» 17 Easy Homemade Dining Table Plans

17 Easy Homemade Dining Table Plans

17 Homemade Dining Table Plans You Can Build Easily
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Buying a new dining room table can be extremely expensive, but you can easily save yourself a whole lot of cash by making one yourself – and for anyone interested in trying, here are the best 17 plans we found for making a DIY dining room table.

1. How to Make a DIY Dining Table Set

How to Make a DIY Dining Table Set

Here’s a great plan to get you started, and this one doesn’t just teach you how to make the table – it teaches you how to make benches to go with it too. The skill level for this project is rated at ‘intermediate’ and you should expect it to take one full weekend. You’ll need to spend around $500 on it too – but when compared with what you’d spend buying something like this from  store, you’ll still save yourself a lot of money. Sound interesting? Then why not give it a go?

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2. How to Build a High-Quality Dining Table with Limited Tools

The table in this plan will cost you an estimated $350, so it’s cheaper than the design in #1 – but perhaps the bigger advantage is that this one can be built using only limited basic tools. That makes it an ideal option for novice woodworkers who don’t have advanced equipment to work with but who still want to try their hand at making something they can be proud of. Check it out to see if you might want to attempt something similar!


3. DIY Round Dining Table

DIY Round Dining Table

Shanty 2 Chic is a great DIY blog that specializes in making beautiful furniture and home improvements from scrap or other inexpensive materials. In this entry, they bring us a simple plan for an attractive round dining table that can be made using only affordable materials and a few basic tools. As ever, they describe everything you need to do clearly – and there are plenty of photos to help too – so this is a plan that just anybody will be able to tackle.

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4. Our DIY Scandinavian Dining Table

Here’s another plan that will cost you very little to copy – this YouTuber claims to have made this beautiful Scandinavian dining table for only $57. The downside here is that this plan will require a little bit of welding, but if that doesn’t put you off, you’ll be able to make a beautiful table like the one in this plan for a fraction of what it would cost to buy one.


5. DIY Dining Table

DIY Dining Table

Whenever we need a DIY plan for a project we have in mind, the Instructables site is always a reliable resource, and here’s another great addition to their collection. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a classy dining table that is nothing short of stunning. With its combination of a wooden surface and metal legs, it is equally suited to a rustic setting or somewhere with a more contemporary décor. Buying something like this would cost a fortune, but if you make it yourself, you can save yourself a whole lot of cash!

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6. How to Make a Dining Table

If you’re a relatively inexperienced DIYer and you’re looking for a project that will help you level-up your skills, this plan for a dining room table could be just what you need. You’ll only need to use a few basic woodworking techniques to cut out the pieces, and once it’s assembled, you’ll be able to feel rightly proud of your handiwork. And you’re sure to want to show it off to your friends too!


7. Dining Room Table

Here’s a YouTube channel we’ve come across recently featuring a talented DIYer who executes simple plans for a range of household furniture items. In this plan, we learn how to make a basic dining room table – it starts with a list of everything you’ll need before moving briskly onto demonstrating what you need to do. One of the best things about these videos is that they’re short and to the point, meaning you can quickly get on to trying it out for yourself.


8. Building a Rustic Industrial Dining Table

Building a Rustic Industrial Dining Table

Some of the best DIY plans around don’t require you to spend lots of money on expensive materials but rather make use of scrap items, recycling them and turning them into something new. That’s what this plan does since it takes some discarded decking and uses it to create a large and beautiful dining room table. This is a plan that’s definitely worth a look because the result is spectacular.

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9. How to Build a Modern Dining Table

As this YouTuber mentions at the beginning of his video, he wanted this dining table “to be awesome”, so some of the techniques he uses might be a little advanced for some amateur home DIY enthusiasts. However, if you’re not put off by a little welding or woodworking, the table in this plan looks great, so you might be more than tempted to try it.


10. DIY Round Farmhouse Table

DIY Round Farmhouse Table

If you like farmhouse-style furniture, this is a DIY plan that’s sure to appeal. It gives you a detailed explanation of how to make a gorgeous round table in stained wood that will be an attractive centerpiece of any dining room. There are lots of photos to accompany the plan, making it easy to follow – and if you’re looking for inspiration to get started, scroll down to the photo at the bottom of the page to see what it looks like when it’s finished!

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11. Elsie’s DIY Dining Room Table

Elsie’s DIY Dining Room Table

There are several great reasons for building a DIY table. Perhaps you want to save some money, or maybe you just love making stuff with your own two hands. But another reason could be that you simply can’t find the perfect table you’re looking for in any store – so you just decide to make one instead. That’s what this blog entry is about, and we love this kind of attitude – if you want something for you home, just DIY it! The table they make is large and impressive – and inarguably a huge success – so if you want to try something similar, check out what they did for some ideas.

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12. DIY Modern Dining Table

This is a video tutorial we enjoyed watching a lot. In it, a pair of talented DIYers demonstrate how they built a simple contemporary-style dining room table right from scratch. They show how they measure and cut the wood and how they put it together, and at the end, as they tell us, they’re super happy because it’s exactly what they envisioned. This is the kind of project that’s easy to replicate at home, so give it a watch and see if you want to make one too.


13. DIY Dining Table for Under $50

DIY Dining Table for Under $50

Depending on the style of your home, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on a dining room table, and if you DIY one, you can do it on a very limited budget. The table in this plan is a perfect example since it cost less than $50 – it’s made of the most inexpensive materials, but when it’s done and surrounded by the colored chairs in a minimalist kitchen, it looks perfect. Check out the photos to see if you agree.

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14. Custom Farmhouse Table Build

Here’s another tutorial for building a gorgeous farmhouse-style dining table. Most of the plan is taken up by a time-lapse video of the YouTuber at work demonstrating everything you need to do – there are few explanations, but if you have the necessary skills, it’s easy enough to copy. There’s also an extensive list of everything you’ll need alongside the video, making this an ambitious plan we’re sure many people will be eager to attempt.


15. DIY Dining Table Inspired by Restoration Hardware

DIY Dining Table Inspired by Restoration Hardware

If you’re the kind of person who needs a plan that tells you exactly what to do in great detail, this is one you’re likely to enjoy. It includes all the measurements for every cut, diagrams showing you how it all goes together and detailed instructions to copy. The table in the photo looks amazing too, making this another plan that’s well worth a look.

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16. DIY Herringbone Dining Room Table

A lot of the plans for dining room tables we found were quite similar, repeating the same basic ideas without much originality, but the herringbone table in this plan is a much more unique creation. It’s not a difficult plan to follow, and it won’t cost a lot either – so why not give it a watch and see if you feel like building something similar yourself.


17. DIY Kitchen/Dining Table – Pottery Barn Inspired

DIY KitchenDining Table – Pottery Barn Inspired

We’ve saved the best for last because the table in this blog is perhaps the most impressive of them all. Yes, it’s a DIY job – but at first glance, it looks more like a venerable old antique piece that might have been made over 100 years ago. It just goes to show what you can do with a little know-how and the right techniques, and if you want to learn how to do it, this blog is a must-read.

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Plenty of originality and creative ideas to inspire you

As you can see, there’s so much creativity and originality on display in these plans, and there are so many great ideas to try. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we have finding them for you – and above all, we hope you’ve found the plan you needed to build a DIY dining room table of your own.

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