» 17 Easy Homemade Bar Top Plans

17 Easy Homemade Bar Top Plans

17 Homemade Bar Top Plans You Can Build Easily
Image: Lucky Belly

If you want to save yourself a bit of cash when installing a new bar top in your home, building it yourself can be a challenging but rewarding option – and for anyone who wants to try, here are 17 plans for building a DIY bar top that show you how it’s done.

1. DIY Bar Countertop

DIY Bar Countertop

To kick off, here’s a highly impressive plan for a bar top made of wood and finished with epoxy. It’s functional as well as being attractive too since it incorporates a sink in the work surface. If you want to try something similar, this plan includes all the details you need to reproduce it at home. Just one thing though – we’re not quite sure why they couldn’t work out how to put the photos on the page the right way round!

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2. DIY Bar Top Console Table

In this video, we see this talented YouTuber at work as he creates a console bar top from pinewood. The techniques he uses are not especially advanced, and most of the tools he uses are the sort of thing most amateur DIY enthusiasts will have access to, making this a project many people will be able to tackle. We love the way it looks at the end too – it’s just like sitting in your favorite bar watching a sports game, except you don’t need to leave the house!


3. How to Build an Outdoor Bar

If you want to build an outdoor bar, choosing concrete for the bar top is a smart move since it’s such a tough and durable material – and if you know how, it’s relatively easy to do too. We like the way this tutorial includes plenty of tips – for example, he recommends vibrating the concrete to avoid bubbles – so it’s easy to learn the right way to tackle the project, even if you’ve never worked with concrete before. And if you like the way it looks, why not try making one yourself?


4. Balcony Bar Top

Balcony Bar Top

This is a great plan for anyone who lives in an apartment with a balcony since it gives you a plan for maximizing your outdoor space by adding a balcony bar. That way, you will have somewhere comfortable to sit and eat or drink in the sun during the summer. It’s also an extremely simple plan, so even DIY novices will be able to have a go at this – and when it’s done, it will be something you can be rightly proud of having built yourself.

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5. DIY Bar Top from Plywood

When it comes to making DIY bar tops, plywood is an excellent material to choose since it is so affordable and is also very easy to work with. If you think that might be an option you want to consider, this informative plan will give you all the information you need to build one yourself – and as you can see from the finished job, it looks fantastic too.


6. DIY Wood Bar Top Counter Construction

DIY Wood Bar Top Counter Construction

In this plan for making a wooden bar top, you’ll find a detailed discussion that will help you choose the best kind of wood for you, and it also talks about considerations like choosing between finished and unfinished wood. If you love the timeless appeal of this material, it’s easy to DIY something like this – and from this blog, you’ll be able to gain the kind of knowledge that will ensure your bar top project is a great success.

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7. Custom Bar Build

This is the kind of tutorial that will appeal to the kind of person who doesn’t have the patience to read long and detailed plans. Instead, it simply shows you everything you need to do to build a custom bar from wood, and it’s great fun to watch as the project takes shape in the time-lapse video. There’s little in the way of explanations, but for anyone with even moderate DIY skills, it should be easy enough to copy, and when it’s finished, you’ll be the proud owner of a bar just like the one in the video.


8. DIY – How to Build Your Own Oak Home Bar

DIY – How to Build Your Own Oak Home Bar

This “DIYer” admits that his manual skills are limited, so attempting an ambitious project like building a home bar from oak was either brave or foolish (his words!). However, as you can see from the photos, he did an amazing job, just showing what’s possible when you put your mind to something. That should also serve as inspiration for any DIY rookies who are not confident in their skills – because if you just jump in and try, you can end up with something as beautiful as this DIY bar too.

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9. Building a Bar from Scratch with Epoxy for the Countertop

The oak bar in #8 exudes classic rustic style, but if you prefer something a little more modern, this is a plan that should appeal. In it, this YouTuber explains how she made a beautiful bar top using epoxy, and the result is fantastic. We love the way she incorporated colored mood lighting, and we’re sure plenty of people will be itching to try something similar. And perhaps even better is the fact that she had no previous experience of building anything like this – so this is a plan that anybody will be able to copy.


10. Epoxy River Table Style Bar Top

Epoxy River Table Style Bar Top

If you want to add a striking visual element to your wood bar top, you can incorporate an “epoxy river”, a streak of epoxy that runs down the center of your surface. Although it looks incredible, it isn’t such a hard technique to master, and if you’re interested in learning, this tutorial will show you how it’s done.

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11. Making a Bar Top

Here’s an interesting video to watch because of the way it’s been filmed. As the YouTuber explains, he decided that for this video he would strap his GoPro to his chest to create some “action” shots of him building the bar top. We think it works well since we get a clear idea of everything he’s doing, and if you want to try a similar project, this video shows you everything you need to know.


12. How to DIY a Concrete Bar Top in a Weekend

How to DIY a Concrete Bar Top in a Weekend

We saw in #3 that concrete is a perfect material for an outdoor bar top – but it’s also ideal for indoor bar tops, as you can see from this plan. Some people might be a little intimidated by the idea of working with concrete, but as long as you know what you’re doing, there’s nothing too much to worry about. And in this tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know to ensure your project turns out just the way you hoped.

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13. DIY Bar: How to Build a Homemade Bar

DIY Bar How to Build a Homemade Bar

As this blog tells us, a bar is the ultimate addition to any mancave, instantly transforming it into the kind of place where you can hang out with friends, enjoying a drink and chatting together in comfortable surroundings. Building a bar can be quite an undertaking, but as long as you know how to do it, it’s far from impossible. In this tutorial, you’ll find all the information you need about planning your bar, choosing the materials, building the bar top and more. In short, if you’re thinking of building a bar in your home, this blog tells you everything you need to know before you start.

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14. DIY Epoxy Bar Top

DIY Epoxy Bar Top

The bar top in this plan is little short of stunning. It consists of a large wood slab with a blue epoxy river running down the middle, creating a work of art as much as a functional bar surface. The guys who made this are pros, but this project wouldn’t be impossible for an ambitious DIYer to attempt, so if you’re up for a challenge, why not think about trying?

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15. Live Edge Slab Bar Top Table

Live Edge Slab Bar Top Table

Like the plan in #14, this is a tutorial for making a live edge bar top from a beautiful slab of wood. We love the classy look of this piece, and there’s no doubt that lots of others will too. It’s not an especially difficult project either, as long as you have all the materials, so if this is a style that appeals to you, maybe it’s something you can try copying at home.

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16. DIY Balcony Table Bar Top

DIY Balcony Table Bar Top

If you liked the idea of the balcony bar top in #4, this is another plan that should be worth checking out since it shows you how to make something similar. If you want to make something like this, it could be a smart idea to check out a couple of plans and then borrow the best ideas from each – in which case, this is another plan you’d do well to read.

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17. Make a Bar Top with Corks and Epoxy

Make a Bar Top with Corks and Epoxy

Here’s another gorgeous bar top, this time made from corks and epoxy. We love the way the corks create a striking and highly original effect that’s sure to be a talking point when you entertain guests as much as being simply a surface to place your glasses on. We love seeing unique and unusual plans like this because we always find the creativity so inspiring – check it out to see what we mean!

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Lots of great ideas for beautiful bar tops

As you can see, there are plenty of plans for building beautiful DIY bar tops suited to all tastes and budgets.

We’ve enjoyed finding these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas you needed for building a DIY bar top of your own.

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