» 19 Easy Homemade Taco Holder Ideas

19 Easy Homemade Taco Holder Ideas

19 Homemade Taco Holder Ideas You Can DIY Easily
Image: Lucky Belly

Are you having tacos on the menu tonight but are you still frustrated that they keep falling over? With these easy to use DIY tips and tricks, this hassle belongs to the past. Here, we’ve found multiple interesting articles, blog posts, or videos that help you to create your own Taco  Stand.

Lacking the knowledge of how to do so? Don’t worry! These guides help you through the entire process!

1. A Stupid-Easy Hack to Make Your Tacos Stand Upright

A Stupid-Easy Hack to Make Your Tacos Stand Upright

No fancy description, no hiding around the bush, just a straight to the pointed tip on how to create your own taco holder. This easy to use tip will definitely prevent your meat, cheese, and vegetables from falling out once you start decorating your beloved tacos!

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2. The Lauren Alford method

The Lauren Alford method

Lauren Alford is one of our go-to blogs when we are looking for some DIY crafty things! And yet again, she created a perfect and easy instruction on how to create your own taco stand! Because she loves the American Super Bowl so much, the taco stand is even themed like that. Lauren guides you through everything you need to have in store and what you need to do!

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3. Wooden DIY Taco Holders

Wooden DIY Taco Holders

The Instructables guide you through the process of making your own taco holder. No fancy background story, just straight to the point. Everything that you need is in this blog! And are you looking for other fancy DIY tips and tricks for in and around the house? Feel free to take a look at their other blog posts!

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4. DIY Taco Holder from The Tortilla Channel

DIY Taco Holder from The Tortilla Channel

The absolute best page when it comes to Tortillas and other Mexican food: The Tortilla Channel! I bet that they know how to create your own Taco stand from scratch! With this easy to follow the method, tacos that keep falling over are part of history! Their current description is for four tacos, but feel free to expand this!

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5. Taco Tuesday Easy DIY Taco Holders

Taco Tuesday Easy DIY Taco Holders

Taco Tuesday with Curbly! This page describes in full detail what you need to make a fancy taco holder. Curbly also has many other DIY-stuff that you need to check out before leaving the page! Both in the kitchen, around the house and even some specific Ikea Hacks can be found on the page! A must-read for every crafty person around.

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6. Maple Taco Holder from the Family Handyman

Maple Taco Holder from the Family Handyman

As the name suggests, the Family Handyman can do everything and more in and around the house. Are you looking for a solid taco stand for your taco nights? Don’t look any further! This instruction describes precisely how you can make your own. If you do not like reading, try watching the video that is accompanied to this!

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7. eHow DIY Taco Holder

eHow DIY Taco Holder

If you do not need images to make your own taco stand, then this page is your go-to! Without any fancy pictures, this 6-step guide describes accurately how you can make your own taco stand from a used cereal box! Are you not that crafty that you can work with wood, scissors, and heavy machinery? Then this instruction is made for you!

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8. Pizzazzerie Taco Holder

Pizzazzerie Taco Holder

Although Italians are mostly famous for their pizza and pasta, we can now conclude that tacos are also one of their specialties. This fancy and colorful taco holder is proof of that! With some wooden sticks, a wooden plank, and some glue, you can make your own taco holder! From this moment on, you are only 5 steps away from your own taco holder. And with 10 tacos on your holder, be prepared for a well-deserved taco party!

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9. Sarah’s DIY Taco Stand

Sarah’s DIY Taco Stand

Sara shows you how to roll! Forget the wooden dividers between your tacos! Sara uses metal and gold to make the perfect taco holder for every fancy dinner! With a lot of room between the holders, you can fill up your tacos nice and good. And while we are at it, Sara immediately gives you some nice and healthy taco recipes as well! Double win!

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10. Homemade Taco Board

Homemade Taco Board

If you don’t want to eat tacos by yourself (or you are a big eater), then this taco plate is made for you! With more than 10 tacos on the plate, this is made for dinner with friends! This easy to use taco holder makes sure that nothing falls out of your taco anymore! And are you looking for inspiration with regards to home decoration, entertainment, and food, or some other DIY-projects, then The Rose Branch is your go-to blog!

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11. Design for Soul Taco Stand

Design for Soul Taco Stand

Do you want to have a taco stand that you can literally go around with? Take this taco stand from Design for Soul! Their unique taco stand has an easy to use a handle so you can take the stand from the top! It has a place for 6 tacos, but you can make this one as big as you want. Say goodbye to your meat, cheese, and vegetables falling out with this handy taco holder!

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12. Recyclable Taco Shell Holder

Recyclable Taco Shell Holder

Recycling and DIY? How good can it get? With this instruction, you can make your own taco holders from old plastic bottles! It’s easy to use, easy to make, and super eco-friendly! No worries anymore about the Plastic Soup in the ocean! Recycle your own plastic bottles and make some nice taco stands for it! And the nice part, the taco stand can be made in less than 15 seconds!

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13. HART Tools Taco Holder

Are you looking for a video that tells you exactly how to make the perfect Taco Holder without hiding around the bush? Then this is your go-to video! It only takes 30 seconds, is to the point, and shows you exactly what you need to make your own taco holder! If you love DIY-content, don’t forget to also check out their other videos!


14. DIY & Chill Taco Holder

This variant on Netflix & Chill shows you exactly how you can make your own taco holder! An easy description with a fancy look. Without any hassle, make your own taco holder. Give it a personal twist with your own design and impress your friends and family! Are you looking for some other nice DIY-hacks then feel free to look at the other videos on the page!


15. Family Handyman One Hour Project: Taco Holder

Another video, this time from the Family Handyman! He describes how you can make your own taco holder within the hour! And all of this is explained in a video of just over a minute! No chitchat, just straight to the point! Where are you waiting for? Show us what a handyman you are and craft that Taco Holder all by yourself!


16. Quick and Cheap Taco Holder

Do you want to make your own taco holder, but are you sick of spending so much money on it? In this very short video of under one minute, this guy explains how you can make your own taco holder from a simple yogurt cup. The video is easy to follow and it takes you only 15 seconds to make one yourself!


17. Grizzly Tools Taco Holder

Are you a Grizzly fan or do you happen to have some machinery in your garage? Then this video is for you! In this video, Grizzly Industrial shows you how you can make your own taco holder with Grizzly Machinery! Choose your own types of wood and craft the taco holder you’ve always wanted!


18. Non-Stick Taco Rack

This unique taco holder is one for the guys! You can even put this taco holder in the oven! Are you putting the taco full of cheese then we have an extra advantage for you? This taco holder makes sure that the tacos do not stick to the holder! With an easy and compact design, the taco holder is suitable for almost every oven on the market!


19. Wood Crafts Taco Shell Holder

And last but not least the Andersen Wood Crafts taco holder. This taco holder has 5 places for you to put your taco’s in! Are you looking for other wood crafts for in and around the house, then this YouTube channel is your go-to channel? Andersen has some nice projects that include all different kinds of wood!



Food falling out of your tacos should now be history! With these DIY-videos and instructions, you can easily make your own taco holders. It does not matter if you are looking for fancy big projects or some small improvements that you can make in 15 seconds! With these tips and tricks, your tacos are always full and ready to eat!

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