this DIY, you don’t even have to worry about hitting the coolant lines.


13. DIY Kegerator Conversion for Beer & Kombucha | Keezer Craft Bee

The Youtuber makes a kegerator that dispenses beer, kombucha as well as nitro coffee using a chest freezer and a kegerator conversion kit.

However, you can also customize this DIY to make a simple kegerator that dispenses chilled beer from a chest freezer of your choice.

The best part of this video is that the Youtuber demonstrates a crystal-clear procedure for installing a temperature controller, an essential part of this DIY process.




If you’re not very informed on kegerators and its conversion process, reading this blog post once might be a brilliant decision.

From ‘what is kegerator’ to the selection of the best type of refrigerator and in detail procedure, you’ll find most of the kegerator information on this site. If you are interested in knowing a few money-saving tips, you’ll find it for almost every item in this post.

Check this tutorial


15. Keezer Build Timelapse with Interchangeable Herringbone Top

You would only want to see this video if you’re good at woodworks, know basics on how to install a kegerator conversion kit, and looking forward to building a kegerator mini bar using a chest freezer for your home.

This time-lapse video showcases how a guy creates a fantastic three-tap kegerator. If you have the required skills and tools, this kegerator design is far better than just attaching the faucets on the collar.


16. Our kegerator build

Our kegerator build

This written tutorial will guide you on building a two-tap kegerator from a mini-fridge in a hassle-free way. The kegerator accommodates a keg and a small CO2 cylinder and doesn’t require you to worry about coolant lines as the taps are attached to the fridge’s front door.

Check this tutorial


17. DIY Kegerator Conversion Shopping List

It is not necessarily a DIY kegerator but can be incredibly helpful if you’re not certain on what materials you require to build a kegerator. The Youtuber explains every item needed to convert a Danby 4.4 mini fridge into a kegerator in detail.

Even if you have a different type of fridge, we still recommend watching this video because he also briefs on their functions and talks about various other alternatives available.



You can easily buy a kegerator, but the designs are limited in the market, and the price can reach up to $700 and higher.

On the other hand, if you build your kegerator, you can add your idea and customize it accordingly. Furthermore, the price is significantly lower if you make a kegerator, especially if you have an old fridge beforehand.

So, if you have the required skills and tools and love drinking chilled beer just poured out of the keg, building your kegerator should be a no-brainer.

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