» 17 Easy Homemade Pot Holder Ideas

17 Easy Homemade Pot Holder Ideas

Potholders are an indispensable part of the kitchen. But, why buy potholders by paying around $10 or even more when you can make excellent fancy potholders almost free of cost?

In this post, we’ll share 17 DIY potholder ideas with you, most of which you can make using left-over clothes available in your home.

You can hand sew these potholders if you don’t have a sewing machine. And, if you don’t have that confidence, we’ve even covered a few no-sew potholder ideas as well.

1. Quick & Easy Potholder Tutorial

With great reviews, this quick and easy potholder DIY tutorial is straightforward to follow. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can hand sew this potholder as well.

All you need is a few pieces of cloths, thread, and a needle. Moreover, from cushions to origami market bags, you can find more exciting DIYs on this channel.




How great would it be to have a simple potholder with a pocket in your kitchen? It would also make a great housewarming gift. These potholders are super cute and are easy to make, as well.

Every direction is given in detail and is easy to follow along.

The pocket makes the handling of dishware very easy. Color co-ordinate the potholders, and it will undoubtedly turn out excellent.

Check this Tutorial


3. How to Sew A Potholder with Crafty Gemini

These potholders are not too bulky and are of an ideal size to hold dishware by your hand or use it as a hot pad for setting your warm pots on the table. You can even add a hanging loop, as shown in the DIY, which makes hanging these potholders in your kitchen easy.

If you desire, you can even make a larger-sized potholder by increasing the measurements of each cloth piece accordingly.




The blogger of ‘Tracy Lynn Crafts’ has never bought a single potholder!

To make these DIY potholders, you’ll need a piece of fabric, thermal batting, cotton batting, thread that compliments the fabric, bias tape, and sewing tools and skills.

Each step is written in detail, and if you’re an absolute beginner, this is the site you should visit. If you don’t own any sewing machine, you can always hand sew these holders.

Check this Tutorial


5. Easy Weaving Project: Weave a Potholder | Kids Weaving Projects

If you’re a weaver, this project is for you. Even if you’re not, you can make these potholders with no weaving skills at all. All you need is a weaving frame and fabric cut into 250 strips.

You can even do this project with your kids as the tutorial is very descriptive, and you will not have a hard time following along. If you don’t understand the procedure at times, you can always slow down the playback speed of the video.


6. DIY No-Sew Fried Egg Mitts

DIY No-Sew Fried Egg Mitts

To all the readers who don’t have know how to sew, we’ve got a DIY for you too. These DIY potholders are extremely easy to make. You’ll be needing fabric glue, felts, scissors, and a marker.

In this site, you can find a tutorial on making fried egg mitts, but you can also make other designs using colorful felts. A tutorial video is also embedded at the starting of the post.

Check this Tutorial


7. Quick, Easy, Cute Hot Pads

This Youtuber made a super cute potholder with a nice contrast using left-over white and purple fabrics. She also advises her viewers to use 100% cotton to make potholders, as they can withstand heat better.

If you don’t have cotton fabric, she also shares with her viewers a trick to find out whether or not the fabric will be able to withstand heat. If you’re intrigued to know the trick, watch the tutorial video.


8. Double Potholder Tutorial

Double Potholder Tutorial

You’ll surely be impressed by this two-handed version of potholders. The number of uplifting comments in the blog post is a testimony itself for how incredible this idea is.

All the fabric types and required materials are listed in the first half of the post. Even if you don’t have batting, its substitute is also listed in the post. So, if you have all the necessary items and skills, your kitchen deserves a two-handed potholder.

Check this Tutorial



Isn’t it challenging and uncomfortable to lift the lid of a dish containing steaming water and some hot bowls using the bulky potholders?

For such cases, this Youtuber has DIYed a perfect finger thumb potholder. If you also want to make one, go ahead and watch the tutorial yourself. All the supplies are listed in the description box.

Furthermore, if you want to DIY a tote bag that folds into a pocket, she has a video for it too.


10. How to Make Charming Heart-Shaped Potholders

How to Make Charming Heart-Shaped Potholders

Now, let’s move on to some fancy potholder designs. You can make an adorable heart-shaped potholder by following the instructions provided in this blog post. A template for the potholder is also provided at the beginning of the post.

Every step is described clearly along with the pictures, and the potholder is very easy to make. These potholders also have hanging loops for easy storage.

Check this Tutorial


11. DIY In the Hoop Potholder Oval Embroidery Design. – Tutorial on how to make Oval Potholder Finger

Instead of full glove style potholders, you can make these oval potholders that are super easy to make and use. All the required materials are listed in the description box.

If you loved the design, but you don’t want to put the time and effort into the work, you can find the Etsy link to these potholders in the description box as well. The price is very minimal, and almost every review is a 5-star one.


12. Large Hot Pad Tutorial

Large Hot Pad Tutorial

If you wanted to DIY a larger potholder but didn’t feel comfortable and confident to scale up the dimensions given in the tutorials, here’s the perfect tutorial for you.

As you know, potholders work as an excellent hot pad, and vice-versa; it is better to DIY a 2-in-1 item rather than DIYing a small potholder, right? On this site, you’ll learn to make a large 13 X 9 inches hot pad.

Check this Tutorial


13. DIY-How to make a potholder

These cute and small potholders are super easy to make and are more convenient to use. The cone shape of the potholders makes it perfectly easy to grab handles of the pots and lids.

However, instead of using polyester fabric as shown in the video, we recommend you to use 100% cotton fabric and thread as they are more heat resistant comparatively.


14. Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover Tutorial

Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover Tutorial

Having a separate cast-iron skillet handle cover will make its handling significantly easier. Even if you already have potholders in your kitchen, you must try making one of these if you own a cast-iron skillet.

You can leave the handle cover on at all times except while washing the skillet. Sometimes, you may forget that handle is hot and grab it out of the blue; the covering will prevent your hands from burning at such times as well.

Check this Tutorial


15. Dish Towel + DIY Potholder = Perfect Hostess Gift!

You should definitely check out this DIY video where the Youtuber combines a store-bought dish towel and two cute DIY potholders at the ends resulting in a very handy DIY dishtowel/potholder. This idea is incredibly brilliant.

The video is very long, but every procedure is crystal-clear, and you can follow whatever she is doing at ease. For your convenience, requirements are listed in the description box. So, collect the materials and get started!


16. Folded Star

Folded Star

By following this tutorial pdf, you can make a potholder that looks like a folded star. The tutorial might seem a bit complicated, but the result is stunning and definitely worth it.

A beautiful color combination will surely make this potholder a conversation starter the next time some guests visit you. Every measurement and procedure are described along with visually illustrative graphics on every step in the pdf.

Check this Tutorial


17. DIY potholder using unused clothes, shirts

This Youtuber used her unused t-shirts to weave a potholder. She even made her own DIY weaving frame. The weaving frame used is a 7 X 10 inches cardboard with small cuts every 1 cm at two opposite sides.

You can similarly reuse old clothes, and you don’t even need any sewing tools or special skills to complete this DIY. As long as you follow the tutorial, weaving will also not be a problem.



Making potholders doesn’t require much effort, time, or resources. You can even do these DIY with your kids as a fun project, and they’ll be learning a lot as well.

From no-sew to no weaving frame, we’ve listed every possible alternative DIY idea for you. Just a bit of determination and slight effort from your side, and your potholders will be ready!

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